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  1. You could be right. We shall see in the next 90-120 with luck. The Pressures on?
  2. Behind all the technology of Ripple here's one simple fact. Canadian bitcoins promise 1-3 days cash out time. But read the 3rd party handling the release of funds.... (response in the attached screenshot) With Ripple, I'd be waiting a few seconds for 1.5btc at most... We really need XRP in a use case scenario as this 7days is too slow, this should be banks and exchanges highest priority if they are to maintain social order in the future and companies need to accept it more widely. I digress, the attachment.
  3. I heard of the same... But what's the plan. I do like Ripple but I want Ripple to be the next SWIFT. I'm sure there's something I'm missing?
  4. The news that SWIFT will be creating their cross boarder payment system seem's as if they've like the Ripple network, and are going to copy it for themselves or are we involved? What's going on?
  5. I opened an account. But I will just wait and see. 16.99 for a card. Not inspired at all. And $1 for a virtual. You'd think it be free with the capital generated for interest rates and charges.
  6. I would love to see a Ripple/Visa card for an allocated amount of XRP, back by the network and connection of MV. He's got the experience and I like the thought of XRP backed by PM. This could be something banks could do, cut costs creating smart banks with asset management and use of the Networks Is there discussion of such Risa Ripple/Visa card?
  7. SOMEONE ..... ANSWER. I think Dorie & Nemo evolved into Whales. 😲
  8. Use unique QR code on every type of paper denomination which is recorded on the network. Lock up a certain amount of XRP dedicated to this part of the network or create a separate, overlaying network, and let the network do the accounting, with the initial Locked amount of XRP. When the QR paper value is cashed, the network reprints new QR codes to a different denomination, maintaining the network initial Locked amount of XRP, as the network is instructed to to slowly strengthen XRP. I see the QR code as the paper microchip, if we used blockchain encryption as the QR representation. Just my morning thought. I could be very wrong.
  9. MV ... Clearly shows that there's something going on behind the scenes that is destined for greatness. Just my humble newbie opinion.
  10. If you think XRP is weak, frail or usless. ... You're worng. This video is pointing out the obvious birth of a Juggernaut in the Crypto realm. Please watch... Leave a comment!
  11. Lol...yeah..Right! .... You're Mrs, must be well upset if you think things start and end this quick..... HA!
  12. Please forgive. I'm new to this Crypto thing. I was referring to CAD.
  13. Very true... and I think XRP will hold a 22/23 xrp's per 1CAD from here on. I just can't wait to see the Japan effect and BOE launch this puppies base line to 10zerps per 1CAD