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  1. XRPto50dollars

    Brad @ wef Davos panel discussion

    this doesnt mean XRP's price wont go up until five years. although it does mean many people in here wont be invested in XRP anymore because they lost patience, got bored, and sold. once XRP is at $5, we'll hear the same exact complaints when it drops to $4.50 "Whats happening!??????" "I just bought at $5 and now im in the red!?" "Once this thing drops to $3 its all over"
  2. XRPto50dollars

    When rich ?

  3. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    XRP will hit between .20 and $200 EOY 2019 ..its hard being right all the time
  4. XRPto50dollars

    Avocado Tree Time Machine

    ..so these stubborn little guys are NOT growing at all sixteen days later i followed all directions, plenty of water, whiskey twice a day, sunlight..
  5. XRPto50dollars

    Avocado Tree Time Machine

    i have to admit im a wee upset more people havent grown avocados ITS AN AV..O...CA...DOE!
  6. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    thanks. @BluKoo made it for me
  7. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    Its been a long ride. we've both lost some great people here but also gained new ones as well. all i can say is i always knew XRP would hit $50. We just had to be patient ..still practicing
  8. XRPto50dollars


    the news is so fickle..
  9. XRPto50dollars

    All TRON / TRX talk

    didnt see that
  10. XRPto50dollars

    All TRON / TRX talk

    Some great music..
  11. XRPto50dollars

    All TRON / TRX talk

    #9 on CMC at .025061
  12. XRPto50dollars

    All TRON / TRX talk

    Want to talk about TRON? This is the place..
  13. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    anyone want to see what 211 weeks remaining looks like? https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive
  14. XRPto50dollars

    Avocado Tree Time Machine

    im sitting in a chair and i hear a ticking sound. there is nothing in the room that can create such a noise. it is either: A. in my head B. a bomb i hate multiple choice
  15. XRPto50dollars

    Timeline through 2023

    if you can wait, and if it happens, the safest way for you to cash out XRP is to wait for XRP to be accepted by banks for you to simply deposit XRP into your account. could be years.. decades perhaps