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  1. I just feel that's so much more has been done in the run up to 2018 from this point last year. Despite the bearish market of 2018 thus far, we could see another year with higher interest returns than seen previously in 2017. Let us remember the amount of work conducted by the Ripple team and the Partnerships and investment vehicles and institutions using xrp or are considering the use of xrp together with Ripple technology. If we've done more then we did last year, despite the bearish market trend, I do see xrp's appreciation in value with an extremely bullish outlook quite possibly matching the 4000 % of 2017 and quite probably surpassing it. I believe we'll do well to remember that, we are still in a bearish channel, so taking precaution and not over-reaching expectation is overly important, however xrp does create savings for these companies so 4000% is not unrealistic in the first half of 2018. I would be happy with an increase of 1800 % from $0.49 USD anyting over 1800 % is very doable but let's keep it conservative this year of the bear til were at a stable 800bl MC. Any thoughts?
  2. Finger prints, ret-scan. There's option out there... No micro chips though 😂
  3. We need a Smart card & App for XRP. UQUID is a Joke.... most cards for Crypto are pants and tbh They're retarded. Spending is limited, loading limited, ATM withdrawal very limited, fees are stupid, delivery the worst, the list goes on. Is Ripple coming up with a solution?
  4. Ripple needs support? My assumption in this article may seem vague or abstract and a little daft, but, I feel Ripple may need some of the audience which Ripple has been playing to, to participate as a good corporate conglomerate actors and reap the early benefits of RippleNet & XRP still very affordable in the s.e region and a sound investment of twenty-thousand percent. The audience's attention within the space and S.E corridor, banks and industry alike, must turn to dancing on the beach with Ripple, or play the role of a good DJ and let party begin with a seriously strong affiliation. Announcements have been set, but the DJ deal (Another Corporate conglomerate or something of that nature needs to happen toot-sweet) but, for now let's see how the Regulations introduce Ripple and it's crew to the "main-stream" and morph the space on the dancefloor. Ripple has much advantages ahead, especially regarding the year of the Regulation. Does Ripple have any new techincal or strategic advantages? Will SWIFT draw a sword a play a super strong hand? Will we see ultra s.e & eastern support for Ripple? WHO KNOWS?
  5. Mr760

    2018 Performance

    2017 has seen over 16,000% or so... How will 2018 fair?
  6. Amazon, Visa, Air BnB, MasterCard or UBER
  7. Will BTC be regulated and taxed?
  8. We've seen 2nd place...time for pole position.
  9. No trees... Thousands of years ago or right now.
  10. Mr760

    20 XRP wallet fee when XRP 20$?

    Stop the hype.. We're in a good state. XRP will go up to $20, but not as soon as you think? There's much that need to playout with a compounding of past and current events. Leave it be and it's yours to hodl.
  11. To be honest. I'm still waiting for something to happen in the East. So yes, partially correct.
  12. I believe we've much higher to go as BG said Singapore will ensure a $1 XRP. Not sure what that means but ... we're at .45c. KEEP CALM & HODL til .62c Where to put profits?
  13. No disservice for me... This was expected and a .29c Monday, not great, not bad. Went up and down faster than I thought. .50c would have been nice for peak performance and nothing lower than .25c
  14. Yea ... I'm aloud to rant cos I feel I'm right lol...