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  1. Glad I stopped investing in XRP long ago and went into way better performing cryptos. Still hodl some XRP and hope it will hit 1 USD or so one day. Lost hope that XRP will skyrocket again. ODL not performing as expected and most people will not even touch XRP anymore. This asset ist just dropping and dropping.
  2. It`s obvious that XRP hast become not more than a lottery ticket. Hold some and forget for a few years. There is a very, very little chance that XRP might go up in price.
  3. Who cares. It has become so quiet around XRP. Still holding my XRP. Like a lottery ticket. Small chance that XRP will succeed, very small chance.
  4. https://www.google.ch/amp/s/dailyhodl.com/2020/04/04/swift-challenges-ripple-visa-and-fintech-startups-develops-instant-payments-system-for-small-to-medium-sized-enterprises/amp/
  5. Hayden sold all her XRP, why is she still around talking about XRP?
  6. If you have 1 000 000 or more XRP you might become rich, yes.
  7. Bought some other dips. Diversifying if XRP might not succeed.
  8. You can reuse XRP in a very quick manor, not a poststamp though. One XRP could do hundreds of thousands of transactions a day.
  9. I‘ll come back in a few years, maybe XRP will be worth something by then 😄
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