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  1. You're missing the point. What he chose to spend his money on is up to him. I personally wouldn't do something that stupid either. Point is had he not been greedy, he'd be set for life. He had in his hand what all of us here hope to have one day - financial freedom and he blew it by just wanting too much.
  2. Had be sold 90% of his stack be need never work again.
  3. Selling is easier said than done. A friend of mine bought BTC a couple of years ago. At the peak, he could have sold out with a comfortable retirement in place. Instead, he cashed out about $1m and spent it. He put a big chunk of cash down as a deposit off plan on a penthouse in Bangkok amongst other things thinking he would be able to cash in the rest of his BTC later. Well, the developer now wants another $800k and he doesn't have it. He stands to lose his deposit and is considering going back to work! Moral of the story is this - set your target for getting out and don't get too greedy. Don't be my mate.
  4. You're obviously not him as he's making a mess of my toilet as we speak
  5. You can buy xrp with sterling on bitpanda and its a proper wallet where you can send and recieve xrp. You can buy with debit card. If you want to, you can transfer to binance from there and sell for usdt
  6. WaltDangerfield

    Question about XRapid

    My understanding is xRapid agrees the buy and sell price before the transaction is executed, so there is transparency across the 3 second settlement process.
  7. Not entirely true. Ever heard of Dream Market? That's a pretty good use in my book. Love shopping there.
  8. That’s pretty dark. I wonder how much Robert Durst’s lawyer charges...
  9. Would need more than 20k XRP and $100 once you factor in the settlement cost and taxes.
  10. WaltDangerfield

    XRP #2 on coinmarketcap

    Just need to consolidate 2nd spot before gunning for 1st.
  11. WaltDangerfield

    #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it

    Over $1.5Bn difference in price now.
  12. WaltDangerfield

    Tweet from SBIVC fuels speculation?!

    “Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”