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  1. XRPto50dollars

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    XRP is no different than any other investment. GE started out lower than .88 cents in the 60s. people swore the high was @ $6... then it went to $30... then the experts came out saying its impossible for GE to EVER hit $40... it then hit $60 in 2000 then investors got cocky, thought it would only go higher, dropped to $22, then in 2008-2009 dropped to $8. so the question is.. 'where was the high?' hindsight is easy for us after the fact. investors, especially new/er/ish investors have this inexperienced notion that the only 'good' investment is the one where you make all the money in the world. forget the fact they make $30,000 a year after tax. if their investment doesnt make them $10 milllion... its not 'good enough'. same goes for XRP. you should never try to sell at the all-time high simply because your (and our) life is finite. whats the point waiting 70 years to make a billion dollars if you only have a year to spend it? the best advice ive heard is to sell when you make enough to not only pay off all your debt, but have that same amount left over. in other words, if you have $300,000 in debt (mortgage included), sell @ $600,000. most people wont do this. but at the same time, many people here wont make a dime in XRP simply because theyre going to get too greedy and make a poor decision during the dips in the 'emotional roller coaster'. regret and impatience are the two killers of investors. regret for 'selling to early' and 'selling too late'. no one invests perfectly. just make enough to make your life content and move on. XRP could easily hit $1,000 in 10 years or less. easily. it could also crash and burn below a penny.
  2. XRPto50dollars

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    only until it goes to $20, then people will sell @ $19.50
  3. Grande Mucho Falcone González de la Hoya Cardinal Miranda Veracruz Anderson III
  4. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    yaaaa... i was eatting cookies and milk when i made the above picture. got distracted.
  5. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    3-line chart looks great. heikin... we're seeing green all around, but need one with a super tall upper shadow. last one was January
  6. XRPto50dollars

    Give up XRP profits to save endangered species?

    a fluffy reptile
  7. Hypothetical, moral dilemma type situation: XRP hits $589. You have $5 million. On all of earth, there is only one remaining Doogladorf (made it up, just go with it).. The Doogladorf foundation calls you and says, "We have a way to bring back the doogladorfs to a healthy population, but we need $4.5 million today. Please please please." ..would you do it? Give money to save the poor doogladorfs? ..hmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. XRPto50dollars

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    XRP is growing up: 2016: Good day BTC, mind if I come in? 2018: Git the crap outta my way BTC. Yer days are over, punk!
  9. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    imagine the day when we're saying, "We may drop to $11 before we start to go back up." ..its gonna happen
  10. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    everyone should enjoy these nice Up days. every now and then you need a break from the monotony. Maybe we'll break $1
  11. Grande Mucho Falcone González
  12. the rockets not even lit yet. First stage is $10. once we hit $10, it will prove to the world that XRP is serious
  13. a bunch of brilliant scientists sitting in an office trying to come up with a name for a launch vehicle. ..and the best they could come up with is 'falcon heavy'. Falcon X heck, even Mucho Falcon sounds better
  14. XRPto50dollars

    How Long Until XRP Runs Out?

    by the time XRP runs low, XRP wont exist..and neither will our great great great grandchildren
  15. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    one method of putting at least SOME power in the hands of the investor is to break up the purchase. instead of buying 1000 XRP @ .86 cents, but 500 at .86 and wait to see if it drops. if it drops, you get more for less. if it goes up, at least you still got some good deals and you still have cash on reserve for any future play