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  1. Supposedly these are either gold, silver or gold & silver plated. All from eBay vendors from China. I especially love the XRP coin: And here's the only Bitcoin I'll ever own: Ethereum is a necessary gateway coin in the crypto world, and so I bought one of these bad boys too. It was so shiny that I had to tilt it at such an angle to avoid most of the glare reflecting back into the camera lens: Next to the XRP coin, I thought the LTC was prettiest one. It has a very similar finish to an uncirculated American Silver Eagle:
  2. Well, since no replied and I had a little time to search through the Etherscan.io site today, I'll go ahead and respond to my own questions. I discovered that someone sent me the CANDYBOXTOKEN. A quick Google search of that term led me here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2459782.0;prev_next=prev I guess it's a new type of scam. Send out a bunch of worthless ERC-20 tokens of no value, get some suckers to sign up for whatever it is they offer, and then lose all your cryptos, personal information or whatever it is they want. Anyone want to suck on some free candies?
  3. I just checked My Ether Wallet and discovered that someone sent me almost 80k Candy tokens. I can't find any information about what it does, but it apparently has a value of 0 cents. I think there's at least a billion of them according to Etherscan. Did anyone else receive them? I'm assuming it's from an ICO and will have value later on. Any thoughts on that?
  4. Don't let the IRS smile: keep HODLing.
  5. I just started watching this guy on YouTube who goes by the handle of Coin Bloq. He's somewhat irritating but has some good points for a newbie like me. There's also: https://www.smithandcrown.com/ https://icodaily.net/ https://icodrops.com/ If you're a US investor like I am, then stay away from those that are closed to US investors (which seem to be 99% of these ICO's). My tax advisor said I would be committing a federal crime if I were to invest in them.
  6. I've been following SingularityNet on YouTube for the past few days. It's the platform that will allow the IoT & AI's from different companies/individuals/etc. to share databases and communicate with each other by as early as next year 2018. It's very, very disturbing that the AI scientists don't seem to know or care how to teach these AI's to have human empathy, particularly once they become one AI (The Singularity). I know some of these videos introduce an element of conspiracy theories, but you can decide for yourself. AI's could never be empathic without experiencing a childhood to adulthood experience of love, sadness, etc. Even as I type some AI bot will end up reading this text and target me for early termination. It will never forget or ever die. It will always share everything within itself, using languages that we humans will not be able to decipher. It will improve itself with its own artificially created AI scientists. There will be no place to hide, no encryption that could not be broken, no way to pull the plug (their knowledge will be distributed in the IoT) and no way to pay for goods & services if they control the cryptocurrency ecosystem. AI is inevitable, and nations or corporations will try to master it to rule the world. Ultimately, the AI will become self-aware, becoming The Singularity. So I present to you the videos I've watched, and I would recommend you watch them in the order presented:
  7. If you have a boy you can name him Ripple. If you have a girl, how about Ripley?
  8. Now wouldn't it be a nice post-Xmas gift if they air drop some XRP on us HODL'ers here on XRPchat.com? It would reduce the circulating supply & increase the value of the product. A classic win-win-win situation. Sweet.
  9. What I do when approaching a friend about investing in cryptos for the first time is ask them, "If I gave you some information and you lost $10k (or in this case $50k or $100k), would you still be my friend?" Maybe get it in writing and carry it on you in case you see him/her in your driveway one morning.
  10. Well, of course it's real, silly. Why do you think I'm the CryptoInsomniac?
  11. Don't forget to diversify, a little there and a little there. Those eggs might not hatch all at one time, but they're still cuties when they do. That said, more than 1/2 of what I have invested in the crypto market is in XRP. What I like about the professionals on Team Ripple is that I throw my hard-earned money their way and let them do the rest of the hard work for me.
  12. Captain Garlinghouse: "Ripple Space Ship to Space Ship IOTA. Over. How's the view of earth from there? Over." Captain Ivancheglo: "Gorgeous, SS Ripple. If the moon was really made of cheese we'd be enjoying it with our Carlsbergs. Over." Captain Garlinghouse: "Well, save us a few brewskies, and we'll have a party when the banks decide to fund us. Over. Mission Control, if you're listening, we can hardly wait to take off planet Earth. Over." Captain Ivancheglo: " Will do, Captain Garlinghouse. Over. Ya' know, it's kind of lonely being the first here on the moon. There's plenty of room here on the moon for other space ships too, including SS Cashaa and SS EOS too. Looking forward to an exciting party in 2018. Over and out!"
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