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  1. My god. Why would you remind me of Tether? Why would you even share this thought or fart it into existence? SEC could be watching this and taking notes. I just shit myself. Oh lawd, we are all doomed. The SEC is such a buzz kill.
  2. Or no crypto sees it's actual utility if the SEC wins and crypto dies as an investment tool in it's infant stages. Sadly.
  3. Wen Christmas/chinese new year/tax returns/bull run? 😆
  4. Someone(s) really doesn't want buttcoin to break $20k.
  5. This has to be one of the best posts I've seen in a while.
  6. Can we just bust another nut already!? I need some excitement!
  7. My name is random stranger and I'm a rollable random generator. 😉
  8. Anyone noticing a pattern here just about every single day. Based on my time, in the wee hours, BTC gets a nice little boost then either drops hard and trades in an ascending channel or doesn't drop as hard and trades in a descending channel, just about the rest of the day.
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