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  1. I lost six figures in gains....it sucked lol. However, the only way I got through it was that I was still up significantly over my initial investment and I decided this was a long term investment. As much as I don’t have the stomach to watch losses like that, I certainly don’t have the stomach to play around with a large amount of money.
  2. And what valuation if it’s declared a commodity or simply not a security?
  3. Same here, I found out on this forum. A year ago most of us would’ve gone crazy over this. Now with the current market it has little relevance.
  4. What sort of cheap rich man buys his mother a one-story? Must not like her very much.
  5. Year’ almost over, I hope everyone has made arrangements with their financial advisors.
  6. It’s not that common. seems it’s the standard company line
  7. I don’t know about pushed down, feels more like getting pushed in
  8. Hey, if it does that’s great. I’m just not setting myself for disappointment, I did that this entire year. I bought in low enough to have made decent gains, just thought we’d already be holding steady at a few bucks by now. I have faith it will gain value over time, I’m just staying patient. Party on ??
  9. I can’t see it breaking $1 this year and even if it does there’s no guarantee of finding support there. Still a long term play.
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