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  1. There are so many other interesting projects. Vechain and supply chain management, super interesting IMO. There are quite some good projects out there, don‘t just focus on Ripple and XRP.
  2. There are so many other crypto projects to make money, I dumped all my Xrp a few weeks ago. Got in at around 0.13 USD in 2017 but clearly lost faith in this cryptocurrency and Ripple itself.
  3. Greedy BG and Larsen pretty much made this catastrophy happen. Sold my XRP for more promising projects
  4. I think we can all see now that XRP will never really go up in value. I bet that XRP will be at 25 cents in 10 years or lower
  5. Visa and Paypal will never use XRP. This all seems like more of a scam. Glad I got out of XRP and actually made money with other projects. With all the problems Ripple has, I can’t see XRP ever passing 1 USD again.
  6. Better get out of XRP and go into FLR. I see a way higher ROI than with sketchy XRP
  7. Let‘s face it, XRP really is a crap coin and won‘t go anywhere
  8. That‘s why I went into other crypto projects in the last few months that have given me huge returns compared to XRP. Lost faith in XRP and Ripple.
  9. Oh well, we shall see. Glad I went into other projects in the last few months. Still hold some XRP but lost confidence that this digital asset will massively go up in value. Won`t be long IMO and XRP will be kicked from 3rd place by LINK.
  10. Glad I stopped investing in XRP long ago and went into way better performing cryptos. Still hodl some XRP and hope it will hit 1 USD or so one day. Lost hope that XRP will skyrocket again. ODL not performing as expected and most people will not even touch XRP anymore. This asset ist just dropping and dropping.
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