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  1. I have a screenshot from Kraken_USD from last september. The fact that it had _USD in the name indicates that at the very least @mouradski had already seen Kraken supports more than just USD, but I cannot say for certain if nothing ever moved over Kraken_EUR before. Could be, even though I a not sure if it's necessary, since the flows from the Bitstamp XRP_USD and XRP_EUR pair were already in place well before Bitstamp had started splitting US customers from the rest of their customers. What I mean is that eg MGI might have been working from an account based outside of US all along, wh
  2. @mouradski I was wondering, do you still see any/or the MGI payments in the list you showed with al transactions per exchange address ? Or have they somehow disappeared entirely from the ledger's / apis' output ?
  3. 100% agreed, several clients use it for backend fund management, others are sending client funds. David Schwartz has tweeted about this around june 8th this year, when MGI temporarily stopped sending. Some clients do not feel comfortable enough, yet, to let their clients interact with ODL directly. If there'd be an issue, they'd rather have that in-house, instead of having clients affected directly
  4. Thanks man, was afraid we'd lost you Yeah, the jump took everyone by surprise probably, guess tons of US citizens sold already, so maybe this is the rest of the world moving on, trading and hodling Gotta love these puzzles
  5. Thanks, haven't heard anything about it either for some time, maybe it was just @nikb thinking out loud on twitter ?
  6. It might be that they're testing the flows, so not sure when volume might pick up. But the fact that SBI VCtrade is live is huge imo, because of what mr Kitao has been setting in place around the whole eco system regarding XRP
  7. You're right, I probably was a bit lazy at that time. This should have been: MGI's computersystem electronically gives Ripplenet the order to send money to a client in Mexico using ODL/XRP. (remember they also (can) use the old rails, if liquidity at receiving exchange is not sufficient (yet).) MGI's systems are integrated with Ripplenet via apis: So, atm it seems like someone at MGI (treasury department) has to fill in an amount in MGI's UI, that is connected to Ripplenet via an api, and click send. At that moment, Ripplenet takes over: credits MGI's (dollar)accoun
  8. Hi @JASCoder ! I am not sure what you mean, language issue perhaps, I am not a native english speaker/writer. If you're saying that I have misconceptions about how ODL works, can you point out where I may have sounded like that ? I hope the next part explains a little better how I understand ODL to work, but if I a missing something, I'd love to know and dig deeper. Yep, I never thought otherwise. I have spent a ton of hours with some success, working through the patents Ripple holds. That was prompted by me reading literally all Bob Way's posts that are still on th
  9. Man, this is gonna be interesting ! Yoshi coming through, gonna be following this real close Thanks @mouradski for making it possible to follow this ! This one gave me goosebumps
  10. I agree. Only thing would be that they'd have to code it and that poses a risk for something that's been stable for so long, but if they'd want, they could do this certainly. also true, I remember an amendment that's in the pipeline where the Ledger would cryptographically obscure the DT, which would increase privacy for their clients. MGI was first and the biggest, so we have an idea of their DT's, clients that have come online later, like the '20k sender' have been a mistery from the beginning and maybe that's why they are plugging along in plain sight. Could be Azimo, Viamerica
  11. same way they do now, that's one of the things they have built into utility-scan 1. that would cost someone money probably, XRP is not a free product 2. why would they ? everyone can see how the volumes on ODL enabled exchanges has been impacted since MGI went live 3. if they somehow find a way to keep up out of the loop, we are just out of luck, we are unfortunately entitled to absolutely nothing in this regard That said, I hope we can keep following these volumes, but if not, then we're just out of luck and will have to resort to educated guesses There co
  12. I agree, but since the ledger and the apis are open, the streams of sent XRP should be visible somewhere. Problem is finding where
  13. I will look into it, but I know that current trading volumes are higher because we are in a bullmarket, which makes it harder to single out MGI's trades. I wrote this months ago, based on the volumes of existing corridors: https://coil.com/p/FransZoveel/Why-I-think-Moneygram-s-moneyflow-through-ODL-was-already-impacting-XRP-s-price/TLk5rJBMe .. so it wouldn't be the first time looking at it like this Regards, Frans
  14. I agree, not a chance that would happen. Mourad is looking into what changed, that's all I need to know, they will figure it out, or maybe MGI (my assumption based on flows and DT's) is back tomorrow, we simply do not know.
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