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  1. Who knows where this train goes. That’s what makes holding XRP so fun.
  2. “Hey guys Tony here, just took a fat number 2 and the formation of the fecal matter in my toilet bowl told me two things: 1. D 2. Institutional money is coming guyz”
  3. I stopped watching Alex Cobb’s videos and unsubbed when I saw he was becoming a bit of a BG123 loon. Another person I just recently unsubbed to is Tony’s ThinkingCrypto channel. Seriously, Tony should just name all his videos “De Institutional Money is Coming Guys” That’s all he says, no matter what the content of his video is. It could be about McDonald’s bringing the McRib back “I told you guys, de institutional money is coming” I’m good on watching some guy read articles then somehow tie it to big institutional money coming to save the day. And then SamIAm with that RippleRiddler garbage, lmao.
  4. Lol I must have the emotional capacity of a rock. Not even stressing about these prices.
  5. Lol’ing at some of the salty haters in this thread. By the way they’re acting you would swear this YouTube personality is personally taking money out of their wallets. Not a healthy way to live life.
  6. I’ve stated before that the simple truth is none of us know what the future holds. Maybe XRP tanks and never recovers. Maybe XRP hovers around $1 indefinitely. Maybe XRP somehow hits $589. None of us know. The only options you have are to be patient or forget about it honestly.
  7. You and him can be best of friends on my ignore list. Enjoy.
  8. I agree with this post. There are some major enemies of Ripple and XRP stalking in the shadows. They’re waiting for the right moment to put a damper on XRP’s growth.
  9. I can’t believe how toxic this place has become. People here acting like crabs in a barrel. Smh. Keep doing your thing Alex.
  10. I love reading posts like these. At upper 20’s I’d also be set for life but I have grand plans so will be holding for awhile.
  11. I like her videos and also get some good laughs out of it. Aussies have a way of being hilarious when they are vulgar/insulting. I’ve seen some people latch onto small things to nitpick over and attack her on. Personally think those details are just the condiments to the sandwich of info she’s providing. I’m not gonna nitpick over pickles when the meat is out of this world if you get what I’m saying. To each their own. One thing I would like to see end is people pitting YouTubers against each other, or trying to at least. Suzie’s last vid she dropped a plug to her business in it. She wasn’t begging for anything just letting people know via the medium she reaches out to thousands on. Hopped onto Mr. Cobbs’s livestream and people in chat were telling him Suzie was asking for donations/money in her latest video. Hopefully he knows better than to listen to the ********.
  12. I agree. Placed him/her on ignore some time ago. You should see my ignore list, surprisingly large. Lots of trolls and FUDsters plaguing this board. One, “Truth Bombs” was banned from Discord a couple days back. Ended up finding him here as “Fregatta”. Placed him on ignore. Decided to watch Alex Cobb’s live stream today and guess who I see being a FUDster in YouTube chat? Mr. Truth Bombs, parroting the same garbage he has been on Discord and here. That’s some passion.
  13. I find it cute that people are questioning Dave as if he wouldn’t completely and utterly destroy each and every one of them with his knowledge of how XRP functions. But that’s none of my business though. *sips wine from a glass*
  14. This is why BG123’s puzzles get under my skin lol. The guy probably gets trashed then puts together whatever idea comes to his warped mind and throws it up. Next thing we know the Ripple community is going apeshit because apparently Jesus Christ himself will be ascending from the heavens to support Ripple on a specific date alluded to in BG123’s latest riddle.
  15. Lmao you’re that “Truth Bombs” a-hole who got banned from The Real Zerpbox Discord recently. Had to come here and continue your streak eh? Welcome to my ignore list boyo. Oh, and here’s a tip - don’t openly insult anyone’s mother or significant other here and you won’t be banned like you were on Discord dweeb.
  16. Of course it is. It’s freaking China. Verge ranked higher than XRP? Lmao. I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with that list.
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