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  1. long story short, i was trying to find a new picutre of myself and ended up accidentally choosing grant from mythbusters. someone said something which led to something else which ultimately led @CountZerpula to create this masterpiece terminator / sippy hat image for me. there may or may not be a lipstick kiss under my terminator eye.. this is still up for discussion. nice to see you!
  2. avocado tree still alive after 577 days how everyone else's plants?
  3. notice once again, had anyone followed the heikin chart they would have made a great buy.. if you do believe in charts, which i dont, the heikin is the best chance for profit.
  4. 10 million csc for you.. oh. ok.. nevermind
  5. i transferred money to a crypto exchange and forgot some information so im trying to figure out if im out my money. thank you for the interest. 10,000 CSC to you if i get my money back
  6. what would you name this book based on the cover alone?
  7. example: mgi many people bought mgi because its related to xrp. it was clear to sell around 9/10 as i even posted several days before the drop.. but i think a lot of people bought too high and are now in the red. following this chart would have made you profits (but comes with a lot of risk) one trick using the heikin chart is to look for very tall wicks as seen in mgi's chart below..not sure why exactly, but its very accurate. i checked mgis chart back to 2015 and about 98% of the time when this candle formed, selling would have been good. of course, that doesnt mean the price wont go back up again or this pattern when the price tapers off in green. id say 80% of the time when you see this, sell. of course, that doesnt mean the price wont go back up again im not invested in mgi. but its not always accurate.. xrp's chart during the $3 run.. false tall wick candles. selling would have lost you profits. but, the first yellow triangle isnt really a good indicator to sell because the wick isnt THAT tall. the next two would have lost you a lot of money but still would have made you a lot had you bought prior to the run if you dont know what youre doing, dont follow this at all. its not a science by any means and just because you sell, you would then have to figure out when to buy back in which is even more difficult. and dont forget, selling doesnt mean the price wont go higher once you sell. this stuff doesnt always pick the ATH. i wouldnt use this stuff for investing. there are no tricks or shortcuts to fabulous riches... except ditching my ex-wife
  8. im so busy with so many things not sure if i can ok ok i have nothing to do. fine.
  9. a squirrel has been staring at me for an hour. not sure if i should move or remain motionless
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