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  1. I will cover this in my next youtube video! AWESOME and thank you!
  2. I agree completely @automatic no one wants lottery tickets!
  3. TIPS is 10 second speeds and cost 0.2 cents - Its already slower and more expensive lol good luck!
  4. I think we just experienced what a taste of the masses going FOMO is like in Dec. Then slowly exit in the last two months when people realized they couldn't buy a lambo by holding. Those that sold at the top might have a different story to tell. At this point exchanges, investor interest in XRP and the market in general is all back to pre-November volatility. We all know with time that will change. I'm not too worried about the price action right now. Although it is fun to watch and make a guess for the time being. I look forward to all partnerships Ripple continues to make. The trust they are earning in the banking and cooperate world will eventually and hopefully lead to more xrapid uses cases. Then the price should follow. @RegalChicken I like also @buckor his blogs are very clean and informative. xcurrent will pave the way for future xrapid use cases!
  5. If not on Coinbase March: $1.25 June: $1.75 September: $2.15 December: $2.75 --------------------------------------------------------- If on Coinbase March $2.00 June: $3.00 September: 4.00 December $4.50
  6. The one that gets me is “Hai I’m Tai Lopez, so whats this crypto thing?” lol
  7. Back in December when i started the channel there was alot of Ripple mis-info on all social media. I wanted to make a small contribution to spreading the word. Decided for a level headed approach channel. Ripple news, Basic chart info with out the lambo clickbate. I appreciate all the responses and I enjoy creating the content. Cheers
  8. Lol alright tough crowd. Thanks for checkin out the video anyways.
  9. I'm sure it does but I don’t make a penny off youtube. Its just to get more information out there for the xrp community.
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