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  1. Have you looked at an app called Delta ? I used that and provided the info from it to my accountant for last years tax. All was sweet with the ATO. https://delta.app/
  2. XRP won't be relevant in 2023 if it isn't mass adopted before hand.
  3. Where is the option for $589 ?
  4. Do a search on this forum for a user named Bearable Guy. He is an insider that knows everything. Even the price in the future !
  5. Why does no one want it then ? Why is it priced so low ? It should be snapped up now given it's so cheap shouldn't it ? It's not like the Big Banks don't already know about it.
  6. Isn't price driven by demand. There are billions of XRP in the wild. We are not talking about a scarce rare and exotic gemstone here. Ripple need to sell more software licenses to banks, and remove the option to flick between xcurrent and xrapid. Force everyone on the damn thing. Until then, speculative penny stock.
  7. they will invite the chinese banks to join their boys club.
  8. Click the link and find out
  9. It's already screwed. The banks are going to make it difficult for them. https://micky.com.au/crypto-exchange-crippled-claims-australian-bank-closed-its-account/
  10. When remittance becomes free, players such as Western Union and Co go out of business. As that's the only service they offer. They need to charge hefty fees to stay afloat. Banks can absorb this is as they make money from their other services.
  11. I didn't conclusively say they will lose.
  12. If banks can perform remittance cheaper, they will not pass this on to customers. They are there to make profits. They will charge the same to customers and pocket the difference.
  13. How on earth can you know that my conclusion is wrong ? I don't have any angst. If anything this is a great wake up call to all that thought Ripple would "kick ass". Yeah I get the fact the little guy can win sometimes. However in this game, the big players hold considerable power in their big boys club. If you think a small software company can overthrow a consortium of the biggest players on the planet and change the whole remmittance landscape used by 33,000 banks. Good luck.
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