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  1. No problem. I do java development on the side- looking forward to dropping in on your project as it progresses.
  2. Thats a big project! If I was you I'd start by forking the unmaintened library from Ripple and going through each method instead of starting from scratch. Also itd be nice to optimize the library for android applications. That would be a major contribution. Best of luck to you!
  3. I would write the pseudo code for your algorithm and test it with mock trades. Don't just Google trading algorithms and try to use them willy nilly. If anything, this could be a learning experience for you into the world of TA and scripting.
  4. @LeoiZuria I dont think it's any big secret that many, many people lost ALOT of money last year speculating on crypto. That kind of loss, which we all witnessed, is going to take awhile to wash out. Having said that, it is similarly narrow to say that it will never be washed out as it is to say that the entire market is at whims of these mythical players in the sky who are just pulling all the strings. How absurd would it to be to speculate on an asset if one really believed all that? I take what you said as more of venting about the current lack of appeal that crypto has with the general public right now. Which is understandable, but maybe falling on deaf ears in a forum inundated with gross theories of overnight fortune. I encourage take a longer term outlook on the state of crypto, and xrp in general. I purchased years ago with the intention of holding for at least 5 years. That time frame, I believed, would be sufficient to see if xrp would begin to consume a share of liquidity for its use case. I have not been disappointed in that.
  5. Here's some good information from Mr. Britto if you already haven't seen it. The PDF is too long to attach here but by clicking on the "Founder's Agreement" link you can download it. The court document is a basis for a civil suit brought by Britto against McCaleb for violation of their agreement upon creating XRP. Britto outlines the history of Ripple and the role he played in creating the consensus protocol and makes a case against McCaleb for essentially stealing his intellectual property. Edit: For link-wary people you can find the above information directly from the San Fransisco Superior Court by querying case #CGC-15-544133
  6. Mainy of those points are countered here: https://www.xrpchat.com/faq/ There's alot in that presumptive vivisection of Ripple to untangle, is there a particular bit which you wanted more information about?
  7. It's insane, and naive, to think this isn't an incredibly high risk market. Be careful or somebody might be dancing on your split blood.
  8. Ripple chose Bill Clinton to be the keynote speaker not because of his knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, but because of his unique experience in helping shape a free and decentralized internet which we have all come to know and love today. After reading many of your replies to others, I won't argue that you're not entitled to your personal animus to whomever you feel, but wrapping your pining in obvious intellectual dishonesty and then barricading your position with the egocentric fervor of an adolescent is, most likely, less reminiscent of the person you think you are. You should probably sell and stop complaining about your investments. https://ripple.com/insights/president-bill-clinton-keynotes-swell-2018/
  9. It's so ridiculous how by changing one word- "hope" to "says" CNBC has formulated clickbait speculation.
  10. Cute, people read results in the title and thought hard data was going to be in an insights article ?
  11. Meh, in it for the long haul. The price of XRP in Q1/Q2 2018 is insignificant. OP only gets slated for being short sighted with his investments. Fundamentally XRP is stronger than ever, which means the price will increase in due time. If you were to correlate the price change to a tangible change in the technology then I might pause.
  12. Lol, yeah his argument was essentially because I re-wrote it it's better the second time. Because that's the way writing code works. The obvious question that begs is why... But he didn't get into that. Any XLM pros want to elaborate?
  13. Jed is definitely a very bright mind and I wouldn't hold his unpolished speaking skills with too much weight. Interesting how he comments that XLM is actually an improved version of XRP and easier for developers to work with. Not sure what the specifics of this really is. I do like that Stellar rewards developers for building XLM software applications. Something I feel might benefit Ripple. All in all, interesting and glad I own 5% XLM
  14. Welcome to the merciless democracy. If it makes you feel better at all I lost a password to an account with 55 btc in it a few years ago. Here's to kicking your shoes off and giving it another go!
  15. CB desperately needs to figure out how to do customer service before adding any new coins.
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