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  1. Ripple just holds his zerps in a multi signature wallet. They fund his „tacostand“ account on a regular basis. He moves the XRP from this account to another account and buys Bitstamp USD IOUs on the XRP ledger every day.
  2. I just calculate it in excel and send the final number (gain / loss) to the tax authorities. The first time I did this they requested a detailed report and I sent them a lot of pages (csv export from the exchange). The second time it went through without further questions.
  3. I fully agree and it was one of the main reasons for me to never buy any Bitcoin.
  4. That is most likely correct, but this has to be implemented on the client side banking frontend: The GUI / website where you log in with your password.
  5. No. A brute force attack is not practical. There is not enough energy in our universe to reliably guess the key with the currently available hardware. 1. Yes. If you feel paranoid you can use 5 or even more keys. 2. You should use 2FA whenever possible. Most exchanges and many mail providers offer it and it would be stupid not to take advantage of the extra security.
  6. Plan for beginners: Set a price target Wait and stick to your plan no matter what the market does Sell when the price hits your target Buy back after the price corrected over 80% Advanced Plan: Set 100 price targets Wait and stick to your plan no matter what the market does Sell when the price hits a target Buy back small amounts when the price corrects over 80% Buy back more at -85-90% Professional Plan: Study the market and learn technical analysis Pay people on the internet to teach you their secret strategy Master the art of day trading Try to program your own trading bot Buy a trading bot from random people on the internet Program the bot to be profitable Realize that you already lost a lot of money and that the trading bot was infected with malware that stole all your holdings Rage quit the crypto market and / or spam on social media about the crypto market scam Timing the market is impossible. Nobody can tell you when to sell and how much. Therefore I am going to sell small amounts on the way up and always keep most of the profits. Waiting for a certain price to cash out everything is a bad idea IMHO. Imagine how dumb you would feel if one of the following happens: - The next ATH is only a few cents below your target price - You sell everything and the price goes up 500% afterwards
  7. According to your blog a sidechain is "a separate blockchain that is attached to its parent blockchain". I strongly disagree that Bitcoin is "the parent" of the XRP Ledger. This implies that the XRPL was created to piggyback Bitcoin, but in fact it was just designed with interoperability in mind (you mention this, too) and does not depend on Bitcoin in any meaningful way. Of course XRPL can be technically used as something that behaves like a BTC sidechain, but this is not its main purpose.
  8. I agree, but the law is on their side and they will just take your money sooner or later when you don't follow the rules.
  9. @NetScr1be Maybe I misunderstood your issue, but this works for me: https://data.ripple.com/v2/accounts/rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B/payments?destination_tag=98501806 Just a quick lookup of Jeds sales / how much he cashed out recently at Bitstamp. The documentation also states the following: Maybe your source and destination address are the same and therefore the api does not display the payments?
  10. Looks like they are running out of FUD. Some stories in the past were quite creative, but this is just dumb. Sadly all that counts for these so called "news" websites are visitors and clicks. Therefore we will see much more of this crap.
  11. This has already been discussed to death. I created a quick link for your convenience: https://www.xrpchat.com/search/?q=Xrp declared security&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  12. Yep. Germany is hodlers heaven, but there is more: It is allowed to split your stacks (for example hodl and trading stack or accounts on different exchanges) and report the gains / losses separately for each one. Losses can even be carried back to the previous or forward to the next year and there is no limit. If you sold at a loss you can offset the whole amount against your gains. Unlimited wash trading is possible without restrictions.
  13. I still believe that whales control the market and that they do everything to hold XRP back as long as possible. Pumping random assets on random news is just part of a huge distraction.
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