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  1. Wouldn’t it also increase the liquidity needed to onboard at other companies? Basically just boosting it themselves instead of slowly letting (hoping) the market naturally does it.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ambcrypto.com/gate-io-takes-bittrexs-lead-will-delist-major-altcoins-such-as-xrp-eos-and-monero-for-u-s-users/amp/
  3. If he heard it from CH we can pretty much toss out his mentioning it and yea, he’s hurting his own credibility.
  4. In a following tweet he said he heard about the rumor from Twitter. I’m not sure what to make of it....why bother commenting unless he’s heard something himself and not from random tweets
  5. CryptHawk has a shady/scammer reputation. Anyone know if this account is linked to it? This came out before CH made the announcement he had been teasing.
  6. What’s the prediction for once it reaches the $0.76?
  7. I lost six figures in gains....it sucked lol. However, the only way I got through it was that I was still up significantly over my initial investment and I decided this was a long term investment. As much as I don’t have the stomach to watch losses like that, I certainly don’t have the stomach to play around with a large amount of money.
  8. And what valuation if it’s declared a commodity or simply not a security?
  9. Same here, I found out on this forum. A year ago most of us would’ve gone crazy over this. Now with the current market it has little relevance.
  10. What sort of cheap rich man buys his mother a one-story? Must not like her very much.
  11. Year’ almost over, I hope everyone has made arrangements with their financial advisors.
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