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  1. We are still here, we are just quietly biding our time in other parts of the forum that aren’t so pessimistic
  2. This is a depressing thread... I hope the majority of you aren't basing your predictions on 3 or 4 slow months. As proven by crypto in general over the last few years, and especially by XRP last year, anything can happen at anytime. I don't equate pessimism with realism. Optimism can be realistic as well.
  3. Just curious as to how the last 2 or 3 months have changed your thinking for EOY price, for better or worse.
  4. I think you both just have a good ole case of confirmation bias, you are picking out the outliers on this forum and claiming them as becoming the majority. If you peruse all of the topics and see what people are saying and liking you can see that the majority of people don't believe that it will cap out at $3-$5 EOY. Although there are still plenty that agree with you, there are also more (that have been here much longer) that are on the other end of the spectrum (~$50-$100 EOY), but I believe the majority sentiment of the forum lies around $20 EOY. Once again, not a statistical analysis, just observational.
  5. I have never seen someone flip flop their opinion on every single new topic posted based on what the OP said more than you do. Honestly I don’t understand why you’re here anymore.
  6. I would love to borrow the crystal ball you’re using. That’s a bold statement to say “there will be NO” runs this year like we had in 2017. I just don’t see how you can make a statement like that. And who is to say $100 is ungrounded? Trust me, there are still plenty of well respected people on this forum that think $100 is feasible this year still. We are only a quarter of the way through the year. Don’t count us out so quick.
  7. A month ago the CB and CNBC stuff would have really gotten to me, but now I’m just letting the Ripple team do it’s thing and relaxing, that’s literally the only thing I can do, my worrying and stressing doesn’t change the decisions being made. Life is too good to worry, I’ve got a healthy wife, I’m on spring break this week, we are going to the beautiful state of Colorado tomorrow to ski, I’ve got a full pantry, lots of loyal friends, I simply just woke up this morning and Lord willing I will wake up again tomorrow. All of that to say, that life is just too good to worry about WHEN XRP is going to blow up for us, just rest in the fact that it will. I’m just gonna take everything in stride, try not to worry and stress, and celebrate it when XRP makes me my first million.
  8. I really think CB is going to have to do something soon in order to not become totally obsolete. The world moves fast, and crypto moves even faster. Between Robinhood, Bittrex, Bitstamp, and any other big player that wants to offer a USD-XRP pair coinbase can quickly become a thing of the past. They’re under major pressure. That’s why I think it has to be soon.
  9. What is the timeframe you believe that will happen? If >10 years then you need to find yourself another high risk investment that will make you more money quicker. Because slightly higher yielding, yet slightly lower risk investments are out there to invest in.
  10. You guys also have to remember, we have people with very large stacks who have cash out points at $5, $10, $20 etc. But we have to remember that there will also be new buyers at other people’s cash out point who will hold until say $50, $75, $100 and then cash out. Rinse and repeat. 15,000 is considered a small stack now, but once the big dogs start hitting their cash out points in 1-2 years 15,000 XRP will seem like a HUGE stack.
  11. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And I’m probably just as bullish as you are, so there are at least two of us
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