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  1. Wow Mrak, I usually just drop in and check on what is new on the chat room, but I had to agree with you, well said
  2. Clear, precise and backed by facts, Thank you both for taking the time to reply to all the other, shall we call it quick reactions, to be fair
  3. Sorry, been watching from afar, but have to say this, direct purchase through any FI/ etc, just before SBI VC set to launch. Sounds like an adept business move here.
  4. Thank you for taking the time, when it was requested, to dissect the video into a cohesive and excellent analysis.We now have another asset added to our team.
  5. And so it begins, it may be xcurrent, but a great ad and attractive use case/price point for the consumer.
  6. Max, I know you stepped out for a bit, but FYI, they were listening. Hats off to you and this solid proposal that came to be.
  7. Talked to COINSQUARE to finish setting up the account for transfer and asked about the delay for xrp being added. My account dude(leaving his name out) stated they are adding a crypto asset every month and not sure when xrp will be added, but ripple will be available next week. I then explained they are the same thing, and asked how long he has been doing this.A veteran of a couple months. Take it for what it is worth, but seems another site seems to be waiting for some occurrence to take place before adding. As for COINFIELD, I am a lucky winner of one of the spots to be pre-registered and
  8. Hard to admit, but Max does make some valid points, sometimes, but did Brad G not mention that there will be more consolidation and takeovers occuring in his brief blurb? The biggest war-chest makes them the alpha at this time, with the aggressive team assembled to do it, but time is not an ally.
  9. Good question, and I do feel ripple is more than just xrp, but the focus is concise and very controlled on xrp and growing their niche in the eco-system.After the escro is played out and Brad with his peanut butter manifest mentality leave (which is a proven business concept), they can and will expand and thrive or SBI would not have invested so heavily in them. It must be tempting as hell not to try and do more than that with the diverse talent they have accumulated.
  10. As Kiir and Plikk stated absolutely a refreshing, straight up, calm answer to where we all feel this is leading to. Great find Xrphilosophy.
  11. Has anyone else looked into this COINFIELD exchange opening in canada on the 15th of FEB?
  12. Morten; As stated in numerous discussions as to first steps, plans and developement of ecosystem, most of us are excited that yet another door has opened for us. great find tomxcs.
  13. Sorry old timers, more like DMX - X GON" GIVE IT TO YA, great news for our crypto token today.
  14. Simply the best, that's what this company is looking for, and diversifying in a complimentary pro-active way. Good catch and insight on the hiring.
  15. It does take great courage to put it out there, thanks for that, Remember It's not what you have, it's what you do with it that really counts and as we grow it will become ever more important to keep that in the back of our minds.
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