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  1. and what,specifically, is the fraud? Seriously. Try not to use slang words like “dump”. What has been proven to be fraudulent? XRP is not legally determined to be a security at this point. Founders are legally allowed to sell XRP. Explain to me this fraudulent behavior you speak of?
  2. With this number - if I recall correctly - we should be able to guesstimate the distribution ration correct or no?
  3. Hi OP here. I waited a few days and checked a couple ledger viewers and see the modified eth address in the message and I see a Flare Address noted also. Think I'm good and thank you all for the input. What is the secret key for my Flare address? I assume I can't do anything with it until the network launched but I am just curious.
  4. After hitting "update" for the message field using xrptoolkit I got a few popup errors - simple messages something like "failed to send" - I am using Firefox. I shut it down then went to xrpscan to look up my address. I see the Flare message (modified ETH) and also the Flare Account under it. Should I be OK? Also I had to re-paste the modified ETH address I got an "invalid size" message the first time. I am guessing I pasted an extra space or something. Just sharing the experience and wondering if others had the same or similar.
  5. I may have got around my Bithomp tools disconnected issue - found my way to GitHub and will go offline from there.
  6. Thanks....but for the tools I get: " The project "Bithomp tools" is discontinued because it's technical capabilities no longer meet the needs of the modern marketplace. It is recommended to use hardware wallets. If you have a papper wallet you can also download XUMM app on your mobile and import your paper wallet there.
  7. I think this is what I need, and what makes me feel safe. I'll bust out my Commodore Vic-20 and unplug it from the modem. Nobody getting in there
  8. I assume you phrased up your answer based on my original subject line only, and not my actual question, so that is understandable. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Because I want to use my ledger nano X to manage my XRP and setup my spark/flare drop? I am confident my secret key is fine, although I have no real issue checking that I will obviously be taking that step while moving it to my nano address. Does this not make sense (serious question)?
  10. I still haven't figured out how to do this so I am coming back to some of my previous posts. If all I have are the public and private keys (and I can see my balance in various places including XRP Toolkit), at what point, where and how do I use my secret key to move XRP out to another wallet (like a Nano)? For example in XRP Toolkit if I choose to Send 20 XRP from the wallet in question (for which I do have a secret key written down) to my Ledger Nano XRP account, I get a message saying "None of your added accounts can sign this transaction." What am
  11. I think the answer here is no. You have a wallet address that will be part of the snapshot. I believe the problem with exchnages is the shared ledger addresses (destination tags) so the exchange has to agree to allocate appropriately.
  12. I have only my public key (wallet address) and my secret key. Nothing else. Originally created in Rippex (sp?) in 2016. Assume I properly recorded my secret key, I should have no issues accesses/moving my xrp correct? I can see my balance and move xrp into the wallet from exchanges. How might I move some out safely and is it a risk using my secret key? By some I mean a small “test”.
  13. assuming net non ripple is 45bn. if that were to change it would change the ratio. I understand that will not happen in any significant measure but the math is what it is - it’s about 1:1 depending on what the ratio of ripple held xrp is.
  14. Does the math here work out such that assuming you remove ~escrow+ your allotment is roughly equal to your current holdings of XRP?
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