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  1. Is there some kind of article to back this up?
  2. 1. Will XRP wallets always require 20XRP or will this fee be lowered into smaller sums of XRP or into drops? 2. Is there a way for TipBot to send and receive more XRP than currently offered?
  3. Sometimes it's hard not to feel anxious in the situation because if XRP was to go up by $10 in the few days, I'd be gutted.. Not worth the hassle of such Keeping up with the croud feeling. But hey, theres ways to trade a lil here and there.
  4. New Rule System, please specify. ComEX rules need updating. Can't comment too much on the rules. However leveraging gold in the multiple hundreds, hasn't worked out to well and then we have to gonand "find" more gold. I'm not sure on this method of play.
  5. Good comment, I think you maybe partially right, what if this GPI is swift docking onto Ripple via China Headquarters, having 1st control of SWIFT volume, to flow through XRP.... idk, Sounds like global domination to me, However I believe that gold and silver is seen by many as the world Reserve currency. The value of gold and silver will go up and xrp should be tied in smart contract for global settlement measured against gold and silver as an alternative digital settlement tool, utilizng smart contracts and all the perks in Global Trade. I'm all for the new asset class, however when dealing with international trade and Global wealth, gold is physical and we live in the physical world, where gold is more expensive to mine than BTC. However, world trade can be done in Silver, Copper and Iron, which is I think is cheaper to mine than gold, gold is physical and can be revalued, so GOLD & Silver become more valued and less exported from Russia & China. Silver and Gold will complement trade deals settled in Silver, Copper &/or Iron in the future. GOLD Will be valued MUCH MUCH higher and keep it's Global reserve status and wealth preservation recognition, however the kicker is, XRP .... XRP is the enabler of global enablers for the 4IR.
  6. Swift GPI has approximately 230 Banks. I believe Swift GPI is a docking station for ripple to sit on top of and provide the benefits that Ripple has to offer GPI is a gateway between the current Swift banking Network and its clients. I think convergence ties the packages via, current and rapid nicely together, to ensure the growth of the xrp ecosystem. I think Swift GPI Banks accounting to help provide the first parts of the liquidity process for other Banks to join in the frenzy
  7. Please can someone explain to me why XRP could not be a future stable digital asset that can be used as a store of value. Xrp has the potential to benefit from global trade deals that span over 5 years. All payments for products and services within the agreement can be tied to a Smart contract that would factor in gold, silver copper and even iron. The payment for the transactions would be settled immediately using xrp. The volume for the transactions would be scheduled via smart contract for global commercial and Industrial payments for heavy machinery and specialist equipment. I think the Belt Road initiative will complement xrp and the Ripple the company, not just because of SBI Asia, but because of the banking partnership and significant amount of Business Development Ripple has undergone with clear roadmap within their team, to be honest it couldn't be any better at this point in time. Ripples willingness to work with the political spheres maybe the Ushering of global trade agreements in the geopolitical sphere, ESPECIALLY within the S.E Asia corridors, and....a strong Asian partnership in SBI and MUFG with both having strong sway with banks in Indonesia, Malaysia and around this region, needless to say Ripple may get the Bri shipping route for volume. With trade agreements smart contracts instant settlement and seamless trackable transactions, is it a little bit hard to think xrp could be a stable token, GUYS.... anyone #xrpthestandard baby... ?. Okay, but seriously now, due to the nature of the potential global trade agreement in smart contract format the xrp looks like stability was always in mind. I believe that it will still increase in value over time with the amount of on-ramps and the sheer amount of development going on in universities that Ripple has sponsored.... (and the rest). I see the banking system using smart contracts utilizing gold, silver, copper and or iron (could be dreaming here, could be dreaming) scheduled release of payments would be settled in xrp and the payment for gold silver copper or iron will be flown out when the time comes. There smart, I'm sure they'll figure somthing out. Due to of the nature of the metalic standards, and using these methods of standard, global trade volume flowing through smart contracts, using xrp it definitely look more on the cards. (Ummmmm, could be MILES off) ....AIIB, i think they'll have some of the action in the bri projects, but between me, and this post, I think the banking system will make a stable xrp, cos they CAN IF THEY REALLY WANT. The on ramps and development will still increase the price. How many uni's... Jeeez! Is this a reality ... a stable XRP?
  8. About 12/18 months ago, I mentioned that xrp would be good utilisation of media in some form, I just didn't expect xrp with infiltrate the media in such a fashion creating the monetization of content. I guess I was close enough. We are yet to see the Golden banking States come together, to shove gold volume through ripplenet and xrp.
  9. OUCH!.... Don't say that. That's not the situation anyhow. There is definitely contractual conditions and SBI would dedicate a portion of their company back by Ripple.
  10. Let's hope so, and make the ETF decision forced out inti play, as those who are going to see gains will want more.
  11. I just feel that's so much more has been done in the run up to 2018 from this point last year. Despite the bearish market of 2018 thus far, we could see another year with higher interest returns than seen previously in 2017. Let us remember the amount of work conducted by the Ripple team and the Partnerships and investment vehicles and institutions using xrp or are considering the use of xrp together with Ripple technology. If we've done more then we did last year, despite the bearish market trend, I do see xrp's appreciation in value with an extremely bullish outlook quite possibly matching the 4000 % of 2017 and quite probably surpassing it. I believe we'll do well to remember that, we are still in a bearish channel, so taking precaution and not over-reaching expectation is overly important, however xrp does create savings for these companies so 4000% is not unrealistic in the first half of 2018. I would be happy with an increase of 1800 % from $0.49 USD anyting over 1800 % is very doable but let's keep it conservative this year of the bear til were at a stable 800bl MC. Any thoughts?
  12. Finger prints, ret-scan. There's option out there... No micro chips though ?
  13. We need a Smart card & App for XRP. UQUID is a Joke.... most cards for Crypto are pants and tbh They're retarded. Spending is limited, loading limited, ATM withdrawal very limited, fees are stupid, delivery the worst, the list goes on. Is Ripple coming up with a solution?
  14. Ripple needs support? My assumption in this article may seem vague or abstract and a little daft, but, I feel Ripple may need some of the audience which Ripple has been playing to, to participate as a good corporate conglomerate actors and reap the early benefits of RippleNet & XRP still very affordable in the s.e region and a sound investment of twenty-thousand percent. The audience's attention within the space and S.E corridor, banks and industry alike, must turn to dancing on the beach with Ripple, or play the role of a good DJ and let party begin with a seriously strong affiliation. Announcements have been set, but the DJ deal (Another Corporate conglomerate or something of that nature needs to happen toot-sweet) but, for now let's see how the Regulations introduce Ripple and it's crew to the "main-stream" and morph the space on the dancefloor. Ripple has much advantages ahead, especially regarding the year of the Regulation. Does Ripple have any new techincal or strategic advantages? Will SWIFT draw a sword a play a super strong hand? Will we see ultra s.e & eastern support for Ripple? WHO KNOWS?
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