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  1. Maybe, companies will have to take on the fact that XRP maybe the next Euro Zone currency and transact network. I still believe in XRP, 10 YEARS from now, it will have a role in everyone's life. Fingers Crossed
  2. Will XRP value go up. Asia Ripple are about to make a move when they do they do so with a big foot print with them. Please read the link.
  3. How can we get more people involved with XRP?
  4. @T8493 I'm going to have to agree with you I have never heard of this guarantee or Insurance. @cmbartley please send me a link or a path to access this information.
  5. @T8493 ... ALLOWED! Wow! .. I'm sure they could have some kind of a bank like system used only as insurance/liquidity for XRP. XRP native to then trade, with the insurance companies, i dont know, I'm not an industy expert... but... The XRP wallets would be updated at the end of each day ONLINE, i guess with some kind of blockchain encryption. The speed of the update to 100's of millions of (XRP CRYO WALLETS) would need to be set up to be extremely fast, for obvious reasons. I'm sure another fund of Hardcore fundraising and recruitment would be in order... I guess I should just wait... Maybe will do something great... I just like the fact that the network would have 100% community in its best interests.
  6. Are we expecting a wave of cyber attacks? All these warnings are creeping me out. I have both GateHub & Coinbase accounts. I have only a little bitcoin & XRP but its mine and I want them safe, and online preferably. Can we trust these 2 well known wallets? I want to see Ripple Crew create a secure wallet online, one that is what will drive XRP demand due to a security like no other... Online security and insurance of coins would be cool from Ripple, although the insurance part is just another motive for big corporate hacking to take place, unfortunately. The Government have already had their sticky hands in CoinBase just by thinking to take action ton view accounts. Will the GOV pull Coin Base for accounts as India has done with gold and it's citizens are we heading this way. Genuine issue for me and a REAL concern for the community? Would like to hear the people's opinion. ...
  7. In short, the SWIFT systems old, expensive and slow and they're likely, to get left behind should another CBPS make sense of the market. Should there be another reason?
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, My thoughts on an emp or smart/small nuke explosion brought about my thoughts regarding radiowave damage. Now... I was reading a comment by Professor Hantzen and stocking on paper money but I think I will stick to coins, the gold and silver kind and hope that XRP and this wonderful idea (Ripple Network) do well globally and stay online cos I feel that Swift have been made an offer they can't refuse for long. So gold and silver are my bets and XRP..... Does anyone know if Bitcoin will crash?....You know the saying what goes up must come down. Again guys, thanks for the reply.
  9. Is there anything being done to protect the Ripple Network from a EMP like situation? There's no hard wallet I can put into my Faracage for a backup. So if I'm doing that what IS Ripple doing to secure the network? Also... Will we have a secure place finally Ripple will stake a claim or guarantee to?