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  1. funny how they dumped XRP to go and shill a gambling shitcoin.
  2. Thanks for elaborating on what i said in a post above, bots and computer algorithms.
  3. Banning doesn't work, there are 45 of me on here. And I am discussing, but I am not going to be bullied or coerced into your question. BTW How's Bob's book coming along ?
  4. Option 3. Chinese miners playing games with their big rigs.
  5. They were likely all paid Ripple shills to hype it up during the manipulated bullrun. They all cashed out and went to live on their newly purchased Greek Islands. Chewie racked up 7000+ posts repeating ad nauseam how he believed in XRP fundamentals and would blurp ridiculous price figures. The chicken disappeared into his own moon club.
  6. Nothing to rebut, you jokers are being fooled by bots, computer algorithms taking you all for a ride. Like I said, fairytales.
  7. Read the very first post by OP, specifically - "I met my first whale not to long ago. I will first preface this "story" with the fact that I don't know you, you don't know me, and I don't know this guy (at least not well) so this should all be taken for a grain of salt." Like I said, fairytales.
  8. Whales. Haha Myths and fairytales more like it.
  9. Quite a rant there to justify your gambling addiction. Do you also pop a dollar in the pokies every week hoping for the jackpot ?
  10. Sorry, but no one ****ed you for anything. You gambled and lost this time.
  11. I can say the same thing for the Australian Banks.
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