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  1. Hi, The Network need more validator ->probably, at this stage i can't tell. Do the network need more independent validator run by non professional ->No ! Only participant with capability to professionally maintain a validator according to industry standards of IT infrastructure and compliance (security) should do it. Anyway any serious participant would/ should not add those "low quality" validators to their list. I can anticipate that any serious participant to the network will run a validator because of their IT risk management. (cost to maintain a validator is almo
  2. Big stretch : The move occurring on a Sunday make me think of a news soon (big or not), maybe a new ODL corridor starting this week : first time i see PHP-JPY on utility-scan :
  3. Their is 2 opportunities that is see (specially for devs / integrator) : bootstrap new products / dev as early adopter of the technology (wiets, devnull). become "integrator" / consultant IF XRPL get traction, their will be a hudge demand for skills / service company on that fields. We are still in the really early age. When web application arrived, they was no skills on the market. Do you remember the famous bug of year 2000 (that never happenned), companies were so much in need for devs, that they were hiring non it people to train them in few weeks and get them to work.
  4. Hi, I do not think this is an issue, i expect clients of RIPPLE to run their own validator that will contribute to the network. It is not something uncommon in software industry. I do not think the network intent to rely on pure volunteer, you need to host, maintain, patch etc ... it's require infrastructure, skills and cost man/days. On the long term only the invested actor will run those validators and do not think that is an issue as any new actor can plug to it without commercial relationship with ripple, which keep it decentralized. PS : sorry, English is not my native lan
  5. ODL volume seems pretty low since the 1st June compare to any week in may :
  6. What is interesting is this new one that seems to be tested: KWW to THB : all in one transaction :
  7. Seems that they already tried it on 22 July already : looking at the account that activated rJ383ZRZ1o4KCZKtDH2MDFehhaXKaiaDBu, https://xrpscan.com/account/rJ383ZRZ1o4KCZKtDH2MDFehhaXKaiaDBu point to : https://xrpscan.com/account/rPSwPXyDYELvAYKDE9JTTm8DnkqqBAWkDx We can see all the transactions on 22 / 07 between 22h50 and 22h53.
  8. This is the correct answer, but deleting the post does not allow other user who heard about this "FUD" to get in touch with facts. I hope this place will never delete "FUD" post but keep them and discuss them, this is how people learn. when you see the ripple reddit, it's terrible looks like a cult.
  9. I reply to my own post, just checked the R3 / corda Website ... maybe this is the answer to my question. It is maybe not Ripple mission to handle this requirements, maybe corda will fill this (https://www.r3.com/research/ ) there is something about the KYC (did not read yet). Means Ripple may need R3/corda more than i was thinking.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your answer, Actually i work in IT for a Bank too. i am aware of an it project life cycle. My question was more on higher level : You connect to SWIFT , you have to connect to your KYC that is plugged to the messenging system and your AML filter that will block some messaging etc ... On a bank perspective the process of transfering money involves other process / system in the bank than only the swift messaging system . My question (but only ripple people can answer) is how easy it to plug XRAPIDto your KYC / AML system / processes. Ca
  11. So the top argument of swift is : Swift system is fast, we interconnect bank, it's banks that are slow to process and create bottle neck on the message system chain. Swift could move to better tech but integration cost are too high from the bank perspective --> this is something i can understand that can make stop the bank for a while. So the question is : How costly / difficult it is to integrate Xrapid for a bank ? Any one has an idea ?
  12. Hi, i still does not have even an answer of the tiket. Someone know how long is usually the bitfinex support to at least answer a ticket ?
  13. same issue here :-( contacted support, got a ticket but no answer yet. Did you end-up having your deposit done ?
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