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  1. @KarmaCoverage -- the clearest explaination of this I think I've seen, thanks.
  2. Money and cars, what are you doing with your money?

    If/when it reaches a target price, I'll take some, find a couple of homeless folk in my local city, set them up with an apartment/basic necessities & support to find work. Then it's probably hopping into my car/buying a campervan and touring Europe first, the rest of the world (esp. New Zealand) after. I don't need any more 'stuff'.
  3. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Precisely. It's getting them onto the minternet. The internet of money.
  4. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Not until XRP becomes more liquid than any one of these Some fun reading: https://www.travelex.com/currency/current-world-currencies (P.S. there are some 180+ different currencies circulating -- and people say there's no need for a universal, jurisdiction-less bridge currency...)
  5. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Why would you need XRP to exchange USD <-> GBP? There's ample liquidity already. Future markets, where it's USD <-> INR etc, maybe. But not for a while yet, until xRapid is 'online'.>
  6. XRP Supply: Pre-Escrow Analysis

    Bare in mind this could also account for much of the stability we see in XRP prices recently amidst all this other drama.
  7. Watch Miguel's response to a Question at the Seoul meetup this week - he couldn't have been more clear that Ripple does not, has not, and will not manipulate the price of XRP. It's just not in their interest to keep the price low as you suggest, and would do no good to their repuation whatsever. Obe of my initial concerns when hearing of Ripple/XRP was that they were in a position that they could potentially manipulate the price. But do more research, read & watch everything you can about the team and the tech, and you'll be more than content that they don't.
  8. Miguel Vias at Consensus: Invest Nov 28

    It's great to see you're not just sitting in your basement in your boxing shorts!
  9. Top 3 Takeaways From Swell

    I'm surprised Chinese wasn't one of them.
  10. I have never been as sure about Ripple's commitment to XRP as I am today. I have never been so conscious of the scale of the challenge and the time it will take to come to fruition. And I am fully aware that I need to get a life. So I am moving to France. Toodle pip!
  11. Firstly, the German bank had to buy the XRP from somewhere initially. There's no need to hold large stockpiles of XRP if the market-making process is streamlined and efficient enough. Secondly, if the recipient is expecting to receive 1000 EURs in JPY and the debitor chooses to pay via XRP, the XRP it will have to be converted (sold) back to JPY at some point. The recipient will never have both the 1000EUR worth of XRP to use at a later date and the 1000EUR worth of JPY. If that XRP is sold automatically though a market maker, it enters the XRP-pool -- the aggregated supply XRP distributed among and passing through all MM's with the primary purpose of being permanently on-call to provide liquidity for fiat-fiat payments, and probably where the German bank bought it from in the first place. Of course, if the Japanese bank wishes to purchase assets in another denomination that is liquid to XRP then they can just opt to receive and hold XRP, skipping the selling-rebuying-selling steps. But that comes with other problems such as exposure to volatility and possibly regulation costs. As I said, they won't need to if the exchange is fast/efficient enough and still saves them money.
  12. Yes - A wire with less resistance will allow a higher current (faster flow of e-) to pass through for the same amount of power. So less power is needed to have the desired output.... A mobile with components that have extremely low resistance (e.g. graphene) will probably have a higher energy efficiency, so the battery will probably drain slower, and one will not be so concerned about keeping it at full charge =D P.S. this is from my near-non-existent GCSE/A-level physics knowledge P.P.S I thought the EM field is induced by a flow of electrons/moving magnetic field, and doesn't actually propagate along the wire itself? P.P.P.S Why am I answering this? What's this got to do with Ripple? Where's my yogurt!?!
  13. My response is usually 'No, it's not.' Then I explain how Ripple the company is centralized, but anyone can buy/sell the currency or access the ledger. People often confuse the two. XRP might be concentrated in the company, but how's that different from huge BTC miners and whales? Practically speaking it makes no difference. 100% premined also just means we save time reaching the total available supply - it's already out there. Ripple & large institutional holders of XRP are locked into the rate they can sell, so little affect on the market price. They'd be stupid to want to 'dump' anyway. Chiefly, it's about making the distinction between Ripple the company and the XRP ledger/currency. The company is there to boost the value of the ledger.
  14. Yes, exactly. Though we still spend our working lives trying to earn this central-government-printed money, and spend it to buy our worldly possessions, so to that end no one can deny it has a value. It's simply that the value derives from the belief that it will continue to have value in a few days/months/years time. It is entirely superficial. I'd say your absolutely right at this stage about XRP. But while BTC seems to have an appeal due to its increasing value vs inflationary fiat, XRP is driven by the belief that in X months it will be worth more because it will be greasing the wheels of international remittances and be fundamentally valuable, even essential, for real-time, counter-party-risk-free institutional settlements. There's a genuine, pragmatic and non-ideological reason as to why it might be intrinsically valuable. It is not the greater fools theory... Of course XRP price is governed by sheer speculation today, that's obvious. However there has only been a concerted effort by Ripple to promote XRP for the past 6-9 months, so I'm not too surprised that it's still in the early phases of adoption. These things move slowly when you consider the size/complexity of the problems being solved. We're all early investors - if someone doesn't believe in the use case or the ability of Ripple to make it succeed, they don't have too invest. I do, and I have, and I will continue to until I either see signs that it could fail or it takes off to the point that I can finally afford to establish my own nation state. Finally!
  15. Yes, and? It's not as negative as you state. Throughout time people or groups have generated wealth from 'nothing'. A singer using her voice to sell audio tracks and spend the proceeds to survive, buy a house or whatever; farmers growing produce that didn't exist previously, central banks printing x Trillion extra dollars. True value comes either from intrinsic importance (e.g. water, food, raw materials, etc.) and/or the personal value other people assign to it today or think will do in the future. The faith is that XRP will be driven far more by the former, in it's ability to negate Nostro accounts and settlement risk, which will in turn promote the latter. BTC and other cryptos are already out-competed for how good they are as tools for international payments, and their value is almost entirely derived from the psychological aspect. Also, unlike many ICO's, XRP was not created to make the founders a quick buck, to help support development - it was built with a practical purpose in mind.