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  1. To be honest. I'm still waiting for something to happen in the East. So yes, partially correct.
  2. I believe we've much higher to go as BG said Singapore will ensure a $1 XRP. Not sure what that means but ... we're at .45c. KEEP CALM & HODL til .62c Where to put profits?
  3. No disservice for me... This was expected and a .29c Monday, not great, not bad. Went up and down faster than I thought. .50c would have been nice for peak performance and nothing lower than .25c
  4. Yea ... I'm aloud to rant cos I feel I'm right lol...
  5. Mate I'm in my own boat no disrespect... XRP is something that we have in common. I have said this before, XRP & Ripple to be merited on performance and adoption. The next step is to make our Sexy girl, XRP have a high IQ & EQ and transform her into a super accountant with the highest degree in universal Law lol. Then we're Kosher! She's wearing a blue and gold number lol
  6. First off, ANYONE of us in here that has been here since the earlier days will KNOW ... BOTTOM LINE! These ones which are spreading FUD only want another BTC opportunity, XRP is not this ... Bloody WAKE UP! However 🤔😁👽 We earlier folk, and I'm not so early have watch CL hand over to BG. People have zero clue. They want their funfair S**T coins cos that what they like, A Rollercoaster coin. I digress....If they'd get their heads into a more worldly space MAYBE they'd fekking know what XRP is Maybe they'd know what Ripple is doing.... These twazzers dont know Nikolie NAKKEROFF 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂 is coming with a New Crypto for the Trade, so Ripple & XRP is .....ing important right now. Get your fekking heads round that one... Sorry for the language guys (RL) Just saying what I see and mutter. Oh... FOR YOU IDIOTS ... XRP is gladiator and when the mass culling of CRAP in the space happens, and the other 80% of half wits are trying to their weapon viable in the fight to the real world. Their getting SLAUGHTERED like the lil ******* they are .... KEEP hating crap collectors.
  7. BG and all the team are doing what their supposed to do. We all need to sit in the doctors waiting room, and be patient. Surgery and good examination takes time. These are delicate issues what Ripple & XRP offers the world. BTC ... Is heads on the finacial CRYPTO and XRP i guess would like to be the actual coin, instead of the stamp of heads or tails.
  8. I don't blame them... I too get emotional. XRP is 2 of a kind in the space and those expecting a instant gratification for Value would be wrong. The price with raise and fall but FAR TOO MANY HATERS ...For this beautiful tech, I'm merely saying we should wait. I was disappointed to see how many people yesterday were so Negative about XRP. I'm pro XRP and I tell everyone, however I also make silly mistakes, as I'm just an average joe.
  9. AS I SAID BEFORE.... Ripple & XRP will be merited on performance, adoption and political transformation .... Not media hype and a 3day conference of any kind. There's an old saying.... The proof is in the eating of the pudding. When BOE shares its findings with other banks and more people eat cake, they'll soon see how sweet their slice of the XRP cake is.
  10. Trillions in XRP would see a massive surge up... The burn rate for XRP would be nuts.
  11. What Announcement(s) Are You Hoping for at SWELL?

    I want BG to say that China and all central banks now accept XRP as a legitimate and at this point, the only credible, regulated means of cross-border settlement for Gov infrastructure deals. XRP to be endorsed by all central banks in Asia and Europe. So.... If the payment for CAT, BOB CAT, CASE and any other big machinery for building projects or even goods like TV's, Cars, homes and even farm land ... XRP can be seen as certified way to settle payment, from bank to bank in the equivalent currency used... CYN, USD, Gold or Silver Or the backing of. So if a new HD TV Comes to market from Asia to Europe and the TV costs 1300 usd and USD is not accepted then XRP can be used 5200 XRP in place of 1300usd. This is what i want to hear.... ONLY Then I will stop posting lol... But China must be ready to commit and even a hand shake for the cameras with BG and an Official.
  12. What Announcement(s) Are You Hoping for at SWELL?

    Agreeded... We need to see a unified stance behind XRP simultaneously used with the current banks and their parners using the RippleNet. I hope we see XRP as the bridge currency for all currencies, CYN, YEN, WON, USD, CAD all of them.....'G'old and new. Banks with infrastructure plans across the OBRO market.