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  1. Some great humour here.... enjoy https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=182266285691044&id=108825053035168
  2. @Khaleesi @invest2lose Hmmm....Lets see if this helps... The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer software system provided by the financial data vendor Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in the financial service sector and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on the electronic trading platform.[1] The system also provides news, price quotes, and messaging across its proprietary secure network. Basically means that pro's are trading it now...more money coming in....more increase in ze price...happy days Some extra info: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/professionaleducation/11/bloomberg-terminal.asp https://www.bloomberg.com/professional/solution/bloomberg-terminal/ What does it mean....means the $100 Private Island party is on track!!!
  3. Why Crypto Ripple Is Going to $2 (now only 25 cents) ~ by Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC As Bitcoin prices cross $12,500—defying all rhyme or reason, I might add—it's tempting for investors to shun other cryptocurrencies in favor of the market leader. But that would be a tremendous mistake. Many so-called "altcoins" have impressive-looking charts, some even more impressive than Bitcoin's. For example, IOTA gained more than 1,043% since we initiated coverage on October 25. It even broke past our IOTA price prediction for 2018. That's how much explosive potential there is across the cryptocurrency space. But you can't expect that potential to unfold at specific times. Investing doesn't work that way. There are literally a thousand moving parts, and no one can keep track of them all. That's why we advocate a sensible buy and hold investment strategy. This brings us to Ripple. With currencies exploding all around it, why is the XRP price stuck at $0.25? Investors are generally more suspicious of Ripple than of open blockchains (like Bitcoin). To them, the currency's expansive supply and coziness with banks render it guilty. Guilty of what, no one knows. Nonetheless, I think it's important to address these concerns. Criticism #1: The Supply of XRP Is Too High Answer: Supply is only significant in its relation to demand. So it shouldn't matter that there are 38.7 billion XRP tokens in circulation if institutional demand can eventually match that. To be sure, Ripple's clients are not currently using XRP to settle international transfers, but neither are ordinary people using Bitcoin to buy their lunch. If you ask me which one is more likely to happen first, I'm leaning heavily toward XRP adoption. Criticism #2: Ripple's Corporate Structure Is Top-Down Answer: Like most companies, Ripple has a chief executive and he is able to direct the firm's resources and attention. If you think that's a bad thing...well, okay. I disagree. There is a lot of speculative money in the cryptocurrency space. It got there by investors putting money into technologies they did not understand, that largely do nothing. By contrast, Ripple has a clearly defined goal, a unique opportunity to carve out a niche in this market. That matters more to me than ideological purity. Decentralization be damned if it gets in the way of making a profit. Try to remember that there's more than one way to skin a cat. Criticism #3: Ripple Wants to Keep Its Price Stable Answer: I actually don't think this is far from the truth. Ripple might eventually act as a lender of last resort, stepping in whenever XRP strays from the mean. But that time is not now. As I said earlier, Ripple tied up 55 billion of XRP to assure investors of that. Both the currency and the company are in scaling mode. No one (at least on this web site) is claiming that XRP will reach $1,000, but what about $2.00? That would only raise the currency's market capitalization to $77.5 billion. We believe that level is certainly within grasp, especially given the company's strident expansion in India and Singapore. We are aware of the big criticisms made against XRP, yet none of them dissuade us from making a $2.00 Ripple price prediction for 2018. Hold on.
  4. @panmores Great post.... theres defn something cooking...im thrown it out there... BTC and Alt Bull run till around Feb-April , then the big short.. Eth also looks like it may go parabolic soon... To add to the confusion.. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-12/exposed-real-creator-bitcoin-likely-nsa-one-world-currency "ordo ab chao"
  5. A good read to make you think... https://steemit.com/ethereum/@cryptoportfolio/how-to-be-prepared-for-cryptocurrency-bubble-burst Crypto is the future...no doubt but...
  6. Another week, another shakeout of all the weak hands... I ask you?...Which other crypto has their own confrence? Sibos would have limited Ripple severely...they had no option BUT to go for the jugular. Remember Vitalik wanted to work at Ripple before he founded ethereum! Bill Gates giving his approval for Ripple- WOW! The father of the interner Sir Tim Brenner's Lee also did the same-UNBELIEVABLE!!! ......AND.........the price dropped....lol...you know what they say about dumb money.... As brad referenced to in his Q and A session- institutional investors will be coming in on mass eventually.. Happy Hodling! https://themarketmogul.com/ripple-internet-money/
  7. THIS MAY JUST RISE UP DURING SWELL There is a rumor Ripple is forming a partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and this partnership announcement will be made at Swell. Ripple이 뱅크오브어메리카 메릴린치와 파트너십을 맺으며 스웰에서 발표된다는 루머가 있습니다. https://swell.ripple.com/wp-content/themes/swell/img/party/baml.png
  8. update... http://thecryptosyndicate.com/bittrex-done-goofed-op-ed/
  9. @CryptoLearnerWell Discord is using them as an official form of payment and Binance will soon list it... Binance will list 5 new coins of the voting list (the first 5 were, Stratis, Verge, GXShare, Bitquence and MTC). I suggest you to buy some before they explode. Read this in https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001444731-Binance-Update-2017-09-06 and https://www.binance.com/vote.html A good coin to hodl!
  10. What a year...we've survived the Polo DDoS's, The Bear run, The BTC fork, The Chineese DUMPling ,just when we thought we could get a breather.... Intresting article... https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/6y8c3m/tether_has_the_potential_to_bring_down_the_entire/ And another.... http://www.rollingalpha.com/2017/09/06/tether-bitfinex-leveraging-cryptocurrency-bubble/
  11. @zerpdigger Yeah i agree the wheels of the banking industry turn very slowly.. I still rekon the underlying tone of the article was a sly dig at Ripple tho... @Hodlezerper Hehe, I have big paws..so may hav hit the caps by accident, as for the "???" Im a child of the textese generation...its has for some reason crept into my text style...Apologies... Hmmmm, I could write a blog filled with perfect prose and verse, but then id be up against the big guns like @Hodorand theres no way id win that fight!
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