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  1. XRPto50dollars

    Finablr's UAE Exchange, Ripple to begin blockchain payments by first quarter

    so pretty much .30 cents EOY 2019?
  2. XRPto50dollars

    Stay strong!

    Pffff that aint nothing.. 35-pack Ensure drinks @ $30 (good for 1 week of meals) zero rent zero car zero alcohol zero smoking internet @ $20/month cookies @ $740/month ...nevermind. you win.
  3. XRPto50dollars

    As predicted

    of what? we only see the patterns in this chart after the fact.
  4. XRPto50dollars

    Inspiration behind your Username ?

    I remember when i was between jobs, i worked as a salesman and was told by someone a customer with that name was looking for me
  5. XRPto50dollars

    Inspiration behind your Username ?

    ..and 'fuzzy algorithms' isnt a very good name
  6. XRPto50dollars

    Timeline through 2023

    YAY! I'll hang the streamers!.. ..oh wait.
  7. XRPto50dollars

    As predicted

    nah. the price could still be .45 or lower EOY 2019. im not expecting much over a dollar in 2019
  8. XRPto50dollars

    Ring of Fire (XRP)

    the funny thing about all those articles is that as the price is dropping the articles read, "Price dropping! Is this the bottom?" ..that doesnt help much
  9. XRPto50dollars

    Timeline through 2023

    Now.. i know what everyone is thinking... that i reEEeaaly dont have a time machine and that EOY wont close at .93. quit your fussing and just hold. it aint hard.back in my day all we had were Fords... ..so we had to walk everywhere.
  10. I appreciate the effort. You would stand apart from the rest of the noise on YouTube if your fundamentals were geared more towards delivering the news and not so much trying to get clicks. Although you do speak of XRP, I would watch more of your videos if I didn't get the feeling that views/clicks were more important than the provided information. xRapid 2.0 is a stretch. Your videos obviously appeal to the younger generation as your view count is in the thousands. Of course, nowadays you can name a video "XRP Cornbread Eminem $1,000 EOY" and get 20,000 views versus a video called "XRP and its Global Impact" and only get 5 views. You have the energy.. but take your videos to the next level. Set yourself apart from clickbait and all the mumbo jumbo out there. Find your niche. If you clean up your videos some, take the time to really get your point across, you could probably get radio time somewhere if you have enough drive. Contact sirius radio. Tell them youre interested in a crypto channel. Give your youtube channel. Youll get rejected at first. If you do it right with enough effort and persistence you could be the first crypto sirius channel out there. Your enthusiasm is great but you could probably say the same thing in a 5 minute video. Just some healthy criticism. Nothing against you personally.
  11. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    It will only happen if you believe it will happen. Stop messing us up.
  12. XRPto50dollars

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    someone in here was an early investor in amazon. cant remember who
  13. Depends. Did the ex-wife call recently? If not, im great. If so, im down quite a bit.
  14. this is called 'I Cant Handle Silence Syndrome' or ICHSS. It's extremely contagious. Be sure to wash hands often and you should be ok.
  15. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    in to...itive nope. thought i had a joke there. slaps self.