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  1. Incorrect. But close. Also fairly creepy as I did not mentiononce the business name as I am merely seeing the XRP communities suggestions
  2. Lol.... You clear understand the concept of power of attorney πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ and the business.... So I guess your a fan if XRP being used as a currency. How are YOU @kanaas making that a reality or are you like the many here... JUST TALKING ABOUT IT? How is anyone else making XRP relevant in the transaction and acceptance realm? I'm going to guess not MANY!
  3. Didn't think anyone here, had seen the website. But thanks and thanks again.
  4. Cheers mate.. I'm pro XRP and I'm pro business.... needless to say. Just want to make a real use case instead of this talk of and nothing actually happening.... at least from my perspective.
  5. I guess all this real world use case as a currency is off the masses radar at this time.
  6. @Max Entropy The logo is a symbolic to my son being born in the year of the dragon, I am Rooster/ Phoenix. Element is fire. And a few words I did a while back now and this is a personal thing... I'm just being me... Not some stuffy individual that thinks there perfect. Just me as original as I can be. If I caused offence by any means.
  7. I would liken to think it is... I would like to trade XRP in the Real World with real people with REAL REAL PROBLEMS! #SpecializedDementiaCare
  8. @pucksterpete No mate.. I'm invested in XRP .. for about 6 or 7 months πŸ˜‹ ... I keep them locked up πŸ€” maybe longer i forget as much as I digress 😌 I'm operate 2 care homes and I want to accept XRP as paymentπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Some people that's far more mature than us (48-65years old) may see an opportunity to pay for private Dementia care. I seek another way to move the company forward as far as payments are concerned. Maybe a person with XRP is in a situation regarding such a matter... @pucksterpete but I guess you've never run a business, such as care homes. I'm merely seeing what's going on within this forum. I don't trade XRP, I stack it. HOWEVER ... I'm in the Healthcare Business as an owner and also see NEM as the future prospects also.. Want to hear a JOKE ?@pucksterpete I'm in Regina, Canada at the airport working in my truck. It's like CEO & HEO for 2 companies ... so my posts may not be of quality but I hope to gain insight so I further stack XRP @pucksterpete I hope you find a little compassion and see WHAT TIME IT IS, as you could have been a little more curious to see the perspective.
  9. Are you a substitute decision maker for a loved one? Are you paying nursing home fees? Would you use Crypto currency to pay for nursing home care? I'm now CEO of Rose-Marie Care Home and accept Crypto currency as payment for care for our family business.
  10. Ladies ... ladies.... Just wait. Wait for the words of Miguel Vias... I see XRP or a portion of XRP backed by precious metals, maybe Copper or Silver. Crypto currencies that aren't backed by physical asset or company asset won't be able to compete... And we all know Ripples backing... They just need to dip their toes in first.
  11. Who the control freaks 😲 lol... they'll make their own and try to screw over XRP & BTC BTC can't be crushed though.. If your pro BTC then there's no need for banks. But .... banks are going nowhere ... We're all too simple .... except us lot here on the forum lol πŸ€” I think im'a stick to Silver stacking as soon as I'm done with XRP or it's done with me.
  12. As soon as that SWIFT is on our side and XRP is used to settle. BOOM πŸ’£πŸ’₯ πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘.πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
  13. @zerpdigger Meh... Yeah... Maybe.... Or probable ✌
  14. #Drops ... 1,000,000.00 drops to 1 XRP.