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  1. 198 weeks to go before everyone is rich or not rich https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive
  2. .. i just sat down and said, "Ohhhh what a day!" I then realized all ive been doing all day is sitting im special
  3. conclusions shouldnt be formed at all during this stage. who are we to draw conclusions? many people still focus on daily candles as 'signs' of things to come; yet alone try to interpret what youre asking. people 'drew conclusions' during the Chinese new year fiasco last year, remember that? nothing came of it. what about the conclusions people drew when Ripple first released the 'unfolded blockchain logo' (below). people were transposing it onto world maps, saying it fits inside the middle east and that it was a 'clue' that Ripple was going to release fantastical news soon. it turned out to just be a box.
  4. my post would look like this: My blog announcement links on other platforms: Snail Mail Phone Call Ring Doorbell ..nice post
  5. competition is what will keep Ripple ahead of the game. competition creates drive and motivation.
  6. and then when the price starts to fall, the news articles say "XRP could hit .20 by June"
  7. did i what? i see the 'S' word but dont understand it
  8. "I'm still here since 4/5/2019" After a month, this Topic will be locked... so get your name in here while you can!
  9. Anyone who bought XRP before or up to April 5, 2019, reply with "I'm still here since 4/5/2019" In 4 years, come back to this Topic. If you're still involved in XRP, you'll be able to find your original post here, quote it, and show the world that you were an early investor in XRP. How many people are going to be here with me until 2023? Go to the original Badge of Honor Topic HERE and you'll see how many posters gave up and quit. We have now survived through 60 WEEKS of the ups and downs of XRP! By the time the countdown hits zero, we'll know for sure if XRP was a good investment or not Live Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive Badge of Honor 3 started with this much time remaining... Here's the Original 'Badge of Honor' Topic. If you're still here since 2/4/2018... great job!.. ..and here is the 'Badge of Honor 2' which started 6/24/2018.. If you're still here since 6/24/2018... nice job!..
  10. i never thought about that. im sure if the SEC creates laws which hinder Ripple, theyll move. of course, its normal for people in the spotlight to talk about the same thing over and over. at concerts, the singer has sung the same song 120 times previous over the course of the past year while touring.
  11. i think anytime within 5 years we'll know one way or another if XRP was a good investment or not. if XRP is still at .30 on january 2024, more than likely it was a bad investment
  12. funny how all the news articles are already screaming Bitcoin to $7,000 by May!???
  13. 200 weeks hit! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive ..time to watch paint dry (again)
  14. ..feel free to share avocado tree updates ill post photos as soon as my tree decides to drop me
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