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  1. I wonder if this will force the hands of say, Amazon? MasterCard? And any other company than stands to lose market share. I hope it sparks a race!
  2. This! Control your greed and be patient @yxxyun.
  3. Why not hold on to it if you think it has value?
  4. They're a client and a major early adopter. They did 2 years of testing before going live, how impressive is that?
  5. Rome wasn't built in a day. Having Santander as an evangelist is a great thing.
  6. What you're suggesting isn't staking, its more inline with a savings account.
  7. They're "talking to interested traders". Can you imagine? That's so adorable, good for them. I respect the fact that whats his face knows who holds the throne and is making an effort to have a go at it.
  8. Chris Larsen mentioned 200 as the magic catalyst for mass adoption.
  9. This was the most insightful article I have read in a while. Thanks!
  10. I can understand their concern. I think the biggest issue might be the possibility of XRP tokens being declared a security and market manipulation. I don't see Ripple manipulating the market in the original sense of market manipulation but OTC token sales with NDA agreements might be too risky for their taste. Ripple is doing a lot in secrecy to bring the use case of XRP to realization, Mogran Creek might not feel comfortable speculating on this, we certainly do though ?. These guys are managing pensioners monies afterall, I can imagine they have to take all the necessary precautions not to
  11. So do you believe regulations are bad? Do you believe that we should all be free to do whatever we want and that will lead to a better society? Do you believe that given the freedom of choice to pay taxes the majority would? Do you believe corporations would act in the best interest of the community were it not for regulations? Do you believe that criminals commit crime because they're simply protesting regulations because otherwise they wouldn't? If not Government, what exactly is it that you would like to see? And bear in mind, a rose by any other name smells the same. For all its ills,
  12. I can't wait for Government regulations. Why do libertarians believe that people should operate outside regulations? For the life of me I can't see why someone would actually think thats practical with all the bad people that exist in this world. Oh and an RT reporter bashing kleptocrats, who would've thought.
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