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  1. I think we’ll see Corda but no xrp. https://mobile.twitter.com/inside_r3/status/1253729209631064069
  2. The entire point of xpring was supposedly to build the xrp ecosystem and Dharma isn’t participating. While it’s possible that they were funded in cash, we know previous to the latest funding round that Ripple was selling xrp for its cash flows. Either they provided the funding (some or even all) in xrp or they provided funds acquired by their own xrp sales. If Dharma needed cash for their project they’d dump their xrp investment to raise it. Xrp was dumped on the market for this project one way or another and Ripple got fuckall for it.
  3. https://ripple.com/insights/welcome-to-xpring/
  4. Xpring invested in Dharma last year. They’re going live on Twitter for payments. They do not use XRP....great job Ethan Beard. I wonder how many Xpring projects will just have taken xrp from Ripple and done nothing but dump it for capital. https://www.google.com/amp/s/bitcoinexchangeguide.com/crypto-lender-dharma-rolls-out-social-payments-on-twitter-send-usd-to-any-account/%3famp
  5. I don’t know the specifics of that deal, but execs aren’t required to give up compensation they’ve already earned. I worked in financial planning for corporate execs for years and one of the biggest headaches was dealing with the multiple stock compensation plans from their previous employment.
  6. Executives don’t forfeit shares when they leave.
  7. Isn’t Zagone on the Faster Payments Taskforce?
  8. Van Dyke also gone it seems. We have a lot of high level defections in the last year.
  9. Stellar’s burn did FA for the price. If Ripple is burning their supply it likely means there’s a problem with demand/need for the coin and we won’t be seeing many of the use cases being forecast. I’d be more worried about what that’ll do to value.
  10. I’m guessing it’s the Binance XRP/USDT futures since the volume on fiatleak is coming almost all from USD.
  11. I would either set and forget for a while or get out. I’m going with the former and not trying to read the tea leaves on a timeline anymore. Something has not gone our way, from Garlinghouse’s public statements about adoption for 2018 and 2019 to @JoelKatz ‘s apparent frustration with how long it’s taken and low price, things are not moving smoothly. We’ve had high profile departures recently and the still-looming court case. There are other negative data points as well. When looked at individually, I’m sure there are reasonable explanations. However, when taken in total what it all says to me is to not have any short-term expectations - for price or developments. Just keep up on the news but don’t waste time trying to figure out what will hit this year. We don’t have the whole picture and any breakthrough will arrive unexpectedly.
  12. As if it wasn’t bad enough that xrp had mediocre gains compared to the rest of the top ten and was held around $0.30, when bitcoin dumps this we’ll head even lower.
  13. Thank you everyone for the responses so far.
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