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  1. ElMoskito

    Proposal: de-centralized Gateways

    It sounds great! I would love to have Bitcoin and Ethereum implemented. It would be like shapeshift on RCL!
  2. ElMoskito

    Proposal: de-centralized Gateways

    Hello ripplerm Is it possible to make it as a bridge for Bitcoin? If it is possible, is it hard to do it?
  3. ElMoskito

    Bloomberg Radio - Brad Garlinghouse

    Fidor was a fail. It's no more a partner of Ripple. Concerning Santanders, we don't have news because it will stay as a prototype/PoC. Santanders is now focused on Ethereum and no more on Ripple.
  4. ElMoskito

    Q1 2017 XRP Markets Report

    Great report this time! It's really encouraging. Miguel may save us.
  5. Can someone explain me why CME Group does not even support Ripple technology by implementing RMG on RCL? CME is one of the biggest investor in Ripple and it does not even promote and use RCL...
  6. So true... Ripple communication is just a FAIL. Vinnie is right on this part.
  7. Yeah that's not the first time we are disappointed. Remember Fidor, Zipzapp and all the others. When should it be live? It's not in april anymore? It's my last hope...
  8. ElMoskito

    Being a smart community

    Yeah but Bitcoin and Ethereum are also overcomplicated. The difference is there is a community behind. Yeah you cannot have a community if you do nothing for it.
  9. "RMG will use RCL" "RMG will use RCL" "RMG will be huge" "RMG will be huge". And when it's not the case, we have plenty of lame excuses. Such a disappointement.
  10. ElMoskito

    ILP Plugin-Ethereum

    I don't see a plugin for bitcoin. It would be so great.
  11. ElMoskito

    ILP Plugin-Ethereum

    and ilp-plugin-xrp-paychan! Send ILP payments over Ripple using XRP and payment channels (PayChan)
  12. What a joke. You want to make an evidence with slides/pics of a planned thing? It's not serious. We will have an evidence when XRP will be used on RCL and when we will have the cryptographic proof of transactions. Not before. At least we just can hope it will be soon and not soon ®