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  1. Any thoughts on this memo from the latest escrow movement? An apparent reference to Gil Scott-Heron’s "The revolution will not be televised". On the surface I guess you could just say this is going to be big (and from a media coverage standpoint the opposite of what Scott-Heron says about the uprising).
  2. About 80% of "Exit Stage" private companies go the way of acquisition rather than IPO. Significant legal, administrative, and filing fees make the M&A choice much more preferable than IPO. (source Sharepost Investment Management publication "Understanding the J-Curve").
  3. Any Accredited Investor has the opportunity to buy Ripple shares if they are offered...no "company" needed.
  4. Is anyone else geeking out on this and trying to (or has already) reproduced it? I want to do it, my Raspberry will arrive tomorrow, I will start tinkering there. I assume you would set up a dedicated wallet for this (obviously not using the one where your stash is)? Understood it would cost you 20XRP. I am also a bit confused on the relay but I'm not there yet....
  5. I want o reproduce the ILP enabled light switch from Wietse blog Sept 14. I would like to discuss the process and variations with others who have done it or want to do it, etc. First, though, is this (General Discussion) the right place for that type of discussion?
  6. The "choice" of speaker issue aside, I was pleasantly surprised by this article. I feel like the author thought he was doing a hit job (usual case for this publication) when in reality the piece pointed out many key and important aspects of Ripple (and XRP for that matter). Yes, damn right Ripple wants to separate itself from shady ICOs, sh!tcoins, and other nefarious crypto businesses. Hey, thanks for pointing out the stellar Board of Directors also! You want your digital asset to thrive when mainstream adoption and regulatory certainty matures? Have a company like Ripple supporting it's use!
  7. What about this: "The “Ripple Desktop Wallet” open source application that many downloaded on our website works independently from Rippex and can still be used to access XRPs and assets issued by other gateways. However, we recommend gradual migration to other actively developed and updated wallet solutions to maintain security and compatibility with the XRPLedger. Migration is usually done by importing the secret key into the application of your choice." I only ask because I have a few in one on my desktop.
  8. Forgive me if this is a double post but it seems to have disappeared. What wallet did you move it to and was it hard? I have a few laying around in a local desktop wallet that I never moved out and to stay current and compatible I want to move them to another desktop wallet. Does anyone else still have zeros in a Rippex desktop wallet OR just recently move them?
  9. Allin - go look up the asset value of the largest publicly traded banks - primarily being currency and and financial investment. Then look at their market cap. I'll help you out here - JP Morgan has ~2.5 Trillion in assets.....it's Market Cap is ~390 Billion. Does this clear up the Apples to Oranges argument?
  10. To each his/her own....lets not assume we are all on the same team (this a problem one party has...and likely why they will lose again...assuming everyone is with them) wake up and take your politics somewhere else please I want to read/discuss XRP.
  11. Sarah Austin seems like a pretty rich girl with pedestrian education that is "marketing" herself as brilliant.
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