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  1. From the article linked above. "Ripple launched xRapid back in October of 2018. The company’s global head of banking recently confirmed 10 companies are now using XRP to boost international payments." I have been wondering how many customers might be leveraging XRP. I wonder how accurate this is ?
  2. Do you think one day, if XRP is in full swing and being used as intended, would the price ever be affected by market cycles ?
  3. Yeah I should apologise, I've gone to far this time. Sorry Mr Stiltskin.
  4. Haha. The thing is I can't lose. If XRP fails I get to laugh at you lot. If it succeeds, I won't be around to hear it. I'll be buying up Greek Islands.
  5. My colleages and I loaded our bags when we first got wind of the initial POC that was going to happen. We thought at the time this will make us millions. And it might still do. If it plays out like people think, I'll end up with multiple millions, and the price does not need to hit stupid numbers to achieve this. If XRP fails, then I lost money that I could afford to lose and life goes on. I don't mind playing devils advocate and being an a$$shole in general. It adds some spice to the forum.
  6. ......... too many buts. Let's wait and see what happens.
  7. I'm not negative about the tech. The tech is brilliant. I'm being a realist about adoption. We Poc'd with a group of banks and it didn't justify implementing after all was said and done.
  8. You think regulatory approval will harmoniously happen world wide to allow a digital asset to be used for cross border payments ? How will this work with different global jurisdictions with different rules ?
  9. I can only comment about the POCs we did since 2015 with the bank I work for. We couldnt get a business case justified to implement a Ripple solution, the cost savings were negligible if any. We have since upgraded to the latest incarnation of GPI.
  10. What you have listed above is not a new revelation, it has been known a while. Just because they can use XRP does not mean they will. Of all the banks and FI's currently signed up to use either service mentioned above, how many are going that extra step and selecting to settle with XRP ?
  11. On the contrary, they need to keep the zealots on this forum engaged that something is happening so they can keep buying XRP.
  12. It will reach $100 in Never-Never land.
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