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  1. I believe we are still in an overall bull market for crypto. I also believe this short winter is occuring a bit early but time frames on crypto are difficult.
  2. I have to be honest here. I'm having a hard time trying to understand what is going on with this Friday. It is predicted that buttcoin will drop into the 40k range however, institutional investing may limit the correction. I also see a lot of people talking about alt season starting but if buttcoin tanks then so do the alt coins? I don't understand what exactly is happening. Sell now before the big correction and try to buy back in lower? I have no funds to buy the dip this time.
  3. You guys are derailing a good thing here for what reason? I don't know. I know the thread title isn't specific and the rules aren't but let's not make it a communist environment because you guys can't take this argument elsewhere. Take it to a different channel, example-PMs, or if it is so important create a separate thread. A lot of us enjoy the current environment in which Eric has created. He stays quite on topic with good analysis and beautiful commentary in relation to buttcoin. There is small conversation allowed here and there to try and bring up good points in relation to his analysis. Don't ruin a good thing created by a selfless individual and enjoyed by many.
  4. It almost makes me wonder if the system is broken. Maybe some people are right about the 'everything bubble'? Especially after it has been shown that the simplicity of trading now a days new asset classes, and the ability to easily manipulate. What if people keep dumping their money back and forth between assets as they all keep going up? What brings it all down? Does liquidity just start to dry up? I don't understand how it just continue infinitely. Something has to break somewhere.
  5. My god. Why would you remind me of Tether? Why would you even share this thought or fart it into existence? SEC could be watching this and taking notes. I just shit myself. Oh lawd, we are all doomed. The SEC is such a buzz kill.
  6. Or no crypto sees it's actual utility if the SEC wins and crypto dies as an investment tool in it's infant stages. Sadly.
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