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  1. "in the event of an issue, only Celsius Network itself would be covered" wrong...you deposit with bitgo and the cold wallet is insures , of course not only celsius network is covered , the actual deposit from the depositor is covered. When not in cold wallet the funds are lent out with collateral which is also insured im not done argueing with ******
  2. https://support.celsius.network/hc/en-us/articles/360002211237-How-does-BitGo-s-insurance-apply-to-Celsius- Good with DYOR but better do it right
  3. Both Credearn and crypto has lockups on tokens (months). Celsius has no lockups and no fees. You can move the xrp in and out whenever you want at no cost.
  4. Its in bitgo accounts and each account is insured for 100 mn each
  5. I dont think banks are evil, i wouldnt be able to own a house without taking a loan from a bank. They could pay out more of the interest to depositors though, and this is what Celsius is doing. And the CEO Alex Mashinsky is far from unknown, just google him. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alejandrocremades/2019/03/12/this-entrepreneur-has-achieved-3-billion-in-exits-and-is-possibly-one-of-the-most-feared-by-banks/#49d3e10f595b ->>>>>>>>>>>> Each depositor account is insured for 100 mn usd at bitgo <<<<<<<<<<<<-
  6. Dont be a retard. This is no more ponzi then banks and other institutions that are paying interests to depositors.
  7. Can have a look here https://medium.com/@CelsiusNetwork/celsius-network-interest-rates-explained-a336a52e163d
  8. A phone can be hacked, you should never store keys on phone. store if offline, ie have ledger recovery keys buried somwhere on a cryptosteel, have codes spread out in bankboxes
  9. I use ledger live (latest version), and have Firmware version 1.3.1 I cannot send more then 999 xrp out from nano account in one transaction, is this some security feature or a bug ?
  10. I have codes spread out in two bank safes, so if i should die my kids will get access
  11. Seems ledgers default server is blocked for sending out xrp, anyone have a solution for how to fix ?
  12. is their site hacked ? Is p.weissratings.com a real site?
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