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  1. If this is all true or even half true, it's so ironic. These massive whales who believe in and fight for decentralization and all that, control the market themselves making them like governments or rulers of crypto. 'I don't want people controlling my money so i'll control millions of other peoples money.ยด
  2. I kinda hope they don't let any more cats out. Right now would probably be one of the worst times as It won't have any effect on XRP with the market in chaos. They should wait til things stabilize and starts to recover then try and build momentum from there. Just my opinion anyway.
  3. If that's real it's a let down. I mean XRP only a B when a dinosaur like bitcoin gets a B- ?
  4. Livecoinwatch is alot better in my opinion. I stopped using CMC after the whole Korean market debacle - that was just ****** behaviour and the way i see it people should stop using them solely for that. When that happened and people here suggested livecoinwatch I have been using that ever since. The interface is alot nicer, they actually give you an option to include or exclude korean markets, and it's live prices too, updating every 2 seconds by default.
  5. Maybe they're watching the XRP charts and it drives them to fly around like lunatics
  6. I think he's referring to the question that is the name of the thread: Will adoption of XRP by companies really drive up the price?
  7. Murmuration is a beautiful thing. It's natural art. Ive seen them a few times here in Spain, but not on that big of a scale. Still pretty though. But i agree. Don't obsess over charts and candle sticks, get out and enjoy life too! Watching the charts won't make them go up any quicker!
  8. Has anyone used changelly or similar sites to buy crypto with credit card? I'm not thinking of doing it, I use bitstamp and I'm Happy with them, but with the long verification times at most exchanges I was looking into another way for a few friends to buy xrp quicker. This seemed like the quickest way, using a card to buy ETH, transfer to binance or the like and buy xrp, but then I examined the exchange rates they are offering. I put in 500E to see how much ETH you will get and then calculated that back into Euros. For 500 euros spent on Ether you get about 350Euros worth. That's a terrible rate so why would anyone use it? What am I missing? They say they have fair rates but that's just extortionate.
  9. Great video., thanks. I've seen a few other vids with brad and david, but thats a good one in terms of explanation.
  10. I also think banks will use XRP. I mean, it's gonna save them an additional 20% or so ontop of the 40% ripple software savings, so it seems like a no-brainer to me.
  11. As everyone said, it's relative to each person and the money they have. But look at it this way, as the price goes up you get less xrp for your buck, so if you get for example 1000 now, in a year people that spend the same amount of money might only get 100, so to them 1000 will sound like alot, but to people that got in under a cent, 1000 is but a mere fraction of their holdings. Either way, who ever's buying in now will still be considered as an 'early bird' in a few years. So just buy and hold!
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