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  1. right. if there was a degree in How to Kill an avocado tree.. i'd be an expert.
  2. looking great! i can instantly see a huge change here. theres definitely a lot of work thats gone into this tree. someday you can hang a swing under it and push your great grandchildren as you tell them stories of Yore and how XRP was once under $10,000 ..and correct me if im wrong, but it appears your tree has grown...a.. DOG on one if it branches!?
  3. "Do you take so-and-so to be your husband?"
  4. that would be Friday, December 10, 2021 which according to the Timeline Club, XRP should be at $13.34
  5. ... XRPto50dollars by tomorrrRRrrrow???????
  6. only 190 weeks to go before XRP investors are either amazingly rich or still waking up at 5 to go to work its either, or. there is no in-between option (countdown started at 260 weeks) https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive
  7. either the sign fell and the letters got scrambled or my glasses need a new prescription
  8. XRPor50dollars sounds like my evil twin ..first off, your post is filled with flaws but im too old to take the time to point all of them out because no matter what i say, you know you have an agenda here. youll never reach the conclusion of, "Oh yeah! hey! i didnt see it like that!... you know what?!..im wrong! sorry guys!" 1. you said, "Lets all talk about this FLAW before we let our friends and families buy XRP. " ..let? are you implying we have to give permission to let others spend their own money? see the problem here? youre just rambling on. 2. you said, "What about 10 dollar XRP or 50 dollars ?? How much will the account cost then, 200 dollars !?!?!?!" investing isnt for everyone. if you cant afford it, you should have bought a tickle-me-elmo in 1996 and hoped for the best. 3. you said, "But back in the days they where avoiding the spam with 15-20 cent XRP accounts, why can't they do the same thing again?" go create your own blockchain and coin and you can do it however you want, no? 4. you said, "I've also have had problems sending my XRP from my ledger wallet.. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work. ''True future bank coin'' that works only when they say so." things happen. i tried to return an item to Walmart yesterday. the service desk was shut down due to a leak in the roof. end of walmart? probably. if and when you get in a small fender bender/car accident are you going to give up driving because it didnt 'work' as 'expected'? 5. you remind me of that YouTube guy back in 2018 who made a video while sitting in his car called: 'XRP Cripple: Why XRP will never reach $1' ..months later the price went to $3.30 and he took the video down. 6. finally, we love questions and people who challenge us. im not trying to 'burn you or bury you alive' like the guy said in the quote below this. im not an XRP maximalist; i know XRP/Ripple/crypto as a whole could fail. but being invested in XRP is a choice. no one 'let' us. we made a decision to invest and are well-aware of the risks involved. so next time, maybe cut back on the dramatic titles such as, 'Why XRP will NOT succeed" and change it to, "Why I Dont Believe XRP will Succeed." ..its called the 'internet'
  9. timeline seems to be back on track ..i mean of COURSE its back on track
  10. because when you get to a certain age, the only people you have in contact with you are strangers wiping your butt and/or the mailman (save money on a butt wiping mailman)
  11. check out CSC if you havent already.
  12. XRP hits .42 for the first time! ..ok maybe not for the 'first' time
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