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  1. What you state are really not issues other than Ripple making you believe they are. XRP needs to solve a problem, is the problem it's trying to solve actually a valid one ? Improvements are coming thick and fast with SWIFT https://www.swift.com/news-events/press-releases/swift-trials-instant-cross-border-gpi-payments-through-tips Brussels, 21 May 2019 - SWIFT today announces that a group of banks are to trial instant gpi cross-border payments in Europe using the TARGET Instant Payments Settlement (TIPS) platform. The European Central Bank (ECB) and SWIFT have launched this initiative to extend the reach of instant cross-border payments deeper into the European market by enabling gpi in the TIPS system. Banks will carry the cross-border legs of the payments, which they will then settle through TIPS, allowing for instant crediting of accounts at ultimate beneficiary banks across Europe.
  2. Neither does xrapid. They only have 3 corridors which is why no one uses XRP. The ripplenet partners use xcurrent which is the same as using SWIFT.
  3. Nope, thats a common misconception on both accounts. Nostro/vostro is a red herring that Ripple has brilliantly targeted.
  4. I got wind of its potential in 2016 when my bank started looking into it, even after 2 POCs and failure of any progress 3 years later, I have nearly lost faith. I am not at a loss as I bought years ago, and have held on to see what happens as I don't need the money I invested in it. I thought at the time if the size of my bank is looking at it, it's worth a bet and to load up some bags. We have been heavily moving with the GPI upgrades in recent times, whilst the ripple project was shutdown.
  5. The problem at the moment is that banks can't use it, as there are only 3 xrapid corridors.
  6. Their remittance business is peanuts to their bottom line. Probably ??? ...lol.. So you have no facts again. Another assumption ? haha
  7. Yeah, but the big players are not going to be troubled by the likes of Moneygram and Western Union which are small fry.
  8. I have posted openly what it costs to transact via SWIFT. It is not anywhere near expensive as you think. Banks are there to make profit. A 4 cent transfer for the bank will still cost the customer $10+.
  9. I work for one of those banks on that list. We were a ripple partner but our logo is no longer on their webpage. We POC'ed twice and could never build a business case to move forward as there was no savings to be had. That article is all about SWIFT. It has nothing to do with Ripple or ripplenet.
  10. It's the greatest corporate fundraiser ever. A small startup turning into a billion dollar company selling a digital penny stock.
  11. what, a fake and artificial pump and dump ? What happened to organic and sustainable growth based on XRP adoption. "XRP the standard" - my ar$e
  12. so why are some people in this thread in denial, when the proof is right infront of them ?
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