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  1. After watching the Jeff Berk & Trace Mayer's online and listening to their points.. XRP's pull back was predicted by Trace, he even was as bold enough to say a pull back of 90%+ was possible. Are we seeing this now? I'm pro XRP and what it stands for, so this could be the opportunity of my life time to get a load of XRP onto my Nano S. How far can we see a pull back before lock up of coins??
  2. I heard from Cliff High that Silver and crypto are getting closer together than we think. Around the 19mins into the recording.
  3. I can't help but think, is XRP going to be affected by the dwindling dollar? I feel there may be some insulation from the debacle dollar, but not a whole lot. I personally have seen 0.40c+ in mid May 2017 i would love to see that again. If the dollar is under attack how will this affect XRP? Will we see a further drop or spike in price upon the dollar vanishing? Is XRP hopes of being more decentralized securing the price? Is there a set date for coin lockup? Any thoughts....?
  4. i hear you. I'd like discounted XRP shopping. XRP holders need to watch the banks and geo policy

    I knew about Chaincoin and i missed out. I'm really upset that I can't get the break i need. If there is any Zerpers in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada i want to collaborate and start looking at better trading and investment opportunities. Yes... I'm a little scared and look towards a guide / mentor.
  6. Ripple is Dead

    What makes you say this?
  7. Ripple is Dead

    I will have to dig up the article again. I really dont have much time these days to post... Hard work and long days. As soon as o find it i will post it.
  8. Ripple is Dead

    Let's hope so
  9. Sell me yours at .10c and i take $2000 (cad) off you.
  10. Ripple is Dead

    Are you for real ?? Money has left the space...THATS ALL. Even I, a crypto fan and enthusiast can see that. I always thought the true MC of XRP wasn't shown.... i read its like $45bn...
  11. Ripple is Dead

    You sound like one of them people that learnt of bitcoin in 2013 and said it was going down.
  12. 25c/40c you'd be right, not many people though.