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  1. i will be happy if brad today announce that xrp is live on coinsquare while he is sitting next to coinbase coo it will be booooooom after what they did yesterday
  2. i think that the bots are doing there work just and the rumors are just to cover up what they are doing to show that the market move with roomers to many time last month there so many tweets about coinbase will add ripple in Feb but the price didn't move and now out of no where this rumors start again and what make me sure about it that the investors do not run after rumors example WU MG in testing phase and the price didn't move so what i thik is all of this news are a cover for what the bots or the whales are doing
  3. coinbase didnt say nothing on adapting ripple tech and implementation of XRapid
  4. who think that coinbase will list xrp before the interview
  5. i have a big feeling about it because coinbase need this tech to stand out with it service
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