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  1. Saw that article earlier too, They're trying to shake out the last weak hands. XRP is "primed" to land on the moon soon.
  2. He just got tipped a Lambo $330,000 at current price lol
  3. That was some juicy stuff @lucky Thanks for the share. I'm definitely saving that link
  4. Full Article: https://news.livecoinwatch.com/charlie-lee-reveals-why-he-sold-his-litecoin/ Last part of the Article: (That caught my attention) I didn't know he had thought highly of Ripple.. on a Diamond Level? Anyway, Thought I'd share with XRPchat... Founder Of Litecoin Calls Bitcoin Gold And Ripple The Diamond Of Crypto Industry This week, Charlie was also interviewed by Jinse.com, a popular Chinese website. In the interview, Charlie revealed that he now feels somewhat relieved that he sold his Litecoin holdings. He mentioned that he did think hard a
  5. @llckll Dont pay attention to these rude comments. From my personal experience, if you have a Bitstamp account verified; you can withdraw as much as you want. Bitstamp has no tier levels. Bitstamp Support made this clear with me before I wired my USD onto their exchange. I did succesfully withdraw a portion of my XRP into a rather large amount of USD with no hassle back in Jan. It took 5 business days to show up in my bank account. Also, there was a few members here in December & Jan that did claim to successfully withdraw $10million ~ $100million from Bitstamp.
  6. Normally rally's upwards 2-3 weeks after Consensus. Unless we're repeating history ,2014-2015 charts looks awfully similar to the way this year is currently going ? Did anyone else compare 2014-2015 charts to start of this year?
  7. Quote from Forbes Article 2018 Here's a quick example to help you sort out the math: Assume you invest in Bitcoin worth $1,000. Over the year, assume that the value of the Bitcoin climbs to $25,000 due to market conditions and not any additional investment on your part. You continue to hold onto it. Result? Unrealized gain, no capital gain. Now assume that the value of Bitcoin takes a hit and it falls to $500. Result? Unrealized loss, no capital loss. Finally, assume that Bitcoin climbs back to $750 and you get rid of it. Result? You have a realized capital loss of $250 ($750 selling pric
  8. Seems like there was much confusion about reporting FBAR Forms. This Article is dated of Jan 9, 2018 (Forbes) https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2018/01/09/what-you-need-to-know-about-taxes-cryptocurrency/#7c9dae80605f Towards end of the article it says: So what if I invest in cryptocurrency outside of the United States. I know that I have to report brokerage accounts and other assets on an FBAR. Does that apply here? Nope, you don't have to report your cryptocurrency on your FBAR. In 2014, the IRS issued a statement, saying, "The Financial Crimes Enforcemen
  9. This market is full of young & inexperienced investors, Right now, there is many people selling for a loss. Smh. Whales are lovin' this market.
  10. You know that we are winning when they start suing us. I'm feeling better about my investment more than ever. XRP to the moon in 2018 & beyond.
  11. @PerfectPint @panmores Yes, Screenshots please. If this is true, I would feel more confident that XRP will be making it on the list of "3 Favorites"
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