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  1. I'm not on the technical side what so ever. I was wondering if an easy way existed to view an address balance and transaction history to an address that is associated with an exchange with a destination tag? I find it weird how with normal addresses it is so easy to find information, but not with tags. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I'm working on a presentation for a class on Ripple and was wondering if anyone had an up to date list of which institutions are live on ODL and RippleNet partners. Any over accurate up to date stats and info would be appreciated. Thank you everyone.
  3. Swift is not going to use XRP through Corda, at least not for a few years. First of all the integration is proof of concept that will go on in September 2019 and is stated by R3 to be Fiat to Fiat. Second Swift CEO on the panel with Brad had bashed XRP with B.S. because they know their payment systems are not going anywhere. Third hey won't use XRP until they are about to go under because they don't want to support Ripple, along with clearer regulations within major countries. SWIFT originally said they don't see blockchain as a threat, a year and a half later they partner with a blockchain company to plug into GPI. SWIFT will eventually either join or burn and are only delaying the inevitable. But I don't want to keep hearing false hipe with Corda and Swift using XRP. Just look at it as a positive that Swift is forced to attempt to innovate to try and delay Ripple from taking their clients.
  4. stablecoins have no use for cross-border payments, end of discussion.
  5. I don't get where it says "Average time (in days) between transactions per one XRP: This is average days elapsed before one XRP is transacted. For example, if you hold XRP for 1 year, this value will be 365 days. However, banks will potentially transact a single XRP multiple times a day potentially in the order of billions or trillion dollars per day, bringing this average time down."
  6. Forbes is such a joke the go back and forth calling XRP "Ripple" and can't even spell XRP right by spelling it "XPR". Can this guy even proofread an article for a large organization? The author Billy Bambrough is has in his profile "I write about how bitcoin, crypto, and fintech are changing the world". Here is the part where he writes "XPR": "The ripple price has however fallen from recent highs of $0.61 since the beginning of the Ripple Swell event to just $0.48. Since the much-hyped Ripple Swell event, the wind has been somewhat taken out of XPR sails". https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2018/10/08/ripple-xrp-is-down-almost-20-in-seven-days-heres-why/#12a6c8646040
  7. Hey everyone I just started an XRP blog, it's not much but its a start. The link is a post on my blog on "What to look out for in 2018 for XRP". https://crypto2night.wordpress.com/2018/04/25/what-to-look-out-for-in-2018-for-xrp/
  8. Not sure if we would be able to pull off moving to Puerto Rico after I did some, look at this quote. "So, capital assets (such as land, stocks, bonds, etc.) acquired after moving to PR are tax free. As for property acquired prior to becoming a resident, special provisions can result in a 10% long term rate from the day you qualify and a 5% tax rate applies to property acquired prior to becoming a resident and held for at least 10 years thereafter. See details below." http://premieroffshore.com/move-puerto-rico-pay-zero-capital-gains-tax/
  9. Whats the tax law in Puerto Rico that everyone is talking about, thanks!
  10. Wonder how some of these people feel after what has happened https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@hms10/why-ripple-can-make-me-a-millionaire-in-3-years
  11. Wanted to make a poll to see how diverse of community is in investing XRP
  12. Yeah right now it seems to be an uncertain/grey area not really talked about, I could be wrong.
  13. Articles like these irritate me with there stupidity, BTW Wiess ratings ARE GARBAGE. http://bitcoinist.com/3-problems-ripple-investors-cant-ignore/
  14. Circle Invest came out with zero trading fees and is live for everyone. They are stating that they will add more coins in the future (currently has (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, and Ether Classic). I'm like 99% they will add XRP since Circle bought Poloniex and I'm certain that the app is working on the Poloniex exchange. Plus Poloniex has XRP so its something to look for in the future.
  15. I have noticed that XRP has shot up past almost 6% in the last 24 hours according to Coin Market Cap while other coins have dropped. I wasn't on board with the others that CoinBase was going to announce XRP in the next couple days with the hype with the Fast Money on Tuesday that will have the CoinBase CEO and Brad Garlinghouse. I have always believed CoinBase would add XRP and never thought this soon. But my question now is are we seeing insider trading like we did with the BitCoin Cash on Coinbase prior to the launch or is this volume just hype for a CoinBase add. I personally think now for me the increase in prices seals the deal that there is a solid chance we might see XRP be added with the large amount of new CoinBase employees on Monday with the Fast Money on Tuesday, but that's just my opinion. I would really like to hear what everyone else opinion is.
  16. I got in during the month of November at .25
  17. All my savings is in XRP since November as a 17 year old.
  18. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/907242/Ripple-price-XRP-next-bitcoin-How-high-price-go-forecast-prediction-2018 Article on XRP's future price along with bitcoin. This quote made me laugh: "Mr Schebesta explained that Ripple is a “long way off” catching bitcoin. Ripple has yet to prove itself whereas bitcoin has a highly active and engaged community Fred Schebesta, Finder.com co-founder He said: “Ripple has yet to prove itself whereas bitcoin has a highly active and engaged community, huge awareness and massive amounts of people and businesses already using it.”
  19. You can get a card with no interest if you pay it off. Debt is preferred, but some sites like Bitstamp only accept credit and not debt if you live in t
  20. store it on a ledger nano s to make sure your funds are safe.
  21. LoganClark


    I personally have used Bitstamp and was great (European Exchange). I have heard issues lately with purchasing because of traffic on the website, it is also pretty user friendly.
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