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  1. So long pal! Very excited to hear this news:)
  2. I’ve muted so many people that it’s difficult to make any sense out of most threads & the zerpbox
  3. I can appreciate your enthusiasm Alex, but I tried and found your videos unbearable to watch. You should work off of a script to avoid the constant repeating of your points. Please don’t take this in a negative way, it’s meant to be constructive criticism. I had a horrible time giving speeches when trying to wing it and found that putting in the hours of practicing my lines helped tremendously. You have great drive and it will serve you well in life.
  4. Now is definitely not the right time. Btc needs to find a bottom near 3000 or lower and sit there for a hot minute. Hopefully by March we’ll get a BofA & JP announcement along with a couple big retail names.
  5. There are still plenty of members here with large quantities of xrp who could care less about current price. Some might even be concentrating on schoolwork rather than refreshing the page. Personally, even at $3 I didn’t bat an eye. Was it cool? Hell yes, but not nearly as cool as it’ll be a couple years from now.
  6. It’s difficult to imagine the special type of person who takes anything this kid says seriously. Same goes for anything bg123 related. A mythological bear private messages a 17yo YouTube kid second guessing his prophecy.... seems creepy if anything. But what do I know... I’m just a dumb kid too
  7. I’m confused. How didn’t everyone see this pump coming? Swell is right around the corner & we all knew xrapid is finally coming out of the closet. Couldn’t have been anymore obvious if you ask me.
  8. Looks like I go back into hibernation after reading thru these posts. Bill Clinton is YUGE! On multiple different levels. Couldn’t be a better fit for swell.
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