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    settlement time

    Thanks a lot, haven't read that article yet ?
  2. Andy_79

    settlement time

    I'm not fudding. I'm invested in XRP too since mid 2017 and am very excited about Ripples and XRP's future. I'm pretty sure it will be massive. I've read quite a bit in this forum and Hodor's blog but seemed to have never found an answer to the quick settlement time and xrp price correlation. Again, I'm not trying to spread FUD but trying to find an answer to my question. Btw, I haven't invested in Wanchain because I believe that project is way too hyped.
  3. Andy_79

    settlement time

    hello together I'm really ecxited with all the news about Ripple and XRP lately. What still irritates me is the settlement time of payments within around 4 seconds with XRP. This means, one XRP token can be used thousands of times per day. With a total amount of up to 100000000 tokens, I can't see that XRP will become scarce anytime. How should XRP ever increase greatly in value then? Best regards Andy
  4. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32304/alipay-takes-on-moneygram-with-blockchain-based-remittance-programme
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    No anouncement yet :/
  6. Everytime I read about Wanchain it`s like: Far superior to Ripple. I see Wanchain as a very interesting project but as a Ripple hodler I would also be interested what you think about this crypto currency.
  7. Would definitely be great. I believe in Ripple and XRP and want to believe this. The only thing that bothers me is the manipulation that can happen to the whole market. I know, this has mostly happened in January in the last few years but you just never know.
  8. I see XRP anywhere between 5-10 USD at the end of 2018. Time will tell.
  9. Andy_79


    But XRP is going down faster than many other currencies.
  10. Andy_79


    Very spooky. I`m clueless. The dumping seems to take no end.
  11. Andy_79


    I`m a hodler but thought about selling and getting in cheaper again. If it continues like that, we will soon hit 0.20 USD again.
  12. Hope XRP starts to climb again. Don`t want to start at 0.14 USD again after half a year.
  13. I`m totally for regulation, that is the way to go IMO and surely will help in the long run.
  14. Very true, Tripple. I got into XRP mid of last year so I`m not too concerned. What makes me a bit nervous are these ban threats from Asia coming up frequently.