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  1. I don’t get your point. You can go everywhere with a bag full of money and open an account. Hong Kong like Singapore and every state of the world (except a few) have signed the aeoi. So what do you mean?!
  2. Thank you @MegaNerd - but why haven’t you put it into press?
  3. He said that billions worth of XRP are moved daily - when we look at lcw or cmc it is maximum 400-500 million. Where is the hidden volume?
  4. What about HSBC? Please explain this to me
  5. Madbull

    Buy Now

    Buying xrp is our destiny
  6. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-13/professor-who-rang-vix-alarm-says-tether-used-to-boost-bitcoin
  7. David Schwartz @JoelKatz talked at Money Conf Watch the full video right there: Thanks to @C3_Nik
  8. Put this in other press
  9. Man do you want to discuss about what creates the price of xrp now?
  10. But it makes no sense - the possibilities for xrp usage is continuously growing.
  11. Everybody knows that buying xrp is a great thing and the best you can do. But, why is the traded volume of xrp so low compared to others? According to coinmarketcap XRP is only 8. Place in traded volume (the last 24h hours). When you take a deep look into some exchanges you can see that XRP is traded less than some ****** coins. So why is there such a low interest of trading XRP?