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  1. hi guys, can i ask your opinion ... how long will this bullrun last? how much will the price of btc reach in your opinion? .... I am afraid that what happened in January 2018 occurs, the date on which the bear started for 3 years ... I have no btc, I only have xrp, but as we all know btc leads the market
  2. I add that, at present, xrp is the best investment given the low price of xrp and the high price of all the other coins .... if you are all in xrp, I would never think of buying btc at crazy prices today. ... we might as well wait ....
  3. I invested a considerable amount of assets in xrp, I knew not to buy a security, but a coin with a potential case of future use and a speculative case today. I have invested a lot, but I will live the same if it goes to zero. the sales volumes are high, but there is an equal purchase demand. i don't think it's the end of ripple and xrp. we hope that ripple will respond vigorously and convincingly to the sec and the market.
  4. btc -1% ............. xrp -7% ............... why? why? welcome any solution, even the most imaginative ...... thank you
  5. why? why? why? why does half the bitcoin rise in the general pump xrp and lose twice as much during the discharge? .......... it makes me angry! someone would be kind enough to tell me the causes thank you
  6. I find myself in exactly the same situation I hope that not having sold does not become one of my biggest regrets I hope that, as has already happened several times, the price reaches and exceeds the peak recorded
  7. I believe that just in anticipation of a probable use of xrp in the real world, mass investors will be the architects of the beginning a new race of bulls .... this is speculation! I think a 10x is therefore possible ..... I hope
  8. I've always liked your post pro xrp .... concise and of substance if I may ask, what are the reasons for such a radical and recent change of your point of view on the situation? thank you
  9. it would still be a great profit compared to other types of investment. I hope and I believe that it can reach 5 usd at the end of the year ....... on the other hand we have seen the price go from 0.25 to over 3 usd in less than 1 month ....
  10. good news I would have expected a simultaneous increase in price since they have somehow accumulated the news
  11. on what basis see this price range $7,5/14 for May? I would like it very much, but I see it more than improbable
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