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  1. Yep, not worth the risk of reducing your stack for the sake of a few cents.. Hang on to what you have and if you have spare cash to invest at lower levels, use that to buy more.. If the market does fall further to your buying point, great, buy more, if it doesn't, great, your stack is still intact as it was before and you still have your spare cash.. If you sell all/some and it doesn't fall to your buying point but suddenly reverses up as it did yesterday (29/06/18), how hard would you kick yourself for not just selling at the wrong time, but having to get back in at higher prices, potentially have fewer delicious zerps for your money?
  2. My question is; do I buy more now, whilst at these 'lows' or wait for the panic to start and run it's course? - Obviously this is not investment advice, but for educational purposes only and would benefit nothing but my spreadsheet!
  3. I'm guessing it's due to De Niro's anti-Trump speech at the Tony Awards the other night, although, De Niro has been anit-Trump for a long while..
  4. I'm guessing the event(s) are mostly US-centric as its I'm guessing the event(s) are mostly US-centric as its currently 16:22 11th June in Japan, 08:22 11th June in UK and I can't seem to find any major crypto news in the MSM.. Right, off to work.. have a nice day all, hope its all still here when I get home.. And home is where I left it..
  5. Unfortunately, I lack the real knowledge / expertise of Ripple / XRP to be posting anything, I have nothing unique to offer, hence my lurking.. But if you wanna spot me at the meet-ups, I'm the fat, bald 'Billy-no-mates' lurking in one of the corners!! ?
  6. @BarryMcHockenue and @Loki, I'm not the most active of posters, usually just a lurker, but your both of your posts got me and I just want to wish the pair of you the very best of luck and hope that things work out for you both.. All the best.. ?
  7. Agreed.. I'm a little bit sceptical too, haven't the postcards for registration have only just gone out in Japan, as in last Thursday or Friday? Surely they'd like to get the postcards back, enter the respondents' details, perform the KYC/ATML checks and once sufficient numbers have been registered and contacted with provisional login details, they would then announce a 'doors open' date?? Just a thought.. I could be wrong, I have been in the past.. ***EDIT*** And it looks like I'm wrong again!! It appears, upon further research, that the postcards are for postal address confirmation for those that are already registered..
  8. Konfirmed!! wow.. so moon.. such rich.. very money.. much lambo.. many happy.. wow..
  9. I can sometimes hear the sound of the jet engines as they get the 'go-around' from Gatwick.. I shall say no more.. lols..
  10. I can't be the only one in the South East, surely?! West Sussex..
  11. What research led you to all of your above conclusions? Do you actually own any XRP - if 'yes', then why if your initial post is what you understand to be true?
  12. Nice idea but your maths are wrong from after the first profit target. You're taking the 10% (adjustable) figure of the total stack say, 1,000 and then subtracting this same 10% figure of 100 from each new total all the way down to 0 remaining, instead of deducting 10% from each new total after the previous 10% was sold.. For example, I start with 1,000, 10% of this is 100 which are then sold. My new stack total is now 900, 10% of this is 90, sold, new total 810, 10% is 81, sold, new total 729, 10% is 72.9 etc, etc..
  13. lol.. no.. although compared to some on here.. yes.. a link to this was posted on twitter and i followed it here.. i've since retweeted the link so more comments may follow..
  14. A truly insightful and confidence inspiring piece.. Thank you..
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