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  1. What we still don't understand is how could someone get your 24 words??
  2. No...I think this 12 word key is just the recovery key for the choosen desktop wallet. In case you forgot your pin (in this case). All these dektop wallets want to make it much easier for consumers to 'own' some crypto. But the owners dont know they dont hold the key (aka 24 secret words) for their wallet....
  3. What is the accountaddress?
  4. Tonnie


    Hi all, So I have to admit I bought my first piece of BTC today. Sad day...
  5. Tonnie

    Kichiro Fukui

    hmmm, wish I could say moar
  6. Tonnie

    Market cap, Xrapid and price

  7. Ripple Insights: https://ripple.com/insights/flashfx-uses-ripple-xrp On Twitter: Adress 1: rKUGYSfeGBZEurkJYtpr1N4yzn3KZ42oFm Adress 2: rKXMpSMHuu36eEpGoJcdeBmwfkoy9pewAJ Adress x: ? Look it up with https://xrpscan.com/ Have fun!
  8. Tonnie

    DX Exchange is now live for trading!

    Yep, looks promising. Now waiting on liquidity....
  9. Haha! of course you do, tradingfee begins After €50k trading volume.
  10. Tonnie


    I don't know....
  11. Tonnie


    Hi all, I had al look at the escrows in place here: https://ledger.exposed/escrow-stats As known, not only Ripple excrowed XRP, but anyone can do it. But I am amazed by escrowed XRP for over 100 years...why??
  12. Tonnie

    New hardwarewallet from Ledger?

    nope, everyting can be hacked....
  13. So, Ledger comes with a new hardwarewallet? https://www.ledger.com/ Seems it has fingerprintsecurity?
  14. And with BRM they have a solid solluction for KYC/regulation/anti-whitewashing.