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  1. Who cares. If you're hanging on to that prediction as your last line of defense then please do more research before investing. In anything.
  2. Here we go with the coinbase crap, again. Who cares. This is how XRP gets dragged down. Someone starts a rumor and coinbase rejects it and it's all down hill.
  3. I'll piggy back off of Batman with the same. Why do you care? I see that you project on to people your disgruntledness. Maybe you got caught late to the party and are holding a bag? No reason to beat down on people who trust and believe in something. The hell does that bother you for? Why not go be productive elsewhere instead of talking **** on people for what or how they invest? You're the jackass that picks on the wrong kid in grade school and spend the rest of your life hating yourself because you're a narcissist.
  4. Quite the opposite. BG123 based his picture off of that article. It's nothing more than a theory, a good one.
  5. https://www.oracletimes.com/ripple-xrp-coinbase-rival-adds-xrp-by-credit-card-150000-stores-worldwide/
  6. https://www.oracletimes.com/ripple-xrp-coinbase-rival-adds-xrp-by-credit-card-150000-stores-worldwide/
  7. I've got to be honest here. Who's to say they will announce anything?
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