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  1. Help! Sent ETH to GateHub over 24hrs ago - Nowhere to be found

    In Gatehub, there should be an ETH address, that you send to.
  2. Gatehub lagging behind on XRP-USD price.

    Price is way off on gatehub.
  3. XRP price

    30 days ?
  4. Most people are too dumb, to understand what ripple are doing.
  5. One word 'demand' Over a 24hour trading period, XRP moves $200m worth around. Add that to the, 38b supply. = Low price. If you look at the other cryptos on market cap, you will get it. But it's not a big deal. XRP was made for world use. In order for us to see $10, $20, a lot of XRP needs to be brought. XRP is designed for banks and other financial institutions. They are not using XRP yet. It's still in testing. So yea, it's demand. We are not going to move the price, banks are. I'd say 2018 move testing, and more use. 2019 the ball will start rolling.
  6. How close are we to XRP being adopted by the banks? Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple https://www.quora.com/session/Brad-Garlinghouse/1