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  1. The agreement said that Jed and the donor-advised fund are allowed to sell a certain (combined) percentage. Maybe it’s just the DAF selling now. Unfortunately there is no info on how much XRP is left in the selling pool afaik. We only know Jeds balance.
  2. Are you sure? Afaik Ripple only funds his „tacostand“ account and he sends the XRP to one of his own bot accounts. How do you know that the bot account is controlled by Ripple and not Jed?
  3. Move to germany, hold your crypto for one year or longer and sell => no tax
  4. I don‘t know ... just take a look at the XRP chart There are certainly strange things going on behind the scenes.
  5. There is no ruling or whatever in place other than the agreement with Ripple that can hold back Jed from selling. He either does not care about the SEC sh*tstorm or knows something.
  6. Best post I have read so far about the current shitstorm. People are freaking out and once the dust settles they will be either completely out of the market or have lost a lot of money. This is just how it works.
  7. TLDR. Got better things to do than reading typical crypto nonsense „news“.
  8. Wow. Already nine pages on this thread. I guess it‘s the same old story all over again. Smells like the 2017 China FUD when BTC was still below $1000.
  9. I believe that this would most likely be the reaction of the internet folks. Still no idea what would happen to the ledger itself.
  10. No. Most people are not in it for the tech. They just want to safely store their investment and need an easy to use interface for that. The Ledger Nano is an affordable piece of hardware and probably one of the most secure ways to store crypto. It’s even quite convenient. I have no problem to set a trustline, but my private key will never be exposed to the outside world in any way. That‘s the whole point. The process to set a trustline is of course straightforward and well documented and I pretty much know what to do and how to really make sure that the key is never exposed in any way, but most people will certainly not go down that rabbit hole for a few worthless airdrop tokens. If there was some kind of trustworthy piece of software that can set trustlines by utilizing the Ledger Nano it would be perfect. Trading on the xrpl would be the cherry on top.
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