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    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    IOTA is complete joke.
  2. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    Galgitrons new blog: About The Myth of Store-of-Value

    xD where is Einstein's arxiv?
  3. > It’s increasingly clear that IOTA is run by a team of criminal scammers. They seized almost 15% of the total supply and didn’t return any of it until the market was already crashing. Hundreds of investors are still trying unsuccessfully to get their money back through reclaim. They have openly said that they are happy to screw over investors. Dom Scheiner has 100% control of the reclaim process. There are no checks or balances, just one 23 year old kid who determines what happens with peoples’ money. The central coordinator still controls the network. After years. The Iota foundation can still use it to freeze your money, and then you can hope that Dom gets around to giving it back. The corporate partnerships are mostly hot air. And of course it would be. On IOTA, nodes don’t even reliably reach consensus and you can have transactions confirm in the GUI, but not confirm on the tangle. In summary, if you still hold IOTA, you are trusting all of your funds to The Iota foundation, and they literally don’t give a **** about you and will happily steal from you.
  4. Oh boy, seriously? In Vinnik style business model fiat is the end game your **** coins are means to launder said fiat.
  5. $IDIOTA is: - useless (their use case makes no sense) - flawed (COO can't be removed like ever, network splits all the time, it barely works, you can kill it by simply attaching too many nodes to your own) - curl-p = lmfao/lol/wtf- - developers behave like children Anyone who tells you to buy it is ignorant, dumb at or a fraud.
  6. That's popular misconception, as I said there is nothing wrong with averaging your entry/exit price just be smart about it.
  7. Reading some folks here I have funny feeling that they have got (near) infinite cash supply. Luxury which I and probably many others simply don't have. This might be the main reason behind recent clashes. Infinite cash supply guys will tell you to average your entry price, that's not a bad idea on its own however when they started buying say in January of this year (there are folks who started buying much earlier or later but that doesn't affect my general sentiment). Even with infinite money this wasn't very effective strategy but they've got loads of money so it doesn't bother them that if they exercised some patients they would end up with much more xrps. Now if you have 50k only waiting until market crashes completely was and still is fool proof strategy, you simply can't loose. It was clear from the very beginning that what happened last year was good old pump and dump. It was clear that there will be some major correction, everybody knew this. If you hodled to your 50k EUR throughout last 8months you can enter the market at tremendous profit. Although I would advise everyone to look closely into Tether and Bitfinex because when they collapse we will have mayhem out there (something that only few here actually witnessed during MtGox days). Koneic.
  8. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    How to buy csc?

    say I want to buy 1btc of it, i would have to spread that order over a month or so. are these exchanges legit?
  9. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    How to buy csc?

    how do you buy without pumping it too much?
  10. Actually they are the ones running this show, they love crypto and folks BTFD since like January or something. With audience like that profits are near guaranteed.
  11. @ofnumbers had a good story on energy consumption by top PoW coins. It's increasingly clear that Govs should step in and penalize this madness.
  12. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    BitTorrent Founder Bram Cohen Has Left the Company

    They know what's up with TRX.
  13. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    The TRROOONNNN-thread!

    How is everyone? 😀
  14. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    The New Operating System for Digital Finance

    Whoever the author is, it's obvious that he/she's a shill peddling clusterfuxx we all know as cryptocurrency market in its current form. There are good reasons why you want to safeguard people from loosing like 90% of their investment money. Whoever thinks differently is probably a fraud.
  15. Zielonegrabiezawszewmodzie

    Jackson Palmer's statement

    History proves that he was right, you don't have to look further than XRP community. How many folks thought that Pump and Dump is legit, certified organic growth? How many people made actual money? How many people accepted that price of XRP will go even further down? lmfao. He was right and community is salty.