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  1. Soooo....is there any news?
  2. Soooo, maybe the last post about RialtoTrade....they decided to freeze all their activities: We are sorry to announce that effective on 15th September 2019 we will be discontinuing our RialtoTrade.com services. Please ensure you place your disinvestment order(s) as soon as possible. Came a bit out of the blue, but yeah with all what's going on in this market, not such a big surprise. Via Telegram Rialto urges all users to disinvest.
  3. So, to more serious questions...can I make my theme black again?
  4. For the second airdrop; can we use the same emailadress and xrp-adress?
  5. I have all sorts of cards. And never have I been forced to use it. And...you Should wipe your nano😂
  6. The nano is just a tool...you Should put the 24 word seed in a vault
  7. Why the **** Should you put your nano in a vault???
  8. Tonnie

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hey Bob, Away for the week with my family and staying nearby Harlingen (Netherlands). Listening to some Alice in Chains an just checked in for some news. And you pop up. Thanx for contributing all this info. Nice to have some near-inside knowledge! So for a question. I have two: 1. What do you think of all the XRP still in escrow? Will Ripple eventually burn some to speed up the process? 2. I haven't read everything, but why did you decide to contribute to this forum? I'm going to put out the trash (yes, really)
  9. No. Via the ledger you Can store multiple crypto savely on their addresses. Ledger nano is only a device to get to your wallets. No crypto is stored on your ledger nano.
  10. Sorry all, Because of my dutch, I didn't understand the question fully.
  11. In addition I just wanted to say I had my doubts about Rialto. The greatest doubt came from their type of communication. But even in this bearmarket they performed a new platform. Much kudos to them in my opinion!!
  12. Nope, no new tokens. Every investment of 1.337 XRL got a preferred account (no profit fees) and a share in the company. I don't know yet how the shares are distributed and how the will be tradable...
  13. huh, this question seems wrong in many ways...but I will try to explain. So, you can easily claim an XRP-address. Many exchanges only have a couple of those addresses. So fore those exchanges to know where the investments should be put you have to put in an destination tag. aka your bankaccountnumber. This has been explaind not 1 or 2 or.....but 9994949499949948483743789438349 times
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