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  1. I will cover this in my next youtube video! AWESOME and thank you!
  2. I agree completely @automatic no one wants lottery tickets!
  3. TIPS is 10 second speeds and cost 0.2 cents - Its already slower and more expensive lol good luck!
  4. I think we just experienced what a taste of the masses going FOMO is like in Dec. Then slowly exit in the last two months when people realized they couldn't buy a lambo by holding. Those that sold at the top might have a different story to tell. At this point exchanges, investor interest in XRP and the market in general is all back to pre-November volatility. We all know with time that will change. I'm not too worried about the price action right now. Although it is fun to watch and make a guess for the time being. I look forward to all partnerships Ripple continues to make. The trust they ar
  5. If not on Coinbase March: $1.25 June: $1.75 September: $2.15 December: $2.75 --------------------------------------------------------- If on Coinbase March $2.00 June: $3.00 September: 4.00 December $4.50
  6. The one that gets me is “Hai I’m Tai Lopez, so whats this crypto thing?” lol
  7. Back in December when i started the channel there was alot of Ripple mis-info on all social media. I wanted to make a small contribution to spreading the word. Decided for a level headed approach channel. Ripple news, Basic chart info with out the lambo clickbate. I appreciate all the responses and I enjoy creating the content. Cheers
  8. Lol alright tough crowd. Thanks for checkin out the video anyways.
  9. I'm sure it does but I don’t make a penny off youtube. Its just to get more information out there for the xrp community.
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