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  1. XRPto50dollars

    History repeating?

    I think on Blistex exchange http://www.blistex.com/
  2. XRPto50dollars

    History repeating?

    If someone were to create a coin called FAKE/USD, people would still buy it.
  3. XRPto50dollars

    Charts - How To's

    i believe tether is no different than any other investment/entity and swings up and down according to investor sentiment. i think its ridiculous the people running tether consistently refuse to prove (unequivocally) that each USDT is backed by US dollars. Bitfinex keeps stalling, leonardo real keeps repeating that everything is fine, and yet they refuse to show a simple 1:1 relationship between tether and the dollar. my hope is that tether and bitfinex fail miserably in a glorious and dramatic ball of fire. its time to start cleaning out the trash, bringing in regulations, and creating strict standardization across the entire crypto market. They have until October 26th to prove everything is a simple misunderstanding and that the issue was that they are creating a better fiat deposit system. Of course, how will they disprove the mess theyre having with HSBC? https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/10/bitfinex-releases-statement-on-fiat-deposits-after-panic-causes-bitcoin-tether-premium-to-hit-all-time-high/ We'll see. The issue with these people is that they are in a habit of only releasing words of comfort AFTER panic has set in... I am a strong supporter of the theory that bitfinex manipulated BTCUSD's price. There is simply no way a run to $20,000 was organic. I dont know about you, but if you ignore the candles in black, the chart sure looks more of a natural progression to me.. lastly, i believe the individuals behind tether think they are untouchable. Who exactly audits them to be sure theyre on the up and up? Last time i checked their auditor friedman llp mysteriously disappeared into a cloud of fairy dust.
  4. The above video clip pretty much sums up the entire 'The Zerpening' thread.
  5. Simply put, whatever is going to happen.. is going to happen. speculation has its place, but does not replace said future events from happening. In order for an investor to have full resolve in their XRP investment, they first must accept the fact that other entities must fail and with this, investors involved in those entities will also fail. as harsh as it may appear, its simply the way investing works. In order for someone to win, someone else has to lose. the only way for XRP investors to keep a sane head here is to fully believe that XRP is the only compelling and rational investment within the world of cryptocurrencies. With this, you must accept full responsibility if XRP fails as an investment, but at the same time completely understand that in order for your investment to bring in major capital gains, a drastic, acute, and climacteric chain of events need to occur. And i fully believe we are in those beginning stages right now. Although many people here look forward to 'The Decoupling'.. the way i see it, if and when it occurs its actually going to be a catastrophe for many people not invested in XRP.
  6. XRPto50dollars

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    i always use examples such as this as well.. that progress always starts with 'crazy people's ideas'. But just because Uphold's decision is 'new and revolutionary' in this market doesn't mean its going to normalize the market or actually work. im calling it ridiculous because it doesnt appear well planned. i believe companies such as this are trying to do anything and everything to set themselves apart from the competition which will ultimately lead many to fail. in the 1800's people thought they could create flying machines by bouncing really fast off the ground... revolutionary yes.. did it work?... no. Didnt coinbase just shut the doors on its own in-house cryptocurrency index fund which hasnt even been around that long? of course, at the time investors were screaming from the mountaintops that it was the best idea in the world which would propel BTC to ultimate highs. of course, as we really know, there was basically no interest in it which led to zero volume.. which led to it being nixed. this is what im speaking of. i believe we'll see this pattern repeated over and over for years to come: 1. Amazing news about some amazing idea is released 2. Investors go bonkers in excitement, pumps price 3. Reality proves it simply doesnt work 4. Idea fails. As crazy as it sounds (and i wont be around if and when it happens), but i see all cryptocurrency exchanges failing once the crypto world becomes as regulated as the stock market, and that in time, the winning and remaining cryptocurrencies such as XRP will only be traded on the NYSE and the Nasdaq
  7. XRPto50dollars

    Coinbase Ditches Its Index Fund

    more than likely coinbase will eventually be merged or acquired by one of their competitors.
  8. XRPto50dollars

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    This is ridiculous. call me old school, but theres no way uphold is going to be able to sustain this in the long term. regardless of their successes, theyve been around for 3 years, the market is so new. it sounds like these companies are doing anything to get more customers to join regardless of any future consequences. just wait for the first inevitable hack to occur. i bet in 10 years only 1% of these companies/exchanges are still in existence especially once you can simply transfer XRP directly to your bank
  9. Uphold seems to have a very good reputation within the XRPchat community. The question is, are there any reported, real-world examples of actual people successfully withdrawing $10,000 in fiat from Uphold to their bank accounts? We're all reading on how super friendly and easy to use Uphold is.. but when we're ready to actually do the deed and get capital gains into our bank accounts, do we have any evidence that Uphold won't throw ridiculous KYC requirements at us like Bitstamp is known to do?
  10. XRPto50dollars

    Ripple Article (Forbes is a complete joke)

    noone pruf readz before pubblishing any-more
  11. XRPto50dollars

    Ledger Nano not syncing with Ripple Chrome App

    i dont use it, but i thought the chrome app lost all support. i believe not safe to use anymore. use ledger live
  12. XRPto50dollars

    Proposal to Ripple: Reward Validators

    Great idea to not do this
  13. XRPto50dollars

    Uphold to make big announcement on Oct 9th

    10/7/2018: "XRP rockets past $1,200" ...fazed?
  14. XRPto50dollars

    Uphold to make big announcement on Oct 9th

    October 9th announcement: "Uphold is proud to present its new and improved ORANGE 'Sign Up Now' button on its homepage!"
  15. XRPto50dollars

    How to transfer XRP from paper wallet to Binance

    just to be clear.. your xrp arent on the paper wallet. your paper wallet has a private and public key. those keys give you access to your xrp. ONLY share your address starting with 'R'.