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  1. They appear to be on the right track. Not the short path, but the right track.
  2. Might want to pick up some CSC if you havent already.
  3. https://casinocoin.org/press-release-regarding-future-of-casinocoin/ Eminence chain Thoughts?
  4. What happens to any CSC coins that people own? Do they lose them all and they are now worthless?
  5. Here's a place to talk about everything CSC now that there is no chat site anymore. Ideas, thoughts, discoveries, etc. If this already exists in another board, oops.
  6. The issue here isnt whether or not the SEC's lawsuit will win, the issue is where does it stop? This would mean that the SEC has the power to influence and destroy the price of any crypto at will by claiming a crypto is a security even if it knows it is not.
  7. "..so swollen and stretched at the stitches it ended up looking like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
  8. now that its eoy 2019 and xrp is nowheres near where we thought it would be, how are you feeling? thinking of selling? already sold? xrp dead forever? just needs more time?
  9. my fingers are too stiff to do this anymore
  10. very nice. great plants. can you graft mango onto an avocado plant? a... mangocado if you will
  11. using words such as "Casino Coin is making their partners..." and, "It reads to me that Casino Coin is trying to force their potential clients" sets yourself up easily for responses such as mine on account that you're obviously saying things like this on purpose to get a rise out of people. csc is a very serious investment for me and many in here, and i dont have time to bicker back and forth with moot comebacks. and so, ill let you have the last word here, but i wont be responding anymore to this. take care.
  12. the great thing is, no one is forcing you to invest in csc.. so contradictions only matter if you choose to invest
  13. 90% of your post is false ill gladly rub it in your face later, dont worry
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