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  1. itll fall lower might as well look at the 1 second chart
  2. if you spent $5000 on xrp back in 2017, it would have been worth $5.5 million dollars last year and still worth $416,600 today
  3. i love reading old forums of btc from the early 2010's. people were willing to pay 10,000 btc for two pizzas. this was only 9 years ago. they were throwing around btc like it was nothing..because at the time, it was nothing. that pizza, at the ATH last year was worth $200,000,000. thats 200 MILLION dollars. think about that.
  4. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ripple-burn-50-xrp-supply-143652414.html?.tsrc=rss
  5. typo. i meant 5,000 edited because i had a moment
  6. once you break 70, health scares are the new norm. if you dont have a health scare, youre probably dead ..my knees hurt. lovin' it of course, its all based on opinion. theres a distinction between fundamentals and the time between lows and highs. just because a chart is 'low' doesnt mean the fundamentals are crap. im an old fart investor in JPM and remember when the stock fell out from under us in 2001. nothing like watching your retirement drop from $60 to $15 a share heres the article: https://money.cnn.com/2001/09/17/markets/markets_newyork/ the key point here which applies to xrp as well is the quote, "The question is, 'How long will it take to rebuild confidence?'" thats what you have to ask with any investment. its not a matter of ripple getting their act together, or government regulating, or blah blah blah. xrp is down in price because confidence levels in crypto are low. once confidence returns, xrp will hit new highs. so to me, "what do you make of this long accumulation period that we've been in for basically the past year?"... notice you said 'year' as in single. its too early to tell what it means. it took JPM over SIX THOUSAND DAYS to recover from the 2001 crash and break $100. so forget wondering what 'one year' means. if xrp takes 6,000 days to hit $50 or $100, itll be the year 2036. how many people here would reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly be mentally and emotionally able to hold their xrp for 17 years? not many. again, as said in the past, this is why there are so few btc millionaires. thousands of people back in in the day owned 500,000+ BTC, but like greg (sorry greg) they sold because it 'took too long'. people shouldnt have their minds made up that theyre 'holding for 10 years no matter what'. its silly. what happens if xrp skyrockets in 5? youre still going to hold? for most, a million dollars is an impossible dream. its fun to talk about and joke, but so few in here will really make $1,000,000 simply because theyre focusing on whats happening 'right now'. the things happening right 'now' will only affect the price years later. JPM didnt jump to $100 in a week. it takes time to hit those levels. wow i really blabbed on in summary.. im not sure if xrp will skyrocket because of fundamentals or more along the line of speculation. something in the near future is going to cause xrp and all coins to jump dramatically; whether its a rumor, or 'leaked information' or just online people pumping. we just need to be ready for it because, just like december 11, 2017, we had no idea just a few weeks later the price would hit $3.30
  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think i could rustle up something for you. anything in specific?
  8. this is how close we all came to being dead.. good morning!
  9. i have no doubt xrp will eventually go above $5 and no, not in 589 years
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