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  1. As if it wasn’t bad enough that xrp had mediocre gains compared to the rest of the top ten and was held around $0.30, when bitcoin dumps this we’ll head even lower.
  2. Thank you everyone for the responses so far.
  3. I’ve been posting here for about two years, give or take. I’ve never been one for spreading fud or concern trolling but I’ve had my doubts and asked questions from time to time. I bring this up preemptively because I just have new concerns about Libra and I’m genuinely just looking for an answer (answers?) without wasting time fending off attacks for my motives. Most of the community here has always been informative and gracious in their responses in the past but I know how doubt can also been seen as intentional subversion. Very recently a number of high profile companies have dropped out of the Libra project. Good. I assumed it would put to rest the latest ‘xrp killer’ idea as the project seems to be DOA. However, there have been other recent developments that still make me question the overall picture. - The head of Calibra was onstage with the IMF and Mark Carney recently. I know BoE is assumed to be tied to Ripple, but Carney apparently spoke very highly of Libra. - US Congressmen have attacked the Libra project but recently a sitting Senator offered encouragement for the project. - The founder of Foxconn expressed support for Libra and floated the idea of connecting Libra to the new Chinese coin in Taiwan to link up a new global system. - Brad Garlinghouse has been attacking or at least deriding Libra recently in his public appearances. This could just be confidence on his part, but people often attack the things they’re afraid of. That’s not to say everything is going Libra’s way, obviously not. France’s financial minister has said that Libra is not welcome in Europe and we have the aforementioned (huge) defections from the project. The general public has a revulsion to allowing Facebook to have access to even more of their lives. However, Libra still pushes forward. I’m just looking for guidance from the community on the whole picture here. Is it posturing? Part of the show? Is this still a potential threat? Maybe something else entirely is going on? I’m obviously missing something and I’m hoping some of you can help me see it.
  4. Sounds right...it took two viewings for me to feel comfortable with it.
  5. Overall it seems good for xrp. Any demand for the xrp-backed stable coins creates demand for xrp since they’re the collateral. It creates a way to digitize other assets and use the speed and efficiency of the ledger, consequently moving more value to xrp....I think I have that right.
  6. I can’t see speculator action being very positive though. Speculation didn’t drive the price up much when MG was announced. Now that it’s live and there’s no spike from utility, speculators won’t expect gains from utility, and won’t buy in. Even if Moneygram loves xrp and competitors start jumping on too, no probe action from utility will equal no price action from speculators. If anything, the opposite will happen - people will see utility not driving price and jump ship.
  7. 🤦‍♂️ I’m fairly confident that most of us are ‘used to it’ if we’ve held this long already. The point is that if new information sheds light on what’s going on, we need to re-evaluate. If things aren’t progressing as hoped (I’m not strictly referring to price movement) there’s no sense in sticking with a bad investment. Things change all the time. It doesn’t mean that Ripple set out to do things this way, but if they know adoption isn’t happening then why stick with it? I’m just looking for more info.
  8. @JoelKatz sells a bunch, we can rationalize. He then tweets out that he’s confident that digital assets are the future but he’s less confident that it’s XRP and we’d be fools to not question or notice.
  9. 15 months ago was early 2018. It was stuck at $0.16-$0.18 for months in 2017 when I accumulated most of mine. It hasn’t been 3 cents in over two years. I missed the lower value days but I still made money and I’d like to keep it.
  10. I read through a lot on twitter earlier, CH reposted it. Thank you for the digging. Big picture, long term - do you still think there’s a future for this or were the detractors unfortunately right? That xrp will turn out to essentially be a giant ICO scam for Ripple?
  11. Wouldn’t it also increase the liquidity needed to onboard at other companies? Basically just boosting it themselves instead of slowly letting (hoping) the market naturally does it.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ambcrypto.com/gate-io-takes-bittrexs-lead-will-delist-major-altcoins-such-as-xrp-eos-and-monero-for-u-s-users/amp/
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