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  1. XRP on BBC. That's pretty big! A crypto-currency called Ripple has become the second most valuable virtual cash system. Over the weekend the value of the digital currency hit more than $100bn (£74bn) according to some market monitors. This valuation is higher than another popular crypto-cash system called Ethereum. Each Ripple coin is now worth about $2.34 - far higher than the half a US cent they were worth a year ago. Bitcoin still remains the most valuable crypto-currency. The value of the 16.8 million bitcoins in circulation is now worth a nominal $23
  2. I'm holding for atleast until 2022, but i'm selling around 70% if we may hit $100.
  3. O hai, I tried to deposit money to my Bitstamp account with my creditcard, but it seems like I have to buy XRP immediately with the deposited funds? Can't I just store the money on my account and use it later? It's possible with bank transfer, so why not with creditcard? Thanks in advance for helping me out!
  4. Update (4PM GMT+1) With seven hours left, this can't go wrong.
  5. PS: This is happening on Twitter atm. XRP investors never sleep!
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