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  1. I learned quite a few things from that third video you pointed out. Why does he start with 100% airdrop for the calculation? I'm not sure how much that is affecting the result. (I'm thinking not much because the airdrop is in addition to staking rewards.) What can I do with FLR? It sounds like they want you to hold on to it as price appreciates?
  2. Maybe clarify your topic "Nano Users - Don't Forget to Claim Your Spark from Flare!!!" because this is old news. June 11 is also for self-custody, does not apply to exchange distribution.
  3. I only see a gradual decline in xrp, not the natural highs and lows other coins experience regardless of bull market. No selling opportunities for holders. I won't say it's dead, but I feel with PayID (interesting!) and all the disappointments, we're experiencing a reset in direction. I've held for almost three years. I admit - it would feel good to be right about it, and that's my strongest reason for holding; however, there are other coins with great ROI potential, likely as great as xrp. It's 2020. Now is the time to diversify and for other alts to rise.
  4. You won't regret buying at 19 cents when we're at $50
  5. Might be my first time buying on our lowest dip (0.241), and not regretting it
  6. Although the guy resembles a White Walker, the video was worthwhile to understand the predicable 3-4 year phases and the buy-in opportunity we have now. Also, it gave me pause to see what significant price movement looks like versus these daily TA wars which rarely register on whole.
  7. Can you change the thread name? Is this about BTC? Make it The Zerpening 3 and pin it
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