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  1. I think you mean an Anti-FUD SQUAD But regarding the vent, common sense ain't so common and most people will turn a blind eye to facts and follow whatever crap is being said on YouTube. Can't say I'm surprised.
  2. If you look at his post history, there is no contribution to any of the threads he replies to except for saying how bad of an idea it is to invest in Ripple.
  3. I would add that as proof, most of them are just holding whatever they have only to sell at a higher price. A true purist would try to actually use their Crypto on a day to day basis to make it more mainstream and spreading the word. Almost nobody does it. A few folks I know have a nice stash of BTC and consider themselves somewhat of purists. When I asked them if they would agree to give up their BTC gains and having BTC worth far less in favor of BTC being accepted in more business, guess what their answer was
  4. The thing is that while little pockets will not prevent us from getting to where we should be price wise, they can help us get there faster. Can't ignore the FUD that fueled some of the latest price drop.
  5. I hope that NYT reporter that published the FUD last week sees this
  6. I agree on that specifically, but i think it very different than a nobody giving investment advise on YouTube to not touch ripple / ripple is a scam etc. The NYT is an established newspaper that people will see as a reliable source. It's a good thing that report was put in his place.
  7. I don't think they give 2 $hits about FUD, hate on YouTube or those "news" websites that give apocalyptic prophecies about Ripple and XRP. Management has a clear vision of where the company is heading and an understanding of what the end result is going to look like. That's what matters to them and should also for us. Those who are in down the long run will prosper.
  8. If the exchange disappears for whatever reason, your money is gone. Happened before from what I know.
  9. I don’t think there is an organized campaign or effort of some sort to hate on Ripple and XRP, however there are more and more Crypto “Experts” that are spreading FUD in various media. I can only assume that it’s because they feel like they missed out on some nice gains, and it’s better for them to pump cheap alt-coins that they buy close to nothing, and hope the hype will catch for their gains. Whatever the case may be, a few good press releases will keep them quiet. The majority of the people, including those who are new to Crypto will want to see some concrete achievements and not hypothetical stories about what one coin MAY be able to do in the future.
  10. You can search the forum for threads on cashing out (there are more than a few) BUT I believe currently Bitstamp has no limit on how much you can withdraw on a weekly/monthly basis. By the time XRP hits $100 (and god knows I hope it does!), there may be other options such as sending Zerps straight to your bank account if it's part for Ripplenet(?). In any case, a good strategy is to be verified on multiple exchanges. You never know how things are going to turn out.
  11. Just something I've been contemplating: when roumers about X company may use XRP or Y partnership is almost there, a buzz starts that most likely helps prices of XRP go up directly or indirectly. And then realty hits, and 8/10 of these roumers turn out to be false. On the other hand, Ripple tends to drop announcements about ACTUAL clients that sign up to use whichever service, that adds real value to the choice of owning XRP. What is your guys take? Would it be better if the media (FB/Twitter/Blogs) did NOT publish these speculative deals that may or may not happen in the long run? Not that we have any control on any of it.
  12. I would argue the opposite. In this case, they do understand very well which is why they are afraid. More than likely they come to a realization that whatever other coin they invested money into, has no real use and eventually people will sober up and stop buying them.
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