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    No anouncement yet :/
  2. Everytime I read about Wanchain it`s like: Far superior to Ripple. I see Wanchain as a very interesting project but as a Ripple hodler I would also be interested what you think about this crypto currency.
  3. Would definitely be great. I believe in Ripple and XRP and want to believe this. The only thing that bothers me is the manipulation that can happen to the whole market. I know, this has mostly happened in January in the last few years but you just never know.
  4. I see XRP anywhere between 5-10 USD at the end of 2018. Time will tell.
  5. Andy_79


    But XRP is going down faster than many other currencies.
  6. Andy_79


    Very spooky. I`m clueless. The dumping seems to take no end.
  7. Andy_79


    I`m a hodler but thought about selling and getting in cheaper again. If it continues like that, we will soon hit 0.20 USD again.
  8. Hope XRP starts to climb again. Don`t want to start at 0.14 USD again after half a year.
  9. I`m totally for regulation, that is the way to go IMO and surely will help in the long run.
  10. Very true, Tripple. I got into XRP mid of last year so I`m not too concerned. What makes me a bit nervous are these ban threats from Asia coming up frequently.
  11. I could imagine. This back and forth with banning threats is really super annoying
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/16/peoples-bank-of-china-virtual-currency-trade-report.html
  13. You`re right, will also hodle :).
  14. Let`s see. At the moment XRP`s struggling quite a bit :/
  15. 20 to 30 would be mind blowing. Oh well, let`s keep on hodling :).