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  1. Oh I got the Trust line set. I think it might have something to do with certain number of ripple available in your account. Thank you all for helps!
  2. Hi @ramxbx I see 198 ripple deposited to my wallet address when I exchanged some of my eth through https://changelly.com/ to deposit ripple in my gatehub wallet. But whenever i try to enable that trust line it gives me the same error(may be leading to my same thought that account is not verified). If you say I dont need to get credentials ,can I transfer my ripple back to my coinbase wallet address? Thanks again for your response! -maverick00345
  3. Hi all Thanks for the reply. I found a hack to deposit ripple in my gatehub account from my coinbase account using changelly website. I can see the ripple being deposited but the problem is gatehub says that it cannot process it further since I did not set the trust line. Is it necessary to give my credentials to gatehub to verify my identity? Is that the only possible way to get this problem fixed. I am **** scared to put more ripple money in my wallet thinking my account is dead if i am not able to process my money . Cheers
  4. Hi all I just started this account today. I signed on gatehub to purchase ripple. I already have a coinbase account. I want to trade some ETC to buy ripple. If i understand correctly , if you use gatehub account you have to setup a trust line to enable trading from one currency to other. But after doing that I get an unknown error(screenshot attached) while setting trust line. My account is verified on gatehub but I have not uploaded my address proof documents for identity verification. Did anybody have this problem? As an alternative I tried setting up account on Kraken ,but to trade ripple coins you need to have your account verified which for me it says the feature is not available for me. Please help!! Thanks in advance
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