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  1. Let’s hope they stay in business and don‘t end up like OMNI.
  2. It`s way too early to make any conclusions about XRP, ODL etc. This is a highly risky investment, let`s wait another 5 years and see if we can hit 2-3 USD / XRP
  3. Let`s wait another 5 years and see if this has an effect on XRP price.
  4. Nothing is certain for now. Corona virus and everything`s down. Next economic crisis and also cryptos will dump. Will XRP succeed? Highly speculative and we shall see in a few years time.
  5. Utility might have no big effect on price. Let‘s wait and see
  6. Let`s hope. IMO XRP is at the moment highly inflated due to massive supply and not enough demand. This might change in the future.
  7. Let‘s hope otherwise I would kick my butt for not having invested in Chainlink back in September 2017.
  8. At the moment it`s better not to read anything about XRP. Wait 5 years and see if it dropped or went up. At the moment nothing`s clear.
  9. I can see Ripple growing like that if their software succeds. Will XRP follow? Nobody know but I sure hope so. 10 USD and it would completely change my life.
  10. We will see if XRP ever moons. For those who didn’t get in at around 0.005 USD things are looking pretty dark. Should have bought LINK.
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