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  1. My issue has been solved, many thanks to Cleyton from Allvor !
  2. i should get 130%+5000 ALV, but the website (https://allvor.org/get-alv/) calculated 0.12%+5000 ALV only, that's less 99.88% !
  3. Hi, i've set trustline, but checked the amount of ALV that i can claim is wrong, it's not the: (amount of XRP that i had during snapshot + 30% + 5000 ALV), please advise.
  4. It's a tool created by @WietseWind from XRP community on Twitter, you can know your position on the XRP ledger, also stats by # of accounts or % of accounts on XRP ledger, also escrow stats. The ledger data is updated every 10 minutes.
  5. A cool tool ! :-) Sorry if this is double post. https://xrpstats.xrptipbot.com/
  6. A = Strong buy, B = Buy, C = Hodl, D = Sell, E = Strong sell
  7. Yes, it was forged... "The seed is meant to be generated by the device, but this purchase came with “scratch off” paper that revealed the seed"....
  8. Be careful guys... https://news.bitcoin.com/mans-life-savings-stolen-from-hardware-wallet-supplied-by-a-reseller/
  9. Just relax and HODL... also use Blockfolio instead of Excel spreadsheet... :-)
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