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  1. Mates first of all I appreciate all the hard work and contribution to the community from all of you. I was wondering where are you guys from or/and where are you currently living? I noticed that the you can find most of the support written in English like comments and shares like tweets etc. . What you can hardly discover are local groups in native languages of peoples home country. What I would like to suggest is to form groups of people speaking a certain language and start to spread the word, trying to reach the average person in your homecountry, creating awareness for XRPs potential. I mean not trying to convince people to invest in XRP, more likely share informations about this great tech with people on social media who are not familiar with this tech or even can’t understand English.
  2. What? Seems like a good old conspiracy theory.
  3. Where do you guys watch charts?
  4. It’s in ripples interest that there is no volatility. Buy XRP and chill. SWELL conference is coming and a lot new investors with it. Low prices are much more attractive. Or not?
  5. @daniel_wwf Hey mate, first of all thanks for your effort in this thread. I have a few questions: How many CSC holds the Casino Foundation? And how do you sell it? Do you sell it on public exchanges? Or directly? How many CSC do you sell in which time frame? Because you did not sell it through an ICO I am wondering about how do you fund your project? regards
  6. who has already bought?
  7. Sorry for interrupting - I’m going to join you on this ride by the way
  8. Man this Thread is becoming the CSC whales club
  9. What’s going on with stellar , is crazy! Volume of Stellar surpassed XRPs traded volume. Do we see Stellar surpassing XRP by market cap? Do you have a bet on XLM?
  10. So they copied pasted partly the code of XRP or what? Sorry for the stupid question but is CSC running on it’s own blockchain which is kinda a side chain of the XRP blockchain? Or is it completely separated?
  11. I don’t get it - what’s the connection between CSC and Ripple??!
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