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  1. magnificent , we can see bear extremist popping up everyday with brilliant ideas about what we are going to experience in the future , not long before we had many on the opposite direction predicting that its not impossible to see +1000$ in 2019 its easy to think bearish in a bearish market and give out these kind of comments , to me being under $1 for the next two years is as much irrelevant as +1000 price , cuz nobody is capable of timing any market specially an immature one like Crypto which many (including me) believe is in its infancy. in the bottom line , in sharp contrast to what we are experiencing right now , i believe when putting effecting parameters together, ripple has an enormous potential for changing how Crypto space will look like by the end of this year.
  2. "If ripple at $0.50 for the next 10 years, but mass adoption has happened, what’s next?" this title is a paradox indeed , its impossible for something to be demanded by mass and stays at the same value , until you want to abort the fact of supply and demand
  3. are you reporting live on LCW for us? everybody knows whats going on with btc , altcoins and volume , say something new
  4. after several years of being in various investment fields like Realstate , stocks , Forex , Gold , ... i think i know what a once in a life investment looks like , to me its ride or die , i would never ever gamble on this chance even if it takes years to payoff , the most important thing to me is watching what ripple is doing and how it puts its strategies into action and how both current and potential customers deal with its products, the rate of its expansion and social awareness of the company, the least important indicator to me is the price as it can be easily manipulated and with this young crypto market it is a totally improper gauge to value your investment upon. the price finally match the value of this asset as it gains its worldwide use case and adoption.
  5. that's the difference between a regular investor plan of action and the whales , if the total market volume is the only indicator for a long term investment that makes you convinced enough to let go of ripple fundamentals and potentials , i believe you should reconsider wasting your time following the news and threads here
  6. im very pleased to see @MaxEntropy here on this forum again , cuz whenever he starts Fudding we have a huge bull run right after . welcome max ! and be prepared to say goodbye AGAIN soon!
  7. another whale's victim ready to go to their slaughterhouse , i believe investing and more precisely Crypto Space is not for everyone if i were at the regulatory , i would set a rule by that it was required for any investors to have previous hands on experience in stock market
  8. you may ask @Chewiecoin he is so brilliant and is able to guide you like no one here
  9. definitely starbucks , the face completely get into that without burning or feeling any different taste
  10. ditto, but i dont expect more from these kind of people , they know how to influence average joe to invest the way they want , believe me that these people's followers are not any better than them
  11. nah , in this way whales on tradingview has succeeded making you do exactly what they want
  12. and when it says neutral? look, there is no way to escape , i've been searching for neutral opposite for a quite long time to make a fortune out of tradingview
  13. not giving a drop to TA , but you are looking at 1hour trade suggestions
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