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  1. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    Bananas. Just, bananas.
  2. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    Personally, I think there's limited scope for new educational material that isn;t already out there. You just have to look for it. Having said that, improving the experience, accessibility and/or presentation of this material could potentially be improved. Free RippleLearn courses, a dedicated educational website, something like that maybe?
  3. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    This is a great idea. There are some good wallets out there (ledger and toast, for example), but I imagine many more will spring up. In the absence of an official, Ripple-sponsored wallet (which would be awesome), an accredited list would be neat. Edit: (By an accredited list, I mean a list of accredited ones... What use is a reliable list of unreliable wallets?)
  4. All forgiven ^^ I know the temptation to share when you make a good trade - I only meant it as friendly advice, that it can come across as a bit ostentatious. I was probably a bit too hard with my 1st comment, tbh.
  5. Calm down. All I'm saying is you could be like the 95% of the other ppl who have large holdings, and be mindful of those who don't as they are not in such fortunate positions.
  6. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    I 100% agree with this. Long-term benefits are most likely to come from Dev tools. They also give us more exciting things to get behind (whereas new T-shirts etc are neat, but feel kind of 'extra' in comparison. Not no.1 priority IMO)
  7. That a guy thinks it's OK to boast about how many XRP he has when he's part of a community where, quite frankly, there are probably many who'd only dream of having so much money, is really not cool. Just saying.
  8. I don't expect the price movements over one day, week or month to represent what XRP could really be worth in 2+ years. It's nice, this uptick, but honestly I'm not going to get excited by it.
  9. I would only note two things: 1) compared to investment manias of the past (e.g. the dot.com bubble), the cryptocurrency market is honestly not as large as people think. 2) Unlike nearly every bubble in history, this is not limited to just one geographical location. It is not the UK railways bubble, the US mortgages bubble or the Dutch tulip bubble. This is a market open to two orders of magnitude more people. The US, Europe, Korea & Japan may have driven the most recent increases, but oil-rich middle eastern countries, China, and others have had vber little input thus far. If XRP is to be a global bridge currency, you cab expect it to be interesting to global investors beyond these nations.
  10. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    @peebo38 The thinking being that many here are strong Ripple fans (*ahemfanaticalstalkersahem*..). Anything that offers a small window into Ripple, the place where the magic happens, where the community can see or engage with the employees themselves, would give a stronger feeling of connection (empathy). Maybe community competitions for various things, where the winner/their 'submission' can be displayed on a permanent Community board somewhere in Ripple HQ that can be viewed in some of these photos? I don't know.... just some ideas.
  11. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    @peebo38 - A weekly 'Where's Wally?' photo challenge, where people have to locate a hidden fidget spinner (aka. Ripple triskelion) hidden somewhere in a photo around the Ripple HQ... The winner gets a Ripple pencil/signed Ripple beer-mat/5 XRP, you name it.
  12. will4star

    Hello! I'm the 'Head of Community' @ Ripple :-)

    Welcome & congrats on the new job! What is it like? - I hope you realize you're living the dream of some of the members here...!! Many old-timers moved over to Twitter when the price started rising, a new influx of people came in and conversation here shifted heavily towards price > technology. Some still use both I think. Do kids look forward to seeing Santa at Christmas?? ;D ( )
  13. will4star

    Last three tweets from western union

    Anyone else notice that the latest one is a 5-6 second video for no apparent reason whatsoever...?
  14. Meh, I used to tell people I lived in London. When I lived in a village, near a town, near a city that was near to London. And I sold some XRP @1.50. This 'hodl' rule is not always the smartest...!
  15. Where is this shop? I'm visiting.