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  1. You can purchase on Bitrue as a US citizen. They won't allow you to KYC, but you can withdraw up to 2 btc daily.
  2. Keep in mind, the Ripple Swell conference is this week. Historically XRP pumps a bit in the run-up, only to give back most of the gains immediately afterward. No idea if that will play out this week, but certainly could.
  3. That's the (multi) million dollar question. Sounds like Do's lawyers believe the SEC has overstepped their bounds on several fronts - and they are counter-suing claiming Lack of Fair Notice. If I we (the US) had a functional Congress, I'd put any amount of $ on them stepping in soon to provide clarity. Maybe they'll surprise us. But at this stage I'm not holding my breath on it . . .
  4. Per the linked article below, the SEC appears to be taking issue with Terra's Mirror protocol (synthetic stocks) - not the network itself. So don't think this is a POS issue per se. Not sure who is behind Synthetix, but I'd guess they should be on notice as well. https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/10/23/terras-do-kwon-was-served-by-sec-new-lawsuit-shows/
  5. Was finally able to connect using my Ledger ETH app via Metamask. The link below was useful, as I ended up needing to use the bridge to resolve my issues. Thanks to all who have answered questions and provided helpful links/videos! https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020871157-Connection-issues-with-MetaMask-?support=true
  6. I'm in the same boat basically. Created my ETH wallet for FLR on my ledger and now have no way to import that wallet into Metamask, etc. without entering my Ledger seed phrase online (nopity nope nope). Someone asked Towo Labs to add functionality to import to Bifrost from a Ledger and they gave a thumbs up, so I suspect/hope that is coming soon. Normally I'm pretty decent with the technical stuff, but this whole arrangement (using a Ledger) has me frustrated as well. If anyone has better information, would very much appreciate it!
  7. Thanks for this! Glad to see they are planning to rely on independent SPOs for the airdrop. My initial thought was this could cause a huge centralization issue as everyone rushes to stake their ADA with SundaeSwaps own pools. Still might create oversaturating issues if they don't select a bunch of pools to participate. Will read up and add more if I find anything useful.
  8. NOTE: I posted this before reading the full thread. Looks like there is a ton of confusion around this and frankly it just seems kind of scammy. May turn out to be perfectly legit, and the risk are probably minimal, but still please be careful. Hadn't seen this posted here, so FYI. No real info out there about this project - no white paper, etc. Airdrop is for 1000 tokens per XRPL wallet by adding a trustline. Have not done this myself yet. Prefer to know a bit more about the project before going through the process. Check out Nerian on Twitter. A network and a token running on the #XRPL. $NER will be the bridge asset between you and what you rightfully own. Update coming soon. https://twitter.com/NerianNetwork?s=20
  9. For those interested in this space, you might take a look at Gala games. @CountZerpula has mentioned them several times in the Zerpening Club. They are currently ERC-20 but I believe they'll eventually be migrating fully to the Flare Network once it goes live. In any case, they are definitely supporting Flare and users will be able to mint NFTs on that network as well as create F-Assets using the Gala token. One of their founders was a co-founder of Zenga (Farmville, etc.). They also recently announced acceptance into the Binance Smart Chain Accelerator Program. In addition, they have partnerships with Brave and Opera. I'm not a big gamer, so I can't speak to the quality of their current offerings. But their ethos is all around gamers owning their own assets (NFTs) and the community seems ro be growing nicely. As far as token price, it's fluctuated quite a bit lately - from under a cent to just over 3 cents (US) in the past several weeks. It's currently trading at around 1.8 cents and can be purchased on Bitrue (and I assume many of the ethereum Dex's. Couple of links: https://app.gala.games/ https://gogalagames.medium.com/ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-13/zynga-co-founder-s-gaming-firm-teams-up-with-binance-smart-chain
  10. @rumusama The gist is that institutional investors buy (or borrow) BTC and exchange them for shares of GBTC at NAV (1 share of GBTC represents an equal amount of BTC @ spot price). However, those shares of GBTC are 1) Not redeemable for actual BTC and 2) cannot be sold for 6 months from the day of purchase). When the 6 months is up, those shares are "unlocked" and the holder can then sell their GBTC on the open market at the "retail" price (NAV ÷ premium). Why this is so interesting is that up until late February of this year, GBTC traded at a significant premium to spot BTC prices (it reached + 20% premium last year). So the incentive for the institutional investors was to lend (or buy) "cheap btc", trade the btc for GBTC from Grayscale, wait 6 months and capture any BTC gains + the GBTC Premium. Quite a lucrative trade. And as long as the premium was in place, the incentive was to "rinse and repeat" the process - thus creating more buy pressure on spot BTC. Fast-forward to today and the GBTC "premium" is now negative to NAV. It's actually cheaper to buy shares of GBTC than an equivalent amount of spot BTC. So the theory goes that these institutional investors are dumping GBTC during these unlock periods, which impacts the markets two-fold: 1) Any institutional investor wanting BTC exposure can buy these discounted GBTC on the open market - thus reducing demand for spot BTC. 2) The institutions that were hoovering-up BTC for the GBTC trade mentioned above are no longer doing that since there is no guarantee the "premium" will return - also reducing institutional demand for spot btc. If this doesn't clear things up, just do a quick Google search - there are tons of articles that explain it much better than I did above.
  11. I've been watching this as well. There is a huge unlock today, which could portend another bloody Monday when the markets open. After that, literally nothing for two weeks and then two final tranches on the 17th (moderate size) and 24th (big one). If the market isn't completely toast by the end of July, there will be a long reprieve from GBTC unlocks. No idea how this will all play out but it makes sense that GBTC might be playing a significant role in the current downtrend. Here's a link to the article that includes the attached table: https://www.coindesk.com/grayscale-gbtc-discount-crypto-bitcoin-correction?amp=1
  12. https://t.co/U9zlzYCqY9?amp=1 The latest video from BcBacker, who has been mentioned several times in this thread. Whether he is right or wrong about there being one more ATH this bull market for BTC will be proven out over the coming weeks/months. What I like about him is that he has conviction about his analysis and acts accordingly - while acknowledging that he may be wrong. Definitely worth a watch regardless your view on the relevance of past market cycles and TA in general. Cheers!
  13. And a happy green Monday to you @JASCoder. To me it makes sense that losses within the same tax year would offset gains for that same period (regardless whether the gains were short or long-term). But the US tax code was not designed to make sense, so I'll be seeking professional advice on the matter. Will definitely report back on what I learn. Cheers!
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