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  1. No he hasn't lost anything. This is how he was from the start. Anyone who listened to a teenager on investment advice needs mental help lmaoooo
  2. Everyone was saying 200-500 now with amazon as partners, huge household names. nothing
  3. JPM has tight knits with the FED. all those claiming ripple was partnering with JPM are fools. Say they did meet with JPM, JPM would rip off their tech and implement their own. Ripple is probably numbered on this news and Swift striking hard saying ripple isn't as good as their platform.
  4. this is crazy. My father just texted me get out of crypto its all going to zero after this news. Him and his friends will only trust something by JPM
  5. These test nets need to slowly bleed out. Eventually the market will separate who makes it and who doesn't. I don't agree with the XRP economics etc..however speculation can wipe out any negative argument. I feel protocols like Stellar and Ripple will come out on top.
  6. We shall see...but i'm getting sick of this mining b.s. and a few bad actors who can't be punished on the network. It will keep going bitcoins will move, POW will go but not worth the risk of placing dollars in a bunch of rouge actors trying to destroy it all if it doesn't go their way. XRP/XLM have terrible economics in terms of investment. However these types of models are more suitable for real world adoption.
  7. Not yet.....there is no decoupling in a bear market everything gets toasted. On next rally lets see who emerges out on top
  8. Regardless of your view on price/market etc. We all can agree decoupling needs to happen. XRP and XLM protocols should be withstanding the storm much better or emerge much stronger out of this mess. The whole mining/dump your coins to ruin someone else's chain is ridiculous.
  9. you need to hodl bro..... just keep reading the posts of those who are predicting 200+ an XRP you sit back. So many household name partnernships have been announced this year. Right?
  10. lmaoo Like I said XLM about to surge above it. Game ova
  11. is this that teenager on youtube? Someone give him sound advice to go to school and get educated. He cost a lot of people money shilling XRP
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