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  1. I'm not expecting anything, but no harm in keeping it on in the background either.
  2. I dont think the bubble has burst just yet.. Lotta people still waiting to get in on XRP.
  3. That works better if the dips aren't this pronounced and continuous. I love the twitter guys saying buy Tron at .12, .10, now .07. Soon nothing will be left on the dips ;0.
  4. Im in until coinbase and the Q4 report. However, on the next giant pump I may consider selling instead of HODL forever.
  5. yet "chinese ethereum" NEO is on fire.
  6. @txferrari, sometimes i want to play it like you but then i see days like a month ago where it shot up over 100 percent in a day, and you'd miss the huge gains by playing this day trader style. But hey, if your good at it. Keep it up. Im also a fan of less capital gain taxes (holding a year).
  7. florida also has no state income tax on capital gains, don't see the diff.
  8. I think you presented your case in a non-troll way. Most of the hardcore posters here believe in XRP and its future, I think twitter and the media are quick to turn on it now that its picking up so much steam.. I will give it a few more months at least and see how the tests go in asia, the partnerships, if coinbase does in fact add it ( i think a matter of time).
  9. For us Americans (gotta love uncle sam) Id suggest: A) not trading around your profits (IE 50k from xrp profit into bitcoin as a safe haven, wont work) B)more importantly HOLD for 1 year at least! capital gains on a huge win would be 40 percent if taken out less than a year, verse 20 percent (assuming its 400k profit or so..) Well thats moon thinking at least!
  10. I told my friends to Tweet bitstamp, not sure it matters. I even wrote them a customer service question not related to joining last week and haven't heard back.
  11. I have spread the good word on xrp to at least 5 friends last week, guess how many have been approved on bitstamp or even coinbase (to move to bittrex): 0. This backlog has got to be resolved somehow, or none of the new blood can get in on this.
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