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  1. What if everyone here took 1 XRP and kept sending it back and forth. Each time it would lose the transaction fee of 1 drop (0.00001 XRP). 24 hours a day * 60 minutes in an hour * 60 seconds in a minute is 86400 seconds in a day. Divide that by 4 seconds per transaction is 21,600 transactions you could do in a day assuming you had an automated system set up to fire one right after the other. After 21,400 transactions losing a drop each time, you'd be left with 0.78401 XRP and you would have generated 19,261.31 in volume.
  2. Someone for Ripple should apply for his old job.
  3. Really cool. They should do the same for wifi. Not many people want to buy $10-20 airport/hotel/business wifi when traveling just because they don't travel often or don't think they can justify the cost. But if they could make some kind of micropayment via xrp for what they use, they probably would.
  4. Over 50 on Poloniex. The 599 btc sell order is still present though at 7158 sats. Damn whales.
  5. In the twitter comments someone said registration involves confirmation by registered mail, so it could be a few days before new accounts start buying/trading.
  6. I've kind of gone back and forth of the matter. One side: It's political The other side: It says they are exploring the idea. Maybe they have already explored adding XRP a long time ago (just never any announcement) and decided to wait on the SEC. Now they are exploring other coins and are better at announcements because of the whole Bitcoin Cash stuff. Either way I'm more excited about Robinhood. I currently use it just for stock. They don't offer xrp yet and crypto is not enabled for my state. So I use coinbase to move money into crypto. When I can use Robinhood (something quick with 0 fees) to buy XRP directly, I'm going to close my coinbase account.
  7. I bought quite a bit in 15-20 cent range last July. Then I bought more as it went up to 60 cents. I even bought some at $1.50. I was also buying LSK heavily from $3-8 range then made a bigger investment in it when it was $20. Now that's at $6:/ At one point I had more than 5x my investment. Now I'm down a few grand. It's definitely frustrating. This pretty much sums up my 1 year in crypto. - Holy Crap I got in at the right time. My friends are jealous they got in so late. I wonder if I should pull some money out and buy a Supra. - Wow crypto really crashed the last few days. I can't wait for it to recover. - OMG it crashed even more. This is surely the bottom. My friends really hate me now. - Jeez if I had sold a few weeks ago and bought in now I would be so much better off. The price is so low now though. I guess it's a good time to invest more. - You have to be kidding me. - Screw it, I'm barely ahead now. I'll HODL until it goes to zero, I don't care any more. - Damn now I'm in the red and I have no friends. 1 year of investing and I would have been further ahead if I just put the same amount of money in now. I still believe in what I've invested in though. I am going to continue to invest more. I think it's still early and we should all be thankful we live in this technology era.
  8. I'm hopeful the US will rewrite how taxes are done. It can be confusing especially when you put in a buy order and it ends up being 20 different transactions at slightly different amounts before it's filled. I know what I have invested. I've never pulled money out, but I have traded stuff around. I probably have thousands of transactions just from when I was getting into it and messing around with bots. Some of the exchanges I've used are no longer around either. I think most of my trades were before they changed the trading rule to apply to housing only. Plus each transaction isn't really going back to USD. Say you bought bitcoin at $2000. Then you used it immediately to buy XRP at 25 cents. Today if you sold XRP you would be at about 4x your gain. So you'd pay tax on 75cents x number of zerps?. But really you are at a loss btc wise because if you had kept btc you would be at 5-6x gains. If they are going to try and tax every trade then the way I see it, the profits/losses should be compared against the starting currency in that trade. USD to BTC then back to USD is profit/losses on USD BTC to XRP then back to BTC is profit/losses on BTC Plus the USD to Crypto ratio changes every second. I assume it would be a pain to try and go back to June 12, 2017 at some specific time to find the USD trade value. The times for different exchanges give you are probably in different timezones too making it more difficult. What exchange do you even look at? The one you sent coin to from your wallet may not have a USD pairing. Do you use coinmarketcap which is an average of them all? I don't think you can zoom in down to the minute on CMC. Do you just pick any that helps make your numbers look the best? Do you use the price at the start of the day and end of they day? An average? I've more or less gathered all the crypto I want. I don't plan on taking any profits for years. So I'm just going to let it sit for now and hope they come up with a better tax method once things become more regulated. They should just make it: Money Out - Money In - Fees (A fixed number (say $100) or percentage of money in (1%), whichever is lower) = profit loss/gained And if you want to itemize your trade fees instead of using the fixed number or percentage method you are welcome to.
  9. I see a lot of problems with crypto tax. They need to make the process more simple... There are different scenarios now that make it confusing. For instance... - Some of the exchanges you traded stuff on may not offer reports, or may not even be in existence anymore. - If you bought bitcoin in a USD/BTC and then bought xrp in a BTC/XRP, you technically have a loss or gain to report between what you bought and traded/sold btc for. So you have to go back and try to pinpoint what BTC was worth at that time. Say you did this back when XRP was 20 cents and bitcoin was $1k. If you sold your XRP now you've technically made about 80 cents on each xrp. I guess you'd have to report that as a gain (4x). But couldn't you also see that as a loss because xrp is worth $9k (9x) now. In the stock market you always go back to cash to buy another stock. In crypto you kind of trade coins for coins. I hope they could just simplify it to look at USD put in vs USD taken out and not worry about what you did in between.
  10. I did not put it there. It's been there all along, since before XRP was even created.
  11. A friend of mine showed me this a while ago. It's the Library of Babel. ""The Library of Babel" (Spanish: La biblioteca de Babel) is a short story by Argentine author and librarian Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986), conceiving of a universe in the form of a vast library containing all possible 410-page books of a certain format and character set." I found it very interesting that this book technically contains the passphrase of every Nano Ledger S (and other hardware wallets) out there. This is the WIKI on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Library_of_Babel If you want to have some fun browse here: 1.Go to https://libraryofbabel.info/ 2. Click Browse 3. Go to Hex (yes copy/paste the whole blob in): 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 4. Go to Wall 3 5. Go to Shelf 5 6. Go to Volume 7 7. Go to Page 276 8. Search on the page for "xrp"
  12. I sold the last of my litecoin this morning and bought 800 more xrp at 0.65. As of right now looks like that was the right move as it's recovered more than litecoin has. If xrp dipped below 0.50 I was going to transfer more money in from my bank. I still don't think XRP has got the pump it deserved from all the recent good news (partnerships, exchanges etc...). I'll stubborn enough to hodl to 0, but I doubt that will happen with the big names involved.
  13. Recently I read an article in regards to RobinHood and the top stocks young people are purchasing. I decided to try it out and get into stock to further diversify my investments. So I downloaded the app Jan 30th at 10:30PM. I filled out the information. It was very intuitive. In less than 3 hours my account with them was approved. I was sleeping at the time so I didn't see the notification until I woke up. The first thing I did was hook up my bank account. It wasn't in the list, but it let me search for it. My bank isn't a national chain, but it still found it no problem and even displayed the logo. I can already log into my bank account via my banks website. The app brought me to the page and had me enter my login credentials. It was able to pull in what it needed. Then it asked me what account I wanted to use (I have a checking and savings account). I selected checking. Finally it texted me a confirmation code. Within a minute I had hooked it up to my bank account and deposited $200. When I signed up for coinbase last July it took a solid week to get everything hooked up. Even then I had to call my bank as they blocked my debit and credit cards. When I started using gdax via a linked checking account, it took days to get money in. I couldn't believe how easy Robinhood was. So I bought 14 shares of AMD stock to start off with. There were 0 fees and it was instant. I can't wait until I can use Robinhood for crypto. I think it's going to be game changing for a lot of people and put a lot of pressure on other places to do better. Also I am still new to stocks if anyone wants to toss around some names that I should research into.
  14. Just more haters. Anyone reading this should know how it feels to be a New England Patriots fan:) You know your team is the best and people can't stand it. Also I found this article on the lightning network. It doesn't sound like it's going to be as good as they are trying to make it out to be. https://medium.com/@jonaldfyookball/mathematical-proof-that-the-lightning-network-cannot-be-a-decentralized-bitcoin-scaling-solution-1b8147650800
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