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  1. FixnUrPowerline

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Anyone decent at TA have any thoughts on how low this could go?
  2. I think this is probably why we haven't heard any statements by the SEC about XRP specifically. With the type of relationship Ripple has with regulators I can see them being given a little leeway in terms of time before the SEC would make a declaration. Perhaps to allow them to get all of their xRapid ducks in a row and demonstrate actual "live" utility and further decentralization.
  3. FixnUrPowerline

    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    Also, this is DCG's balance sheet. Yet their companies they own are invested in XRP. For instance, Grayscale Investments. To me this is not anything significant.
  4. FixnUrPowerline

    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    Keep the negative news coming. I like it because I have the same agenda as those who produce it.
  5. I think it stems less from their fear and more from their intentions they aren't sharing with the rest of us
  6. Before the price goes up we will see more and more statements like this. I usually like to watch what they do rather than listen to what they say.
  7. I'm willing to bet that any delay by the SEC in making any declaration is coordinated. They know and have known what their stance on XRP will ultimately be. They are either waiting for a specific milestone in order to make a determination public or they are waiting for some other greenlight. Everything, including timing, when it comes to something this significant for the global economy is coordinated. They are not flying by the seat of their pants on this one. They know what they are doing and why.
  8. https://hackernoon.com/dear-cryptocurrency-investors-theyre-trying-to-trick-you-6639f46ba416 Very worth the read IMO if any of you are looking for a little reassurance ..
  9. FixnUrPowerline

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Yes all businesses try to keep, protect, and grow their profits. However, Banks mainly profit off of loans, especially commercial loans. Yes the few at the top profit off of the smaller banks having to utilize them for crossborder transfers but they are not the "majority". The smaller financial institutions are and if they change, the larger banks will still enjoy profits, just not from this angle. New opportunities for profits would be opened up by the utilization of xRapid by banks and corporates. Just think of all of the new money that would flow into the major financial institutions if large businesses unlock billions in capital that is currently stuck. Everything will come around full circle and the lost profit potential the big banks endure with this new financial system will be mitigated and even made non-existent due to the new avenues for profit that will open up.
  10. FixnUrPowerline

    You will make your first million with XRP

    You know nothing about how much XRP will do anything for anybody. Not to come off as a douche but I figured I'd match your style
  11. Definitely further proof of most ICO's being frauds. Otherwise they would be the ones filing for most of the patents.
  12. FixnUrPowerline

    Are Banks Testing Codius?

    Why bother commenting?
  13. FixnUrPowerline

    Are Banks Testing Codius?

    Kind of confused why you set his potential to this or the drivethru window at Burger King .. Are you speaking from experience or being pompous for no reason...?
  14. The fact that XRP was once $.0005 makes me want to puke..