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  1. Unless they make the mentioned announcement. Last year they made the AMEX announcement a.o., unfortunately did not move price.
  2. I think 20 cent will be bottom, so right now despondency? Thinking of a timeline where within a week we will reach this bottom. After that, hype for Swell may start where something big is announced, maybe Bill will push the button to start xrapid? Have fiats waiting for 20 to 25 cents. To be on the safe side I will probably buy range 24-27 cents.
  3. Good news! When 20 cents? PS Love that it's Bittrex as well, my first exchange......with my preferred DA XRP.....?
  4. Hi, Absolutely love your concept and many thanks for sharing your experience. The topics mentioned here are what I would be looking for in the 'XRP trading and price speculation' section (instead of moon and lambo talk). I like all the topics mentioned, but cash management and trade strategy the most. Is it also an idea that we share trading strategies and comment each other? For now these questions: 2) Accept that most decision that you will make will be wrong. If you accept this fact you will realize that cutting losers short is the BEST way to save money. Let winners run and leave
  5. I had the impatience problem too. What helped me with that is trading with dummy accounts. AO bitmex offers this. Or trade with small amounts. I am also learning TA, it is nice to kill the time.
  6. I have bought a very small amount. As a contribution to the project? First time I ever bought a 'penny stock' coin. Exciting....
  7. Real wallets xrp from which u can withdraw? Like Uphold?
  8. I wondered on what base this article of www.nu.nl was written. Another recent report of DNB itself stated that Central Banks are investigating the possibilities of Bitcoin technology....and this could lead to more efficient financial markets, lower costs and resistance against cyber attacks.: Distributed ledger technologie en crypto’s: Crypto’s, zoals Bitcoin, worden nog maar in zeer beperkte mate gebruikt voor aankopen. Wel nemen de risico’s en varianten in de cryptomarkt snel toe. Veel centrale banken, waaronder DNB, en andere financiële instellingen onderzoeken de mogelijkheden
  9. Ik hoorde het gisteren op de radio. Weer een puzzelstukje wat op z'n plaats valt....
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