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  1. I agree that Bitfinexed prediction is terribly wrong, BTC value is precisely 0$ and sooner or later it will die (accompanied by every other PoW coin).
  2. To stir up volatility? because then it's easier to make money on price swings. they know that bakkt et al. are coming to wipe them out eventually, so they want to get cheap coinz. Futures manipulation. these are the options i can think of. also, they aren't solvent (they admitted it in the transparency report)
  3. at this rate we are looking at something like 2weeks.
  4. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?

    When hype sir?
  5. https://theblockcrypto.com/2018/10/16/bitfinex-appears-to-have-moved-its-business-to-a-hong-kong-bank/
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    "xRapid going production/live" meme, whats next?

    Oi, mate. What are you saying here isn't true. I'm not offended. Would be strange if I was, given what I was posting in that club and current situation in the crypto sphere.
  7. I'm trying to catch both pump and dump (50/50 on both sides). If pump happens first then I'm moving profits to buy side. I sold my XRPs long time ago (Jan), I was in the green.
  8. 1fox down (they were some kind of bitmex wannabes).
  9. They are also admitting that this space goes down the drain without them.
  10. Bitfinex being bitfinex is using fake bank to do their banking, they are also asking you to do this While explaining it like this http://blog.bitfinex.com/announcements/improved-fiat-deposit-system/ cc: @LilBender @Benchmark@ @TheHoff @CryptoOwl Edit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_mule
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    New Member Ready For Takeoff

    I'm happy. It seems that I was right after all.
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    The past few days...

    Start at page 16 (I think).