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  1. Sure this is true but not always the case. Flash crashes happen as a result of improper management in sell off. I know of a couple xrpchat members can tell the tale. I used to set buys way under priced on certain exchanges to catch a dip but never got lucky myself. People make mistakes but ya i'd be very happy if someone tried to dump 1 billion on any of those exchanges, hopefully I make it there quick enough for the fire sale.
  2. The one person silly enough to dump a huge bag like that was Jed and thats been dealt with. David Schartz made the comment, he will probably be the only person to become a self-made billionaire despite his best efforts. If these rich list wallets wanted to make a move to dump on the market they probably would've by now. The smarter route would to be cash out what you need perhaps a bit of surplus but other than that leave it be. Ripple themselves can dump 1 billion a month on us and they choose not to. If you're just now worried about the big players dumping on us in a malicious way then perhaps a little more DYOR required here but I personally believe the risk is minimal now that the evil Jed is quarantined.
  3. Funny that Bitgo teamed up with a scam that has broken all security laws. "Today, BitGo is the world's largest processor of on-chain bitcoin transactions, processing 15% of all global bitcoin transactions, and $15 billion per month across all cryptocurrencies." "Nexo partners with Bitgo to secure all crypto assets." Seems like Bitgo has a lot more skin in the game and has a difference of opinion here. As do I.
  4. worst comes to worst you trade for a bunch of monero which then gets lost in a tragic boating accident now you and the gov have nothing. Too bad for everyone
  5. Seems Amazon is headed in their own direction https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/03/05/amazon-strikes-a-new-blockchain-partnership.aspx
  6. 0.15 xrp I think is the fee for transfers out, transfers in will depend on where you are sending it from of course, binance will not charge you for the transfer in. 0.15 is the highest fee I've had for xrp and thats from transfering off exchanges. its fairly fast, I'd say the funds will appear in 5 mins at the latest and that's just from the lag on binances end. Lastly I'm can't remember if it will lock up the 20xrp but its a safe assumption I guess, bonus if it doesn't.
  7. I support any idea resulting in sharing wealth to those less fortunate so that being said I'm excited to see where this goes. As a side note there is a coin already dedicated to charity. Check out Pink coin. Their P.O.S. donate for life is really unique and a great way to generate ongoing income for select charities.
  8. Never hurts to own 2. You guys ever considered what happens if you lose or damage the only one you have? With these things sometimes difficult to find never hurts to plan ahead. Thanks for the heads up on the sale
  9. People are over reacting in my opinion, there is a thread on Reddit over hyping this, saying its confirmed and so on. They said earlier in the video that they get in and get out as quick as possible. They do not long it and only use it when its the best option for the client. People seem to be only focused on the part of them saying they use xrp.
  10. Wouldn't send too much, Eden is still in Beta I believe and for the most part unsupported. Pulled the following from their website Important items to remember about Eden We recommend Eden for advanced users only. Normal Exodus users SHOULD NOT USE Eden. Eden is unsupported, pre-release software - things are likely to break. Support for Eden will be provided by the community and our public Slack channel. This page on our website is purposefully hidden. Don't give this to your neub friends as you will likely get stuck doing tech-support for them when things don't work properly. To be clear, the Exodus customer support team will not be able to help if you experience any problems with Eden.
  11. You may have heard the joke "I can only fit one trezor in my bum compared to 3 nanos"... In all seriousness tho, I prefer nano because of its sleek design and durability is a bonus for me. Big room for improvement in this area.
  12. You should look into marketcaps, xrp definitely rivals the movements early bitcoin, maybe you missed it. With 38.3 billion xrp 100 billion max opposed to 16.5 million btc 21 million max they can not be compared price per token. Xrp has already caught up with BTC's marketcap from last year. If you understand supply vs marketcap you would probably never be curious enough to ask if xrp will reach 1000. We all can dream though.
  13. Its not them thats charging the premium its us greedy Canadians. You can set buys like any other exchange and wait until someone sells into it but I know what you mean. Regardless them adding it will mean we will have an easy route out of XRP should we need it and if we getting higher value for it than great
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