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  1. Who knows where this train goes. That’s what makes holding XRP so fun.
  2. “Hey guys Tony here, just took a fat number 2 and the formation of the fecal matter in my toilet bowl told me two things: 1. D 2. Institutional money is coming guyz”
  3. I stopped watching Alex Cobb’s videos and unsubbed when I saw he was becoming a bit of a BG123 loon. Another person I just recently unsubbed to is Tony’s ThinkingCrypto channel. Seriously, Tony should just name all his videos “De Institutional Money is Coming Guys” That’s all he says, no matter what the content of his video is. It could be about McDonald’s bringing the McRib back “I told you guys, de institutional money is coming” I’m good on watching some guy read articles then somehow tie it to big institutional money coming to save the day. And then SamIAm with that RippleRiddler garbage, lmao.
  4. Lol I must have the emotional capacity of a rock. Not even stressing about these prices.
  5. Lol’ing at some of the salty haters in this thread. By the way they’re acting you would swear this YouTube personality is personally taking money out of their wallets. Not a healthy way to live life.
  6. I’ve stated before that the simple truth is none of us know what the future holds. Maybe XRP tanks and never recovers. Maybe XRP hovers around $1 indefinitely. Maybe XRP somehow hits $589. None of us know. The only options you have are to be patient or forget about it honestly.
  7. You and him can be best of friends on my ignore list. Enjoy.
  8. I agree with this post. There are some major enemies of Ripple and XRP stalking in the shadows. They’re waiting for the right moment to put a damper on XRP’s growth.
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