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  1. True, because until a couple of months ago, there was no utility. That utility is now coming online, 100 million per week and growing, tipping point is getting closer
  2. so you're actually sitting on a 20x profit give or take, nice
  3. New ATH, cool ! So cool to be able to follow this, thanks ! @mouradski
  4. happened again today, seen 2 bursts, the last less than an hour ago. Destination tag: 47175592 Since I think the $39.9k (prb $40k -/- some costs/fee) are Moneygram's and end up on tag: 25370527, it might be another client here's one txid: 4F5028426B2EEF8844E98EF14B4737B8C44B44CB240C92C4E766E32D1C692621
  5. We only just fell short. Only logical, the 4 biggest corridors started trading at 7 am (Berlin/Amsterdam time) and the cut off point was 11 minutes ago, 2 am, 19 hours later, so we miss 5 hours, I forgot all about that Tomorrow we will break it. EUR/USD alerady at 4.4 million, that's higher than I expected tbh.
  6. Debatable. Volume as seen on utility-scan seems to be hitting 20 million today. But it occurred to me that instead of the 2 transactions, buy/sell. There are actually 4. Moneygram buys, sends, sells. The Market maker that sold XRP to Moneygram needs to replenish his inventory, so after he has sold to Moneygram, he will have to put in a buy order to replenish his XRP. On Bitstamp that's not a problem. On the MXN-side, the exact opposite happens/should happen. Moneygram sells, MM must replenish his pesos inventory. Needs to sell his XRP for that. So, instead of 2 transactions, there are actually 4, that all count for volume on the exchange. For ODL: https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard True, that would be lovely simple. On the other hand, current volume through these 10 corridors is still very low, maybe as low as others' maximum is lol, it just occurred to me that those 40 million are actually part of those 200 million of daily volume. So, it should be: ODL volume is at 25% of retail/trading/speculatory volume. 100% should be 'easily' attainable this year
  7. LOL, you clearly never read what I posted a couple days ago. @xerxesramesepolybius There is a myriad of ways in which MM's, exchanges and others do NOT have to get paid by Ripple:
  8. Yeah, reported volume is laughable. Cryptocompare shows a way more realistic volume. It's in line with the report from last year that showed that 95% of BTC volume is fake. Cryptocompare shows 190 million today. Crypto compare Top Tier shows just 150 million, which is much more in line with what Ripple itself shows on the site. (Ripple doesn't show coinbase btw, strangely hilarious) https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/list/USD/1 https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets So, going from that, let's say 200 million actual global daily volume, ODL might be responsible for 20% of global volume during workdays, weekends only have 4 million ODL as far as I can tell, and I am not clear what CCTT's volume metric is in the weekend. There were no more datapoints on utility-scan when I started looking into it a little more in depth. LOL, yeah, 100% would be nice, but 70% is certainly doable with only 10 out of a possible 22k corridors actually being open. regards
  9. Define significantly What volume will utility need to be to move the needle you think ? Oh, usage volume probably 35% higher than previously thought: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33234-mgi-odl-bitso-and-a-theory-about-the-price/?do=findComment&comment=829501
  10. Hi @mouradski, I was looking through the output you posted to see if EURUSD was 24/7 and I noticed this: "dateAsString": "2020-05-22T11:52:28Z" "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T12:01:28Z" "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T12:11:29Z" The date changes from may 22 to may 23, so I would expect the time to be 00:01:28 instead of 12:01:28 I looked if 12 would turn into 13, but found this: "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T12:53:27Z" "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T01:03:29Z" Not sure if this could cause any problems with sorting as you probably use the timestamps for that, but might as well mention it. TransactionID's: "transactionHash": "0FFCHAIN_1590191548000_1590191537000", "id": 143707 "dateAsString": "2020-05-22T11:52:28Z" "transactionHash": "0FFCHAIN_1590192088000_1590192077000", "id": 143708, "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T12:01:28Z" "transactionHash": "0FFCHAIN_1590192689000_1590192678000", "id": 143709, "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T12:11:29Z" "transactionHash": "0FFCHAIN_1590195207000_1590195196000", "id": 143715, "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T12:53:27Z" "transactionHash": "0FFCHAIN_1590195809000_1590195798000", "id": 143716, "dateAsString": "2020-05-23T01:03:29Z" Regards, Frans
  11. And this showed up while I was typing previous... literally just happened
  12. Until now, I have seen what might be test transactions involving: Korea, Brazil, Japan, Thailand. Also involving some new exchanges: Bithumb, Bittrex, Bitfinex. Not sure about the status of CoinOne. See pic here from earlier in this thread: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33234-mgi-odl-bitso-and-a-theory-about-the-price/?do=findComment&comment=829132
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