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  1. What people need to understand is he is not in crypto, he is a forex trader, the only reason he analysised BTC was case a lot of his followers asked him to do so. It's an unbiased opinion baseded on TA. If you want to see his history check out his YouTube channel, he has some very insightful information when it comes to trading.
  2. Now I follow Jason Graystone on YouTube, he is not a crypto trader but a forex one. He makes his money trading forex stocks, purely on TA, and he is very successful doing so. He put this video out in October as a lot of people where asking his view on BTC, which really reflects on xrp and the rest of the market. Check it out, his prediction purely on TA is spot on so far. Remember this was made before the recent down trend we are seeing now.
  3. I was just thinking with the market so low all of a sudden, xrp is holding up well, but could this be huge manipulation done because the Swiss trading ETF has been approved, and is going live on the 21st, which will allow 1.2 trillion to have access to the market. The low prices would make it very enticing for the institutional money that could be about to enter. https://www.ft.com/content/217f71a5-34fe-39ff-9e2d-fd708074602a
  4. Don't want to jinx it, but looks like we are slowly moving further away from eth, bit of luck we hold 2nd spot, and start to move towards over taking btc
  5. Hate it how Bloomberg still thinks xrp is ripple.
  6. There has been a lot of talk about Swift GPI update on 18 Nov. Swift has said not directly working with ripplenet. But other say maybe indirectly via temenos. Now I have all my investments in xrp, I look at it this way. I have strongly believed in ripple using xrp, to change the financial world since I found out in Aug 2017. Which is making me wonder, let's say BG123 the rippler we're insiders and the 18th could be the kick start to a huge bull run, or as Brad said xrp come #1 in a blink of an eye. Wouldn't it be worth everyone, dropping all other cryptos, and investing in xrp just incase 18 Nov explodes. Xrp is a safe token anyway compared to some of the others out there, so isn't it worth the chance.
  7. nicktemple

    Is everybody aware of:

    Eoy fomo will kick in, people will expect something to happen when BAKKT starts on 12 dec, and speculation will start the run, same as last year.
  8. None of us know what the future holds, but I feel there is 3 situations can happen by years end. 1. Xrp $500+ I feel we will know if this will happen come start if dec, this can happen by temonos, sap & aci, when Swift upgrades it system, and these partners are using xrapid on the back end, volume of transactions could push the price up in a blink of an eye. 2. Xrp $3 - $15 this could happen by a big bull run started by BAKKT and fidelity bringing institutional money in via BTC futures, this bull run will be lead by BTC. ( Similar to the start of the big bull last Dec ) FOMO 3. Xrp stays where it is $0.40 - $0.60 as people are waiting on side lines, wondering when the next bull will start. Now there is another one XRP crashes, but personally I feel that is very unlikely, just due to hodlers and Ripple having too much at steak. Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. This is not a debate whether or not it hits 589, but a dream of what you would do if it hits. Me personally, I would be buying a bunch of investment property and living off the rental, and travelling my arse off.
  10. nicktemple

    What about other xrapid partnerships

    Very true, but would be fun to try ?
  11. I hear you, but xrapid is only at the moment using 3 exchanges for liquidity, bittrex, bitso & coin.ph, so if they do put some decient volume through those exchanges, I can see the price dramatically increasing, and I agree arbitrage will play a big part, but I feel it will be to push prices higher quickly on other exchanges to match. But at the moment all we can do is have our own ideas on what might happen. We will all know soon enough one way or another. What is stupid about wondering what the collectives view points are? Also dude keep religion out of this ?
  12. Real utility has never been done before in crypto. When XRapid goes live, and let's say they push $10million just through bittrex, that will eat up a lot of sell orders pushing the price higher, in a blink of an eye. ( Let alone $100 million) I really believe we are all on the verge of something huge, most of us could wake up mulit millionaires, one day very soon.
  13. This could very well happen, Bittrex is one of the corridors that X-Rapid will be using it as well as Bitso and Coin.ph https://ripple.com/insights/xrapid-brings-on-three-new-exchange-partners/ currently on Bittrex there are sell orders all the way up to $15,000 per xrp, and it would only take 100million to fill all orders increasing the price massively. What ripple is doing with X-Rapid is nothing we have ever seen before, the next couple of months could be crazy.
  14. Mate I've see it rise and fall, personally I don't think it will hit those targets this year, but crazy things do happen. If it doesn't it's not going to stress me one bit, but if it does, now that would make us all happy.