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  1. Is this potentially another way I will become wealthy if Ripples primary use case for XRP fails ?
  2. of course its a win/win situation. XRP fails = keep fudding XRP wins = increase wealth and continue fudding
  3. Oh come on, where is the fun in that. It's fantastic just sitting back and watching all the good news stories, blogs, conferences, announcements, new corridors, cartoons, youtubers, IoV right on our doorstep whilst the price of XRP languishes.
  4. this place will just turn into an echo chamber, where the remaining few will sit together singing kumbaya.
  5. Thanks for the compliment @Truckdriver. I had my wings clipped, Diego issued me a yellow card infringement and I was unable to post this last week. I guess the raw truth hurts, anyhow I'm back but must behave it seems.
  6. Governments are not interested in crypto. It's an outright annoyance that they now need to deal with, and they don't exactly know how. They have not figured this out yet. Manager Government Relations simply means he will wine and dine officials in the hope of making them drunk enough to agree to something. All funded by Ripples war chest.
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