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  1. Thanks, @Hodor. Very much appreciate all your info.
  2. Lol! I remember when I bought my first #xrp. I signed up with xrpchat right after and a lot of people in here were talking about "zerps" and not "xrp". I was like, "Did I just buy the wrong crypto?" What is "zerps"? Ha ha ha. I was embarrased to ask, but I had to. They told me it's the same crypto. Whew! What a relief! ?
  3. Just two weeks ago, I heard from somebody who works in PayPal that PayPal has just recently partnered with SWIFT. https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/10/paypal-acquires-swift-financial/
  4. I really don't know. XRP is my first crypto investment and I bought it in Gatehub. But, like I said, it was before the spike so it was very quickly processed. Try Bitstamp. I think they're verification process is quicker than Gatehub.
  5. It could actually take a few months. Before the spike in March, gatehub verification process took only a week. (You must be verified before you can deposit money to your gatehub account.) I have some friends who signed up 3 months ago and they're still not verified. So until now they cannot buy xrp.
  6. @Hodor So SIBOS is an acronym for Swift International Banking Operations Seminar. What do you think SWELL is an acronym for?
  7. Yes, they are sleeping. Waiting for their prince to kiss them!!! Kidding aside, they're customer service is horrible! I, too, am waiting for their response. Join the club.
  8. If you have an acct with gatehub, you have ripple address. It should be at the bottom left of your screen
  9. Alright, I have no pc monitor but I do have an HDMI-enabled tv. but I don't think a mini cable will fit into it. So, I'll probably need to but this mini cable. Now, someone told me that an old laptop will do if you just use the recovery disc. You know, the discs that re-sets the laptop all the way back to the factory setting. Maybe I'll just do that. I need to buy a new one, anyway. And then create the cold wallet in it. And just NEVER use that laptop ONLINE. EVER. But you see, it's been over a year that my laptop has no anti-virus or anti-malware. So if I do re-format it to factory settings, do I need to install an anti-virus or anti-malware before the reformatting or after or do I need it at all. My questions never end......:)
  10. I've just checked it out. It is really cheap! I have a wireless mouse and keyboard which works via bluetooth. will it work? And can I just use my laptop monitor. Or do I need a pc monitor? Ugh! I wish I had taken a computer course in college. Sorry for all these "silly" questions.
  11. Thank you. I'll check it out. I'll definitely pm you if I decide to buy it. Thanks for offering to help. I appreciate it. May your tribe increase
  12. I don't know these things. Can you buy them online? Or do I have to build and program it myself? My knowledge about computers is very very limited.
  13. Click the trade button instead of clicking the exchange. Then click "sell euro". Type the exact amount of euro you'd like to sell, And the amount of xrp you'd like to get per €1. The green color ate the sellers of xrp. The red ones are like you who want to sell their euro for xrp. If you're selling €100, it will appear on the right hand side as €99.80 and not €100. So if the seller on the left side wants to give you 3.50 xrp per euro, you should then get 349.30 xrp for your money. Better trade than exchange [emoji4]. Hope I helped you instead of confusing you even more [emoji23]
  14. I'm not saying that all the policemen are good. There are some really bad apples out there. But in the past few years under the Obama administration, the mainstream media has viciously misrepresented the police force by sensationalizing encounters between the black criminals and the white policemen. And people usually just listen to what the mainstream media says and not researching the matter thoroughly and doing their own homework. A lot of what you have seen in the media are half-truths of what really happened.
  15. I feel your pain. I have emailed them a number of times already about a deposit that was refused. I'm at 2 weeks. Even messaged @enej here in xrpchat. Still N O T H I N G!!!! They used to be so good in responding. Not anymore......
  16. That's great. I really hope that they wouldnopen a Sia Gateway as well. ?
  17. Warning - Changelly support account was compromised Dear Changelly’s Customer, One of our support accounts was compromised. Most probably you’ve got the message, like “All customers exchanging from bitcoin to any currency must make manual transfer to this Bitcoin wallet address:..” Please ignore that message and never send money to the provided addresses!!! Our apologies for the issue! The compromised account was blocked. Changelly support agents never ask you to send money in any case! All your uncompleted support requests will be processed in a course, our apologies for the delayed answers, unfortunately we are overloaded due to extremely high demand. But doing our best to help you as soon as we can. Thanks, Changelly support team.
  18. I had no problems before signing into my XRP Wallet in my Gatehub acct using my Ipad with the old software. I was able to go to my wallet, trade, exchange, make a deposti, basically do whatever I wanted to with my xrp. Yesterday, however, I updated to the latest software which is IOS 10.3.2. Since then, everytime I sign-in to Gatehub, I can only go to the home page. You know, the very first page that opens up after a successful sign-in? It's like the screen is frozen. It does not respond to whatever I try to do. I could no longer go to a specific wallet, trade, exchange, or go to transactions. Does anybody have the same problem with the new IOS 10.3.2. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Please help.
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